Antidote for mercury poisoning

ртуть In each house, without exception, there are products containing mercury: thermometers, mercury or fluorescent lamps. These are fragile things that can break at any moment, and the consequences of such an accident are hard to predict. Acute and chronic poisonings with mercury vapor are encountered and our time, despite the improvement of such commonly used things. Therefore, information on how to proceed, if an unforeseen situation has occurred, will not be superfluous. How to secure a family? To do this, it is sufficient to know about the antidotes of mercury and use them correctly on occasion.

Signs of mercury poisoning

Before using specific antidote agents for poisoning, it is necessary to be sure of the cause of its occurrence. What signs indicate the damage to the body by mercury? For such processes, the pattern of poisoning with heavy metals is characteristic.

  1. Upon contact with skin and mucous membranes, local disorders occur: inflammation - conjunctivitis, rhinopharyngolaringitis, allergic reaction and skin itching. The effect of sulfuric mercury ointment on the skin is as follows: a punctate small rash appears that can merge, sometimes its intensity changes, while the body temperature rises to 40-41 ° C.
  2. The upper respiratory tract is affected: bronchitis, often with an asthmatic component.
  3. When salts get inside, people complain about metallic taste in the mouth, dizziness, fatigue.
  4. There is pain when swallowing a painful cramping character (in the abdomen and along the esophagus). A man rushes, moans and screams, while the stomach is swollen. But abdominal pain can decrease with slight pressure. Vomiting is often marked with an admixture of blood.
  5. Mercury causes a headache, marked weakness, drooling. The defeat of the nervous system is observed in the form of lack of sleep, fatigue, irritability (which appears during the chronic process).

разбитый градусник But such a clinical picture can be observed with severe intoxication after poisoning with any metals. Therefore, in order to be completely sure of mercury poisoning, we must examine the location of the person. What you need to look for:

  • broken mercury thermometer, fluorescent lamp;
  • abundance of seafood, especially shellfish;
  • near there are abandoned landfills and wastelands with old discarded batteries, manometers, incandescent lamps (assumed source).

Antidotes against mercury

Special therapy includes the use of antidotes against mercury. Their action is aimed at binding and neutralizing the metal.

Do not forget: even if it was possible to find out the cause of poisoning and correctly apply the drug - hospitalization in the hospital is mandatory.

Against mercury, there are several drugs, which will now be discussed.


унитиол This preparation, when interacting with a metal forms a stable complex, which easily and quickly binds mercury compounds. After intramuscular introduction into the body begins to act after a few minutes.

If a person is conscious - can be administered orally (through the mouth). It is excreted by the kidneys. Included in the list of vital drugs.

The only significant disadvantage for many is the intravenous injection that causes pain.

Proteins, amino acids and other antidotes

These are the improvised substances that can be used as antidotes for mercury poisoning, and which are present in every home:

  • raw egg white;
  • Methionine is an essential amino acid found in milk protein - casein;
  • Activated carbon.

яичный желток Combines all these peculiar antidotes with several properties:

  • availability;
  • nonspecificity - can be used for any poisoning;
  • are used only orally, but because they get into the stomach for a long time, their purpose is limited in case of mercury poisoning.

Use is recommended only in extreme cases, in the absence of other more effective substances.

Another substance that can be at home, especially in people suffering from increased blood pressure - magnesium sulfate. But due to the pronounced effect on the entire body (nausea, a feeling of heat and weakness), it is better to apply it only under the supervision of health workers.

Lowly available substances

Stridzhevsky's antidote serves as an effective antidote for mercury salts. The name in different sources sounds differently. Assigned inside, well binds and inactivates mercury. Approximately 100 ml of the substance are injected concomitantly, then according to the indications, which can depend on the amount of poison in the body.

In medicine, compounds such as tetacin-calcium and magnesium are widely used. These drugs are prescribed only in a medical institution, under the supervision of health workers. Enter them intravenously on glucose and saline. Preparations are not intended for home use.

ввод физраствора Sodium dimercaptopropanesulfonate is an effective and effective antidote for mercury salts, it combines well with previous agents. It is convenient to use, as it is used inside, it is administered intravenously, subcutaneously. It is also prescribed for children, with caution to pregnant women. It binds salts, activates the body's defense mechanisms.

It is enough to have 1-2 of the available medications in the medicine cabinet to provide first aid. The next stage is the direction of the injured person to the hospital.