Facts about poisoning

Facts about different types of poisoning, not included in other headings.

Doctors of what specializations treat different types of poisoning, is it worth calling an ambulance.

The causes of travelers' diarrhea, its symptoms, treatment and prevention.

What is the similarity and difference in food poisoning and intestinal infections.

What are the causes of poisoning at sea, symptoms, help, treatment, prevention.

How do the plates from mosquitoes, do they harm people, their composition.

How long does a light and heavy poisoning last? What factors complicate it?

How to treat poisoning during pregnancy, what are the consequences for the child.

Why poisoning can raise the temperature, when it is necessary to knock it down.

Which fruits contain hydrocyanic acid, how does it affect the body.

Mom poisoned herself: how to feed, how to treat intoxication during lactation.

When a child is poisoned, what can be given to him from food, and what is not allowed? Is it possible at all ...

It has long been known that in poisoning, to wash the stomach of toxins, use a weak solution of potassium permanganate -...

Toxicosis occurs not only during pregnancy, it is a common name for intoxication of the body. How to distinguish different ...

Symptoms of poisoning and rotavirus infection are very similar. How to distinguish them you will learn by reading this article.

Signs, treatment and prevention of food poisoning during pregnancy.