Poisoning in animals

Living near people, animals, are constantly exposed to the risk of poisoning. Because the chemistry around us is intended primarily for people. And what is safe for us, for animals is often deadly. This heading is about the poisoning of our smaller brothers: cats, dogs, birds and other animals. Here we will discuss what animals can poison, daily being near us, what symptoms will be due to poisoning with different poisons, how to give the pet first aid, how to treat it.

What is dangerous for a dog is rat poison, symptoms and treatment for poisoning.

Signs of poisoning in a cat, how to understand the symptoms of her ailment, treatment.

Why you need a diet, a list of allowed and prohibited products.

Where the cat can poison, symptoms, first aid, treatment, follow-up care.

How to help a dog with Isoniazid poisoning.

Signs of poisoning in the puppy, symptoms, how to provide first aid, how to treat.

The causes of poisoning the domestic kitten, how to give him first aid, how to treat.

Causes, symptoms, first aid, treatment of poisoning in dogs.

What can poison a parrot, symptoms and treatment depending on the poison.