Is Donormil poisoning possible?

бессонница что делать It is no secret that the modern rhythm of life is bad for people's health. There are such conditions as - irritability, aggressiveness, fatigue and, of course, insomnia.

Insomnia is a condition in which a person falls asleep poorly, often wakes up at night, and in severe cases, cannot sleep at all. Most often, women and people in old age suffer from insomnia. If self-medication methods did not help in the fight against insomnia, such a person decides to seek medical help from his doctor, who will recommend medications for insomnia, including Donormil with a short course.

Indications and contraindications for appointment Donormila

Donormil is a hypnotic, it decreases the period of time before falling asleep, increases the duration of sleep.

Donormil is prescribed in the following cases:

  • in violation of the phases of sleep;
  • in severe diseases, accompanied by severe pain that interfere with sleep;
  • лекарство донормил with neurosis;
  • with strong allergic conditions, when there is severe itching of the skin.

This drug is contraindicated in children, people over 65, people suffering from glaucoma, men who have problems with the prostate gland, if there is congenital lactose intolerance. With special care, Donormil is prescribed to pregnant women during breastfeeding. Absolutely contraindicated intake Donormila and alcohol.

How to take Donormil

Donormila should be started from half a pill half an hour before bedtime, drinking plenty of water. If the effect is not achieved, then the dose is increased to the whole tablet. In some cases, a specialist may prescribe the drug on 2 tablets per day.

In no case, you should not increase the dose of Donormil by yourself, as this leads to an overdose, and in severe cases death is possible!

The lethal dose of Donormila is individual for each person — 1-2 tablets are enough for someone, and a whole pack is not enough for someone. It should be remembered that an overdose of Donormil can lead to death!

Symptoms of Donormil Overdose

дрожание пальцев рук If you take Donormil in a larger dose than recommended by the doctor, an overdose may occur. The main symptoms of an overdose by Donormil are:

  • increased sleepiness during the day;
  • uncharacteristic anxiety;
  • mood swings;
  • coordination of movements suffers - trembling of the fingers occurs;
  • convulsions, epileptiform seizures;
  • fever;
  • allergic reactions, up to coma;
  • dilated pupil - mydriasis;
  • hyperemia of the skin;
  • hallucinations.

If any of these symptoms occur, you should immediately consult a doctor.

Donormil and alcohol

отказ от алкоголя Alcohol, as well as drugs that are based on ethyl alcohol, can enhance the effect of Donormil. Perhaps the emergence of addiction. Simultaneous intake of alcohol and Donormila reduces the sensitivity of the nervous system to this drug, and the person is forced to take a large dose without thinking about whether Donormil can be poisoned.

In addition to the negative effect of enhancing the effect of this drug when it is combined with alcohol, an additional negative factor is that a drunk person does not ask whether you can die from an overdose of Donormil, since self-criticism is reduced in this case, and he may not hesitate take a lethal dose of medication.

In Russia, as in Europe, Donormil cannot be bought at a pharmacy without a doctor's prescription, which already indicates the seriousness of the drug. The specialist will know whether the patient has an alcohol or drug addiction, whether there have been any attempts to reduce suicide. If such problems arose, the use of Donormila is inappropriate.

Help with Donormil overdose

рвотный рефлекс If symptoms appear that indicate an overdose or Donormil poisoning, you should call an ambulance and ask what to do in this case before the arrival of the staff.

The very first action should be gastric lavage in any way possible - drink one and a half to two liters of water and induce vomiting or empty the stomach through a special medical hose. Then, to take measures for detoxification - taking drugs containing activated carbon, consuming large amounts of water or saline solutions, means causing bowel movement - to remove Donormil residues from the body.

Donormil poisoning treatment

In severe cases, a person is hospitalized to provide qualified integrated treatment. If a person is no longer able to breathe on his / her own, they will connect it to an artificial lung ventilation apparatus, they will do body cleaning procedures.

Also in the hospital, the victim will be prescribed counseling by a psychologist who will help to cope with the condition that led to such a sad situation.

Consequences of Donormil Overdose

последствия передозировки When overdose Donormil may have consequences:

  • various types of hallucinations - auditory, visual, sensitive;
  • swelling of various organs and tissues;
  • acute retention of urine, feces;
  • acute allergic reaction, up to anaphylactic shock;
  • convulsions, up to the epileptic state in severe form;
  • coma, death.

Severe consequences of an overdose by Donormil can be avoided if you seek medical help as soon as possible!

Prevention of poisoning Donormilom

предписание врача The main condition for the prevention of poisoning with Donormil is careful adherence to the instructions for use of the drug and strict adherence to the recommendations of the doctor. If you have any doubts about taking the drug - consult with your doctor, who will adjust the dose, try to explain in an accessible form the errors that have occurred when using Donormila.

After the end of the course of treatment, donormil should not be prolonged independently, even if sleep has not been restored to the desired level. You should take a break in taking the drug or contact a specialist for the appointment of another drug.

Any medicine should be taken, strictly following the dosage and only on the recommendation of a specialist. Especially it concerns such serious preparations as Donormil is!