Diet after poisoning in children

пищевое отравление Mild food poisoning is successfully treated at home, including in children. But it is very important to follow certain recommendations on the nutrition of the child. Properly formulated diet will help not only quickly get rid of the acute signs of the disease - vomiting and diarrhea, but also restore the work of the entire digestive system.

A diet after a food poisoning for a child consists of several principles, which we will discuss below.

Basic rules of nutrition after child poisoning

During illness, processes occur in the stomach and intestines that can lead to chronic inflammation of the digestive system. The mucous membranes, the liver and the pancreas suffer greatly. The normal process of excretion of digestive juices and mucus is disrupted, the regulation of muscle tone and intestinal motility is affected. To support the body of the child, to give him time and opportunity to adjust the digestion it is necessary to adhere to the following rules of the diet after poisoning in children.

  1. Maximum unload the stomach and intestines. Do not force the child to eat or “eat up” if he does not want. Between meals it is necessary to take breaks of 2–2.5 hours in order not to disturb the digestive process.
  2. диета для детей Follow the principles of mechanical, thermal and chemical relaxation. This means that the food should have a liquid or semi-liquid appearance, be warm, and not contain aggressive ingredients that irritate the mucous membrane of the stomach and intestines. During this period, consume foods low in fiber and carbohydrates. Limit fat intake.
  3. At the same time, nutrition should be high in vitamin and mineral composition. The body has lost a lot of electrolytes, it needs to fill the lack of biologically active substances. It is good to take vitamin and mineral complexes during the recovery period. Mineral water can be drunk in addition to normal water, after releasing gas from it. Before using it, you need to consult with your doctor, as it has a different composition and is assigned depending on the type of illness.
  4. It is advisable to adhere to the principles of separate feeding. Do not mix in a single meal foods high in carbohydrates and proteins. Do not eat meat and fish with potatoes and cereals. But vegetables and fruits are combined with any products.

There are easily digestible foods and those that digest a weakened stomach will be difficult.

Forbidden food after poisoning

A diet after food poisoning in children implies a restriction of a fairly large number of foods. Of course, this list primarily includes fast food, soda, chips, crackers, chewing gum and other similar products of the modern food industry. Also you can not give:

  • мучные изделия baking, flour products, baking;
  • juices and fruits: pears, plums, grapes, citrus fruits - in general, all vegetables, fruits and berries are raw;
  • cereals: barley, pearl barley and millet;
  • canned food, sausage, smoked meat;
  • legumes - beans, peas, lentils;
  • vegetables with a high content of coarse fiber: cabbage, cucumbers, radishes;
  • animal refractory fats (lard, fatty meat);
  • Sunflower and butter are introduced gradually in small amounts as an additive to the main dish, but you should not give the butter separately (for example, smear it on bread).

But despite the limitations, there remains a large range of products that are useful for the children's body.

What to feed the child after poisoning

овощи для ребенка For children under one year, the best food is breast milk. If the baby is a lure, then during the illness he is stopped and restarted after an acute period of poisoning. From a forced diet, they gradually come out, starting with small portions, buckwheat and rice porridge, then vegetable and fruit purees, then a meat souffle. The following foods are used to feed a child on a diet after poisoning.

  1. Groats: buckwheat, oatmeal, rice.
  2. Vegetables: carrots, beets, broccoli, cauliflower. Useful bananas and baked apples. Potatoes are introduced into the diet gradually, as it contains many complex carbohydrates. Tomatoes can be used in stew, and tomato juice - instead of ketchup.
  3. Bread - dried, wheat. You can give crackers, cracker type cookies.
  4. Starch jelly with a small addition of fruit or berry juice.
  5. жидкость для ребенка Dried fruits (figs, prunes, dried apricots and dates) and a decoction of them perfectly fill the lack of vitamins and minerals, stimulate the restoration of the intestinal mucosa. Diet after poisoning a child implies the rejection of sweets and chocolate, so dried fruits may well be given instead of sweet. Keep in mind that figs and prunes have a mild laxative effect. Nuts can be given in small quantities after digestion is restored.
  6. Milk for children older than infants as possible exclude. It is useful to drink kefir, yogurt, and other fresh dairy products. Cottage cheese is introduced into the diet from 1-2 tablespoons. Butter is used only for adding to cereals, preferably in melted form.
  7. Meat as possible limit. Preference is given to low-fat varieties: chicken, rabbit. Eggs, yolks are given in small quantities (1/2 per day). You can eat fish, preferably sea.

During the diet, you can give the child baby vegetable puree and meat souffle from the jars, but do not get carried away. The baby needs fresh, “live” food.

Observing a diet after poisoning must-drink water! It can be boiled or kept at room temperature or warm. It should be drunk 15–20 minutes before meals and not earlier than one hour after meals. You can not give your child to drink during a meal or immediately after it, because it interferes with digestion and reduces the concentration of enzymes.

Tea is not strong, it is better green, you can add a little sugar or honey. It is useful to give broth hips, infusion of lemon balm, raspberry leaves and currants.


режим питания If you follow the diet after poisoning for the child adhere to a certain diet.

  1. They eat 5-6 times a day, but in small portions.
  2. Between meals, you must take a break of 2-2.5 hours.
  3. At first, the amount of food consumed may be less than usual. Do not worry, let alone feed the baby. The child usually returns to the initial level of food intake within 3-5 days after the end of the acute period of the disease.

How to cook

All products must be ground or blended through a sieve. As digestion is restored, they return to normal food. When dieting for children after poisoning, boiled, stewed, baked or steamed dishes are used. Porridge cooked to a liquid state. Milk for porridge diluted with water in a 1: 1 ratio. Useful in the diet after poisoning rice broth or liquid oatmeal porridge. Soups can be vegetable or meat. The first time you need to remove fat from the broths. It is useful to cook the liquid grated soups, then you can make noodles. Greens are added in small quantities. Meat and fish are twisted and cooked soufflé.

It is forbidden to give fried, grill, canned food, pickles, sauces, products with preservatives and dyes during the diet, put spices in food. These additives irritate the mucous membrane of the stomach and intestines, have a bad effect on the liver.

How long to follow a diet? It depends on the severity of the disease. Sometimes, after a slight poisoning, several days of food restriction are enough (from 3-5 days to one week). In the inflammatory process in the stomach and intestines, abnormalities in the work of the liver, a dietary restriction may be necessary for several months. Choose easily digestible foods, feed your child often, but in small portions.