Protein poisoning in humans

белковое отравление The term "protein poisoning" was originally used exclusively in animal husbandry, and the cause of this disease is the wrong diet of an animal in which there is an excess of muscle meat (protein) and practically no carbohydrates.

But lately, cases of protein poisoning in humans have become more frequent. Why is this happening, what are the symptoms of this type of poisoning and how to treat it - we will analyze in this article.

Causes of protein poisoning

Recently, a similar problem has become relevant for a person: more and more people go to the hospital with food poisoning, the cause of which is excess protein in the body.

отравление человека белком

Why do such situations happen more often? The answer is simple: people eat wrong. Consider the main causes of protein intoxication:

Protein diet for weight loss

белковая диета фото

This group includes dietary regimes in which there are severe restrictions on carbohydrate intake - the Dukan diet and the Kremlin diet.

According to the Dukan diet, the first few days a person should eat only proteins. This can be very dangerous for people with diseases of the digestive tract, because with this diet, food digestion is much slower, there is a possibility of rotting of protein residues in the intestine, which provokes protein poisoning in humans.

Wrong protein intake

Athletes bodybuilders are well aware of the fact that you can not take protein and other special nutritional supplements that cause muscle growth does not follow the instructions.

However, many inexperienced gym lovers, in pursuit of quick results, exceed the allowable dose. Such violations can cause serious protein poisoning up to compulsory hospitalization.

Autumn is generous with forest gifts, but you need to take them with great care. Modern ecology often turns forest mushrooms into unsuitable for consumption.

Also, the cause of the sad consequences can be the lack of information about the types of edible mushrooms and the rules for their collection. In no case can not collect old, darkened mushrooms, as well as wormy or swollen from rainwater specimens. Poisoning with poisonous mushrooms is another type of protein poisoning.

Intoxication of the body can cause the following fungi:

  • отравление грибами
    false mushrooms


  • false mushrooms;
  • fly agaric;
  • russula;
  • false raincoats;
  • morels;
  • ink mushroom;
  • lines.

The use of substandard products

Another common cause of protein intoxication is infected, spoiled, or improperly cooked foods.

There are certain rules for the preparation of meat, poultry and mushrooms. If you violate the time of heat treatment of products, you can endanger your health, because not all bacteria and microorganisms harmful to humans that live in meat will be disarmed. It is very dangerous to eat products of protein origin, which are stored in the refrigerator for more than two days, the same goes for mushrooms.

Seafood Poisoning

отравление морепродуктами If you have never tried exotic seafood (oysters, octopuses, etc.), then when you first meet them you can not eat a large portion. You must first try a little to see the reaction of the body.

Many people have allergies to seafood, which can cause protein poisoning if they eat too much food.

Symptoms of protein poisoning

How does protein poisoning manifest? All people are individual, so the body reacts differently. There are several common symptoms of protein poisoning in humans:

  • симптомы белкового отравления
    abdominal distention

    increased body temperature;

  • sharp pain in the intestine;
  • severe bloating;
  • diarrhea;
  • dark urine;
  • nausea;
  • dizziness.

Symptoms of protein poisoning are individual due to the nature of the organism. If you feel some of these phenomena, it is not necessary that you poisoned it with protein. Similarly, other food poisoning manifests itself.

Treatment methods

If you suddenly feel bad, your stomach is very sick, then try to go to the toilet first. If you can't do it yourself, take a laxative or try an enema.

методы лечения For any ailments that do not go more than two or three hours, it is recommended to consult a doctor. Health is not joking. Only experts will be able to conduct a comprehensive survey and find out the true cause of your illness. If necessary, you will do a gastric lavage or enema: these procedures will remove from the digestive tract all the remnants of protein foods that cause poor health.

In the end, I would like to conclude that a healthy and balanced diet, in which there are enough proteins, fats, carbohydrates and fiber, is a guarantee of the health of the whole organism. Eat wisely and you will have no problems with proteins!