Why use tar soap

дегтярное мыло фото Tar is a wonderful natural remedy, which was used by our ancestors. They extract it from the bark of the birch, which has long been considered a popular green pharmacy. The benefits of birch juice and kidneys are known to anyone who has at least a small idea of ​​folk medicine. Birch tar in this sense is no exception.

Today birch tar has received its recognition in many areas of recovery in the form of tar soap. What is the use and harm of tar soap and how to apply it correctly for the treatment and prevention of various disorders in the body? First, we learn more about what a tar soap represents and what are the medicinal properties of birch tar.

What is tar soap

Birch tar is a product of dry distillation of the outer part of the bark bark (birch bark). It is a dense oily liquid that does not have adhesive properties. It has a specific sharp smell, and the color is black, sometimes with a bluish-green or a greenish-blue hue. In the composition of tar, such substances as phenol, toluene, xylene and resins are isolated. Birch tar provides a disinfectant, insecticidal and locally irritating effect. In weak concentrations (3-5%) promotes the regeneration of skin epithelium. It is a part of complex liniments and ointments:

  • Wilkinson's ointment;
  • liniment Vishnevsky and others.

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The composition of tar soap includes 10% of birch tar. This is a cheap and high-quality tool for fighting various skin diseases, whether it's ordinary acne or psoriasis. The properties of tar soap are determined precisely by the tar content. By the way, this soap can be made in home soap, adding there pleasant fragrances.

Why use tar soap? The list is quite extensive and includes the following areas:

  • дегтярное мыло от прыщей фото

    getting rid of lice;

  • diseases of the scalp - seborrhea, allergic manifestations;
  • acne and acne on the skin of the face;
  • in dermatology with psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema;
  • fungal diseases of the feet;
  • intimate hygiene;
  • prevention of influenza - as an alternative to oxolin ointment for lubricating the nasal mucosa.

The use of tar soap

What is the use of tar soap? It has a drying, disinfecting and healing effect. With infectious skin diseases, the tar contained in the soap kills the infection - viruses, fungi, bacteria. The insecticidal effect of tar allows you to get rid of insect parasites, in particular lice. However, when properly applied, it does not dry the skin, has a positive effect on hair and nails, heals microtraumas and skin cracks.

How correctly to use tar soap, and in what cases it is recommended to resort to its help?

The use of tar soap for the skin

жидкое дягтерное мыло для лица фото Tar soap helps to get rid of acne, disinfects the skin, improves blood circulation. All this contributes to the removal of inflammation and improvement of complexion. Can I wash my face with tar soap? Yes, it is possible, but it is better to soap only the problem areas. Apply tar tar soap to the skin you need regularly, for at least two weeks - only so you can achieve the desired effect. For the period of using soap, avoid using other aggressive care products - scrubs, alcohol lotions and so on. Whether tar helps with acne, you can learn in several sessions: redness will become less visible, and the skin as a whole will get a healthier look.

If in general the skin is ok, but a little trouble has jumped accidentally in the form of separate pimples, then you can make a pinpoint compress. Apply a little dry soap on the pimple, and top with a soapy foam. Leave in this form for a few hours or until the morning.

Those who have inflammations on the skin of the face have acquired an extensive character, it is recommended to make a mask with tar soap. The foam is applied to the face and is not washed off for several minutes, until the sensation of contraction of the skin appears, then wash.

During the use of tar soap, do not forget to intensively moisturize your face. After finishing the treatment, wash with soap daily is not recommended. It is enough to do this several times a month for prevention.

What is the treatment for tar soap? Dermatologists advise using it in certain diseases as a supplement to the main methods of treatment.

  1. Tar soap with psoriasis facilitates the course of the disease, reduces the intensity of manifestation of symptoms. In this case, doctors recommend leaving it as the only cosmetic. This results in a number of positive effects: reduced peeling, the itching subsides, the risk of contamination with secondary microflora is reduced, small wounds heal, skin nutrition improves - it becomes softer and smoother.
  2. кожные болезни фото

    With moist and dry seborrhea, soap is used with caution, as much depends on the individual reaction of the organism.

