Dioxin - what is it?

что такое диоксин

In the modern world, people often prefer not to notice the dangers in the environment, believing that the most harmful is unhealthy diet, psychological stress and hard work. Not many people know about the harmful content of our favorite and irreplaceable products, the surrounding water and air. For example, not everyone has heard of dioxins and their effects on the human body. Nevertheless, these are poisons that can not only harm a person one-time, but also accumulate in the body for further attacks.

What are dangerous dioxins and which organs of the human body, they affect in the first place? Let's find out, as well as the consequences of their entry into the body and help with poisoning.

What is dioxin

Dioxin is a complex chemical compound, more precisely, a group of compounds derived from organic chemistry. It turns out as a result of combustion or thermal processing of many substances containing bromine and chlorine. These are the connections that we cannot touch and feel. But if they enter the human body, they remain there for a long time, since they are cumulative (accumulating) poisons, and subsequent intakes of dioxins lead to more rapid accumulation to a critical level. The half-life of dioxin in the human body ranges from 7 to 11 years.

диоксин фото

These are solid compounds practically insoluble in water, penetrating a person with water, food (more often with products of natural origin) and air.

Dioxins are found in the environment due to the chemical industry. People living near plastics and polyethylene processing plants, paper and fertilizers are more likely to become infected with such products. But not only they, because dioxin is everywhere.

  1. пути поступления диоксина в организм
    boiling chlorinated water

    Boiling chlorinated water is one of the ways in which these poisons enter the body. But it does every every day.

  2. Dioxins are found in the water, due to ingestion of wastewater through the sewage system and leaching of fertilizers from the beds.
  3. In air in the form of the smallest microparticles.
  4. In the wild, when birds and animals use herbs that sprout near water bodies containing these chemical compounds. On the food chain, such small and large animals can get into the human body (by eating the meat of wild animals).

Due to the circulation of compounds in nature, dioxins are contained in food products. These substances accumulate mainly in adipose tissue, but in order to destroy them it is necessary to create specific conditions - the burning temperature must be not lower than 900 ° C.

Dioxins and their effects on the human body

диоксины и их влияние на организм человека
reduced immunity

As already mentioned, dioxin not only accumulates in the adipose tissue over time, but also decomposes too slowly. A daily intake of poison from food and air leads to significant health problems. The danger is that the person does not feel this substance. Does not smell dioxin, can not distinguish it to taste or see because of the small amount.

The lethal or lethal dose of dioxin for a person is 10 to the minus of the sixth degree per kilogram of weight. And everything that is less than this indicator leads to visible diseases and invisible pathologies. What caused such an effect of substances?

  1. Dioxin significantly reduces immunity by acting directly on the process of cell division.
  2. Promotes the appearance of oncological formations.
  3. Violates the work of receptors - that is, those structures that are responsible for communication and the work of organs.

In general, the negative impact on the body of dioxin can be reduced to the following general mechanisms.

  1. симптомы отравления диоксином

    Affects the work of the immune system, impairing the normal functioning of the organs responsible for this function (thymus, circulatory system).

  2. One of the dangerous consequences of the toxic effects of dioxin on humans is teratogenic effects. Accumulating in germ cells leads to impaired reproductive function (infertility develops) or the appearance of a generation with mutations.
  3. At a young age, it slows down the process of puberty in a person - both in men and women.
  4. It inhibits metabolic processes, upsets the balance in the body and reduces the function of the endocrine glands.
  5. Contributes to the development of cancer.

These are all the long-term effects of daily consumption, even if not on their own, of dioxin poison. Acute diseases look a little different.

Acute poisoning has no specific signs, it is difficult to guess about the presence of dioxin intoxication. Any dose can cause the following symptoms.

  1. отравление диоксином
    blurred vision

    Prodromal period lasts 1-4 days. At this time, a person may be disturbed by a slight deterioration in health, weakness, nausea, or dizziness. These are common symptoms that are observed in any acute, including viral, disease.

  2. If the substance gets on the skin - itching and redness of the skin, purulent lesions.
  3. Visual impairment, severe weakness, persistent headache.
  4. With dioxin poisoning, the nervous system and the endocrine system deteriorate: drowsiness, irritability, loss of appetite, and often loss of body weight appear.
  5. The healing process is much slower.

In addition, dioxin can significantly enhance the action of other toxic substances, such as lead, mercury, radiation, nitrates.

Treatment and first aid for poisoning

Even an experienced specialist at the first signs of acute dioxin poisoning will not be able to determine its cause. It is almost impossible to find out, except in cases of mass poisoning, when the cause was an explosion at a local chemical processing factory. Therefore, first aid in dioxin intoxication is general recommendations.

  1. больному обеспечить доступ кислорода It is necessary to provide access of oxygen to the injured person.
  2. Perform a gastric lavage.
  3. Deliver the victim to the intensive care unit of the nearest hospital.

All further treatment is fully carried out in the hospital, under the supervision of toxicologists and resuscitators. Symptomatic therapy with the appointment of plasma-substituting solutions in large quantities is most often carried out.

Dioxin poisoning prevention

How to remove dioxins from the body? This is a kind of prevention of acute poisoning. There is no clear and comprehensive answer to this question. It includes the rules of personal safety and the correct lifestyle.

  1. профилактика отравления диоксином Do not fish in ponds near chemical plants (the same goes for hunting).
  2. Do not eat questionable products without a certificate, especially garden products.
  3. Use high-quality water filters that clean chlorine compounds.
  4. Try not to burn yourself plastic products and do not dispose of chemical compounds.

While the determination of dioxin in food products is difficult due to the lack of the necessary number of laboratories in the country, and its chemical properties do not allow detecting this substance in the environment, the only way to protect it is the correct human behavior.