Signs of botulism in conservation

ботулизм в консервации With each passing year, canned foods become less popular. The older generation always harvested conservation for the winter. Now in the shops you can find any delicacy and at any time of the year.

But still you should not forget about your favorite salted tomatoes, marinated mushrooms and crispy cucumbers, which both adults and children love. The real mistress always has in stock for the winter a couple of jars of delicious home preservation. And do not forget about the sweet jam, which will give memories of the sunny summer.

But not everyone knows about the great danger that lies in the sweet heart of canned food and threatens any person, namely botulism in conservation.

What is botulism?

ботулизм признаки Botulism - an infectious disease that affects the central nervous system of a person, can lead to paralysis and even death.

The causative agent are microbes (anaerobes) that can live without oxygen. Under favorable conditions, the bacteria begin to multiply, releasing an especially dangerous toxin.

Spores in the form of spores live in the soil, along with vegetables and fruits fall into closed cans. Also vectors are mushrooms, grains, meat and fish.

Bacteria of botulism begin to multiply actively and release toxins in a medium without oxygen. Bacteria are extremely stable. Spores can withstand temperatures of up to 100 degrees, even for several hours. It is bent at a temperature of 120 degrees, with boiling for about half an hour. But such a high temperature is difficult to achieve at home. And these bacteria can withstand even a high concentration of acetic acid and salt.

Canned foods cooked in the factory are specially processed, which means they are safer. If at home there is no desire or opportunity to carry out all the stages of sterilization of food and cans, it is better, in general, not to engage in conservation. It's your own health!

Signs of botulism in canned food

признаки ботулизма в консервации The usual conservation and conservation infected with botulism, are no different, which is a rather dangerous factor. The bacterium does not appear in any way: not externally, neither smell, nor taste. It is only laboratory tests that will help determine the presence of toxin.

And yet, you can recognize botulism in the bank at home. It often happens that the liquid in the jar becomes cloudy, bubbles form. But bacteria do not always manifest themselves that way. Perhaps the only sure sign of botulism in the bank is a bloated lid. Such products must be discarded immediately!

So how do you determine the presence of botulinum bacteria in canned foods? Signs of botulism in conservation are a swollen bank, the formation of vesicles.

It is important, at the end of the expiry date, immediately get rid of canned food!

In what canned can be botulism

  1. In tomato juice, the development of botulism is unlikely, since this juice has a low pH.
  2. It is necessary to clean up the fungi especially carefully, because there are quite a few microbes left on them. Further, it is necessary to carry out processing and pickling mushrooms, adding vinegar.
  3. To jams, too, should be taken seriously.
  4. You also need to be careful with mashed potatoes and preserves that have not been heat treated (berries and fruit, rubbed with sugar). At the slightest sign of gassing it is necessary to throw out such a product.

Than botulism is dangerous in canned food

ботулизм консервах This is a rare and very dangerous disease. Spores of bacteria enter the body and cause a serious illness that can lead to death. The first signs of the disease appear from several hours to 5-10 days.

Symptoms of the disease:

  • dry mouth;
  • nausea;
  • headache;
  • weakness;
  • the temperature does not rise;
  • vomiting, diarrhea - a rarity, more frequent long constipation;
  • nasal swallowing;
  • strangulation of vision (like a grid or in a fog);

The blame for everything is the toxin released by bacteria. If you do not take action, the patient has difficulty breathing and paralysis.

First aid

  1. At the first symptoms, you need to call an ambulance.
  2. First of all, the stomach is cleaned with a soda solution. Bowel rinsing. Next, the doctor must determine the type of toxin and introduce a special serum.
  3. In no case can you engage in self-medication or treatment with folk methods. When the first symptoms appear, you should consult a doctor immediately.

Further treatment consists of two stages:

  • purification of the body;
  • getting rid of neurologic symptoms.

How to protect yourself from botulism in canned food

  • ботулизм в консервах как определить it is necessary to thoroughly wash out the products and all the utensils used for preservation;
  • act according to the prescription, using the specified amount of salt and acids;
  • carry out a thorough heat treatment of products;
  • Fish and meat can only be preserved with the help of an autoclave;
  • It is impossible to preserve stale, moldy or spoiled foods;
  • Store conservation in a dark place and at low temperatures (4-15 degrees);
  • Do not use canned foods with a bloated lid;
  • products that will be preserved necessarily boil for 20 minutes;
  • do not use metal covers;
  • add vinegar that neutralizes the toxin;
  • Do not buy home preservation from your hands;
  • you can boil canned foods before consumption;
  • it is better not to conserve fungi and meat at home, because sterilizing them yourself is quite difficult;
  • be sure to boil the jar for at least 30 minutes.

A few facts about botulism in canned food

  1. как распознать ботулизм в банке Botulism is a deadly disease, but if you contact a doctor in time, then it is possible to quickly get rid of this bacterium.
  2. This is an infectious disease. You can get infected only by eating an infected product.
  3. Botulism is a rare disease. Do not panic and give up your favorite home preservation, but it's better to be careful.
  4. You can find several new recipes on the Internet. Now there are many new ways of processing products, but do not forget about "grandmother" recipes, because the older generation knew many secrets how to protect themselves and their family.
  5. The initial symptoms of the disease are similar to many other diseases, so laboratory research is needed. This means that if a person feels a certain malaise, it is better to immediately go to the hospital, since the disease is serious enough.

It should be just more attentive to your health, and you can enjoy your favorite salted cucumbers without harm to health.