Liver cleaning after alcohol

алкоголь и печень The negative effect of alcohol on the entire body has long been known. There is no such organ in a person that alcohol would not have had its destructive effect. Ethanol, in its poisonous effect on the body, is one of the most powerful and harmful drugs!

The main blow from drinking alcohol, gets the liver. Periodic loads of this kind violate its work. To help those who want to recover from alcohol and to avoid the consequences to the maximum, let's consider what is the harm of alcohol to the liver, how to protect it from the toxic effects of alcohol-containing drinks. How to clean the liver of alcohol and whether it is possible - let's understand.

How alcohol affects the liver

While a person is celebrating something or just pouring grief, the liver has to exert maximum efforts for splitting the alcoholic product. While she manages to cope, then alcohol does not accumulate in the blood and the person practically does not get drunk. As soon as the enzymes for the processing of ethyl alcohol run out, and the new ones have not yet formed, intoxication occurs and the more drunk, the stronger it is.

A toxic effect on the liver develops with large volumes and prolonged use of alcohol, especially on an empty stomach and without snacks. Prolonged alcohol exposure leads to an increased deposition of fats in the liver cells, and their “obesity” gradually develops. Over time, the activity of enzymes that break down alcohol decreases, so its toxic effect on hepatocytes - the main liver cells - increases. Free radicals are formed, which damage the cell membranes, connective tissue grows, and the liver gradually increases in size. It loses strength, it becomes harder to secrete bile. The latter begins to stagnate, and then an excess of bile acids appears in the blood.

печень увеличенная Consequences of alcohol exposure to the liver:

  • enlarged liver;
  • fatty hepatosis - a disease associated with obesity of the hepatic cells;
  • cirrhosis;
  • alcoholic hepatitis;
  • development of cancer - hepatocellular carcinoma;
  • liver failure.

Alcohol can not accumulate in the liver, it is processed by it to harmless products with special enzymes. Therefore, it is impossible to clear it from alcohol with drugs or folk remedies!

In violation of the enzymes develops a toxic effect on the liver, which over time can lead to diseases from the above list. What to do?

How to help the recovery of the liver after alcohol

лечение печени Helping the liver after alcohol includes:

  • compliance with the regime;
  • diets;
  • removal of alcohol residues from the body;
  • if there is an attachment to alcohol, it must be treated;
  • the use of multivitamins, antioxidants, hepatoprotectors.

If you have been diagnosed with any liver disease, only a doctor can give recommendations on the regimen, diet and treatment!


After alcoholic excesses it is desirable to reduce physical and nervous stress as much as possible. Even better after such an event will be a day off.

Had to go to work? Then, during the day, it is recommended to take short breaks, to avoid stress on the principle: "I will think about it tomorrow."


диета для очищение печени In order for the liver to create the best conditions for recovery, it is necessary to take food in small portions in a wiped and warm form. Allowed:

  • vegetable stew;
  • greenery;
  • meatballs, steam cutlets;
  • baked fruit;
  • jelly;
  • свежая зелень dairy products;
  • white bread crackers;
  • porridges;
  • ground soups.

Meals are held 5-6 times a day. Limit: vegetable and animal fats to 70 grams per day, spicy, smoked dishes, spices, coarse vegetable fiber.

Alcohol Cessation

This item is one of the most important, because continuing to drink the toxic effect and, accordingly, the destruction of hepatocytes will continue. Therefore, we must forbid ourselves to drink at least for a while and try to remove the remnants of alcohol from the body.

How to quickly clear the liver of alcohol? To stop the entry of alcohol into the hepatocytes, it is necessary to slow down the absorption and free the blood from ethanol and its toxic metabolic products. This is done by taking activated carbon, a large amount of fluid (if there is no edema), diuretic herbs. Further purification methods are aimed at restoring the functioning of the liver structures.

5 ways to restore hepatocytes

витамины These methods include the use of:

  • antioxidants;
  • phospholipids;
  • plant extracts;
  • amino acid preparations;
  • dietary supplements.

Vitamins C and E have the greatest antioxidant activity. Taking them individually or as part of a multivitamin creates liver cell protection from reactive oxygen species that damage the membranes. A course of several days will help the liver recover with a one-time alcohol abuse.

What else to clean the liver after alcohol? Essential phospholipids have a regenerative effect on the membranes of liver cells. They are found in egg yolk, milk, caviar, liver, meat. Since not all these products can be obtained and eaten the next morning after drinking alcohol, they use synthetic sources of lecithin, for example, Essentiale or the biologically active additive Lecithin. They should be taken only on the recommendation of a doctor.

каши из овса How to clean the liver from alcohol at home with plant substances? They may be contained in food, extracts. Here are some of them.

  1. Milk thistle is available in the form of powder, gel, liquid, capsules and tablets. It is not recommended to use milk thistle and any other vegetable oil on an empty stomach, as stimulating the production of bile, increasing the load on the liver. You can meet in stores and pharmacies porridge, bran, Jerusalem artichoke with milk thistle. To restore the liver, it is undesirable to use herbal tea, since its content there is minimal, and accordingly the effect will be minimal.
  2. Oats can be used as a decoction, oatmeal. It is produced in combination with other herbs called Ovesol - refers to biological additives.

Of the amino acids, hepatoprotectors include substances containing methionine. It is present in many foods: meat, eggs, lentils, nuts. Synthetic analogue produced under different commercial names. It has an antitoxic effect, increasing the rate of ethanol breakdown by the liver, activates cell regeneration, and prevents the growth of connective tissue.

Dietary supplements can contain all of the listed components, combined preparations are also available. Usually they are made on the basis of herbal ingredients and have a mild healing effect.

Now, having learned a lot of things, we will try to summarize the obtained information into several points:

  1. We figured out the question of how to clean the liver of alcohol, and, more precisely, that it does not need to be cleaned, but must be restored after an alcohol attack.
  2. It is possible to improve the health of the liver: compliance with a regimen, a sparing diet, preferably stopping for a long time taking alcohol, using antioxidants, essential phospholipids, herbal remedies, methionine amino acids.

But the most effective way: always observe moderation in the use of alcohol, then health problems will be much less!