"Fosfalugel" for poisoning

«Фосфалюгель» что это Any poisoning requires the maximum elimination of poisons from the body. Therefore, the complex of urgent measures does not end with washing the stomach. After first aid, it is necessary to take funds that adsorb toxins.

For this purpose, in addition to adsorbents, such as activated carbon, old and proven antacids are also successfully used.

What antacids help with poisoning?

The word antacids literally means - action against acid. By the mechanism of their action they are absorbed and not absorbed.

In addition to neutralizing hydrochloric acid, antacids have:

  • enveloping;
  • adsorbing;
  • astringent;
  • protective;
  • analgesic action.

«Фосфалюгель» как принимать

The adsorbing and enveloping action of antacids is appropriate for poisoning.

It is important to remember that not all antacids are suitable for poisoning. Absorbable antacids (Rennie, Bourges Mixture) do not have the above properties. Therefore, only nonabsorbable substances are used for poisoning.

Action "Fosfalugel" for poisoning

"Phosphalugel" (Phosphalugel) is a nonabsorbable antacid drug. It is a compound of phosphorus and aluminum in colloidal jelly form. Such a base gives huge advantages for adsorption. This is the zest of phosphalogel.

Molecules of the colloid are firmly connected to each other, forming micelles. This structure absorbs much more water, and with it poisonous substances. A large contact surface is created, ideally retaining toxins. Such a big sponge. It collects poisons, keeps them on the surface of the stomach and does not let it get sucked into the blood. "Phosphalugel" in case of poisoning is an ideal sorbent, the unit of area of ​​which is associated with more toxic substances.

Enveloping properties of "Fosfalugel"

от чего помогает «Фосфалюгель» Colloidal structure provides better adhesion of phospholugel molecules to the wall of the stomach. This is important in conditions of poisoning. Included in the drug pectin and agar-agar, complement and enhance the protective factors.

"Phosphalugel" binds not only exogenous (bacteria, gases, viruses, poisons), but also endogenous toxins, which are also capable of causing symptoms of poisoning.

It removes bile acids, allergens, gases. Drastically slows down and weakens the effect of drugs and radioactive substances.

Protective action "Fosfalugel"

The drug serves as a protective film on the surface of the gastrointestinal tract and stimulates an additional protective mechanism - the secretion of bicarbonates. Bicarbonate is slime. Any poisoning weakens all barrier functions, and "Fosfalugel" will help them to restore.

How to take "Fosfalugel" for poisoning

как принимать «Фосфалюгель» при отравлении

This drug has all the properties of an ideal agent in the treatment of any type of poisoning.

"Fosfalugel" for food poisoning should be taken as soon as possible. The earlier the drug begins to act, the less toxins it will get into the blood.

How to take "Fosfalugel" for poisoning?

  1. Take the drug immediately after flushing the stomach.
  2. Large single-use doses: 2 sachets at a time.
  3. Do not dilute with water, take better in pure form.
  4. Repeat every 3 hours.

Usually there is enough 2-fold reception in the maximum dose. "Fosfalugel" in the instructions for use in poisoning is recommended to take three days. On the first day, the maximum dose, in the remaining days - the usual.

The preparation is convenient because the contents of the sachet are not necessarily diluted in water. If the ailment is found on the road or other uncomfortable place, it is enough just to tear the bag, stretch it with your fingers and squeeze the contents into your mouth. We feel the action in a few minutes.

"Fosfalugel" collects mainly positive and thankful responses.

How to take "Fosfalugel" for alcohol poisoning

«Фосфалюгель» и алкоголь Poisoning doses of alcohol knock down the smooth rhythm of work in the organs due to toxic effects. The combination of hydrochloric acid and alcohol is a double blow to the stomach. This explosive mixture is capable of making a "hole" in the wall of the stomach in one day!

To avoid such trouble, you need to drink "Fosfalugel" before the feast, you can 2 bags.

"Fosfalugel" with alcohol poisoning provides for maximum doses of 2 packs at once every 3 hours until the symptoms calms down. But no more than 6 sachets a day. The next day is recommended for 1 package up to 3 times a day.

The drug weakens the harmful effect of alcohol on the stomach and intestines, neutralizes all negative consequences. He quickly brings a person to life, eliminating hangover syndrome.

How to take "Fosfalugel" children in poisoning

«Фосфалюгель» детям "Fosfalugel" is one of the few drugs allowed to children since birth. In children, the digestive system is imperfect. It is still at the stage of formation, enzymes are not enough for full digestion. Therefore, stomach upset is a frequent occurrence. Phosphalugel will help cope with childhood colic, diarrhea and other functional disorders. Dirty hands, malnutrition - the cause of frequent poisonings in children.

"Fosfalugel" for poisoning in children is used by age.

  1. Newborns - 1/4 bags or 1 teaspoon after feeding. Do not exceed more than 2 sachets per day.
  2. From 6 months to six years of age - 1/2 bags or two teaspoons after eating. Up to 4 bags per day.
  3. From 6 to 12 years - one packet 3-4 times a day. Do not exceed more than 5 sachets a day.
  4. From the age of 12 - two packets three times. No more than 6 bags per day.

The medicine does not lead to deficiency of vitamins, calcium and mineral substances. When the digestion is normal, the treatment is stopped.

"Phosphalugel" for poisoning to children can be given in pure form or dissolved in half a glass of water. It is better to give newborns in pure form without breeding.

Breasts often spit out the medicine. The use of phospholugel in children is facilitated by the fact that the drug has no odor, it is almost insipid.

The use of "Fosfalugel" in toxicosis of pregnant women

«Фосфалюгель» при беременности A pregnant woman can take toxicosis all the time. Therefore, it is important that the drug remains safe, despite a long reception.

"Fosfalugel" meets the safety requirements. It does not wash out microelements, vitamins, does not affect the exchange of calcium and phosphorus. And the level, much needed folic acid, does not decrease. A woman can trust this drug. With any symptoms of poisoning, you can resort to his help and constantly keep in your medicine chest.

"Fosfalugel" from toxicosis of pregnant women is used 1-2 packs several times a day. But not more than 5 sachets per day (or 100 grams). One-time reception of two bags is allowed. Can be used both before meals and after it.

If a pregnant woman is suffering from heartburn, then the reception is possible every time there is a burning sensation, preferably on an empty stomach. It should be remembered that the drug is valid for 3 hours, so repeated use is recommended no earlier than this time.


Any preparation has contraindications. "Fosfalugel" is no exception. It can not be taken to people with severe chronic renal failure, with allergies to the drug and its components. Do not recommend a simultaneous reception with tetracyclines, cardiac glycosides and iron preparations.

In general, the drug is well tolerated even with prolonged use. It complex affects all symptoms of poisoning. Has an impressive ability to adsorb poisons, delay them and withdraw.