Alcohol and drug poisoning

In this rubric everything is about alcohol poisoning, narcotic substances, description of the symptoms of such kinds of intoxication, first aid and treatment.

Stages of development of alcohol coma, symptoms, first aid, treatment.

How ecstasy works, signs of MDMA use and overdose, first aid.

What can be done with alcohol poisoning at home, and what can not.

How does amphetamine work on the body, what to do in case of an overdose, treatment.

Is it possible to poison the hookah: what harm, symptoms, what to do, treatment.

Signs, help, treatment, consequences of methanol poisoning.

What is methadone, how does it work, overdose, help and treatment.

Action of marijuana on the body, signs of an overdose, first aid.

What to do with spice poisoning, first aid, treatment, consequences.

Symptoms of heroin poisoning, first aid, treatment, consequences.

Types and harm of substance abuse, how dependence develops, its consequences.

What are the symptoms of beer poisoning, what to do about it, treatment.

Symptoms of intoxication, emergency care, consequences.

Description of poisoning of all types of drugs, first aid.

The effect of nicotine, symptoms of acute and chronic poisoning, help.