  3. Degtyarnoe soap during demodicosis destroys scabies mites, removes itching and heals damaged skin.
  4. The use of this drug reduces sweating and normalizes the activity of sweat glands. They are washed underarms or feet - depending on the location of the problem.
  5. Fungus on the legs - an unpleasant and extremely annoying disease. It can be found after visiting the pool, public baths and other places of mass water procedures. Therefore, to prevent the disease, thoroughly wash your feet and nail plates with tar soap after visiting such places. To treat mycosis, the nails are carefully soaped and left for the night (wearing socks or bandaging).

It's enough to do this for a few days, and the fungus will disappear.

Also this simple tool is used for traumatic skin lesions, wounds, frostbite, bedsores. Tar soap helps to heal cracks on the heels.

What is the use of tar soap for hair

дегтярное мыло для волос фото Tar is included in special shampoos and hair masks, mainly from dandruff and for fatty hair roots. Can I wash my head with tar soap? Yes, it is used to improve the scalp with increased sebum, hair loss, inflammation of the follicles. Tar soap eliminates dandruff and promotes better hair growth.

When it is applied, the foam is applied to the scalp, trying to soap the hair itself, so as not to dry the tips. To wash off foam it is possible only warm or cool water, differently curls will be covered by a greasy film. Tar will have a drying effect, so use balms and hair masks. Also take into account that from the painted hair soap with tar will gradually "remove" the paint. This effect is sometimes used to lighten a too dark tone.

Use tar at all times is not recommended. Usually, several courses are held, the duration of which depends on the degree of development of the problem and can range from 2 weeks to 2 months. Then they switch to preventive washing of the head once or twice a month.

From soap on hair there is a specific smell which is cleaned by means of balm. You can use table vinegar. He is bred in a ratio of 4: 1 and rinsed his head. Also to repel the smell apply essential oils with your favorite fragrance. Add a few drops into the water for the last rinse or directly into the balm.

Does tar soap help lice?

A separate topic is the use of tar soap from lice. It takes a lot of effort to make the tool work properly. But tar is absolutely safe for health, unlike artificial insecticides, which is important in the fight against pediculosis in children.

Usually use liquid tar soap. It is applied to the scalp and hair, and after 10 minutes washed and combed with curl ringlets. The procedure should be repeated several times with an interval of 2-4 days, paying special attention to combing the parasites after washing their head. To get rid of lice, you can make masks - soap your head, wrap in polyethylene and leave for one hour.

Tar soap in gynecology

дегтярное мыло в гинекологии Quite often, tar soap is used for intimate hygiene. Compared with other means, flooded store shelves, it is very cheap, and the positive effects from its use are undeniable. Tar soap in gynecology is used to treat thrush, prevent bacterial and fungal infections of the genital tract.

It should be noted that the use of tar soap is carried out in addition to drug therapy, but not as an independent and unique remedy. With thrush, gynecologists recommend dying in the morning and evening. After curing, the procedure can be carried out for preventive purposes 1-2 times a week.

The use of soap promotes the healing of microtraumas and cuts of the skin in the bikini zone when shaving or epilation.

The harm of tar soap

In tar soap there are contraindications to the use. These include:

  • вред дегтярного мыла the presence of an allergy - the product can not be called hypoallergenic;
  • dry, thin skin, prone to irritation;
  • dry, dull hair with split ends.

Tar soap is a remedy for external use only. If it got inside, then serious poisoning should not be expected, but heartburn, stomach pain, indigestion caused by the irritating effect of soap foam on the mucous membranes of the gastrointestinal tract may occur.

In conclusion, we briefly outline the main fields of application of tar soap, its benefits and harm. To wash with tar soap it is possible not more often than two times a day, as it strongly dries out a skin. You can soap all parts of the body: face, skin, head and intimate zones. The product has a disinfectant, drying and healing effect. Tar soap is used to combat skin diseases, including infectious nature, with parasites - lice, microscopic (scabies) mites. Use this tool can be only externally, if ingested causes indigestion.