Intestinal lavage with hydrocolonotherapy

очистить кишечник Clearing the intestines of toxins is becoming increasingly popular. Ever since ancient times, people knew about the benefits of enema cleansing of the rectum. Nowadays there are more aesthetic methods.

One of the most widely publicized methods in medical centers today is hydrocolonotherapy. It is presented as a method that allows deep cleansing of the intestines and the entire body as a whole with a pronounced healing effect.

Indications for hydrocolonotherapy

For a more accurate understanding of what it is - hydrocolonotherapy, it is necessary to understand the methodology of its implementation, indications and contraindications. So, hydrocolonotherapy is a way of cleansing the body from the slags accumulated in it, by introducing pure water or decoction of herbs into the rectum, and removing the resulting mass back by the hardware.

Everything happens in stages and painlessly. The main indications for such a procedure are:

  • запоры
    chronic constipation

    problems with the large and small intestines: dysbacteriosis, chronic constipation, diarrhea, intestinal invasions, initial stages of hemorrhoids;

  • gallbladder diseases: chronic cholecystitis, biliary dyskinesia, hepatitis;
  • skin problems: dermatitis of various nature, eczema, allergic rashes, acne, psoriasis;
  • tendency to frequent colds: to stimulate the immune system;
  • autointoxication: fatigue, poor performance, frequent weakness, pain in the head, sleep disturbance, depression, disgusting smell from the mouth;
  • obesity;
  • gynecological and urological problems: vaginitis, urolithiasis, prostatitis.

But the intestinal lavage with the hydrocolonotherapy method can also be carried out by absolutely healthy people in order to cleanse the body and prevent the occurrence of the above diseases.

Contraindications for hydrocolonotherapy

опухоль Hydrocolonotherapy can bring not only benefit, but also harm. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the existing contraindications for hydrocolonotherapy:

  • aggravation of intestinal diseases: ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease, diverticulitis;
  • the presence of a tumor process in the intestine is an absolute contraindication to its cleaning;
  • hemorrhoids in aggravation, anal fissures, fistulas;
  • calculi (stones) in the gallbladder and large kidneys;
  • large hernia of the white line of the abdomen and groin area.

It is necessary to consult with your doctor before starting colon hydrotherapy! Evaluate the positive aspects of the procedure and the possibility of health complications.

Preparation for hydrocolonotherapy

Hydrocolonotherapy is a technique of colon cleansing that allows cleaning all its sections from accumulated toxins, fecal stones, radionuclides and parasites . At home, with the help of an enema, a person is independently able to clean only 20–30 centimeters of the intestine.

No special preparation for hydrocolonotherapy is required. You need a few days to follow a diet with a restriction in the diet of foods, about which it is known that they cause flatulence in the intestines:

  • аппарат для проведения гидроколонотерапии
    colon hydrotherapy device


  • peas;
  • lentils;
  • fresh bread;
  • fruits;
  • baking;
  • carbonated drinks;
  • alcohol.

Two days before the procedure, it is better to take activated charcoal to six tablets per day. Four hours before hydrocolonotherapy, it is recommended not to eat anything.

Next, a person should go to the right room, where a specialist in a benevolent manner will explain how everything will happen, calm the worried person, make a light massage of the abdomen.

Colon hydrotherapy procedure

гидроколонотерапия Colon hydrotherapy session takes place in a specially equipped room. The person is on the couch in a position on the side or on the back. With the help of a special apparatus in the intestine comes in portions of water or herbal collection. Through the system of disposable hoses, water and intestinal contents are brought out - tightly, cleanly, odorless. A person sees how the procedure of hydrocolon therapy goes and, at the slightest discomfort, can ask for help from the specialist who performs the procedure.

During the hydrocolonotherapy, not only the colon is cleared, but also the small intestine, gall bladder, liver, and kidneys. One should not think that everything happens quickly - one cleaning session lasts 30–50 minutes.

Intestinal cleansing occurs gradually - continuous alternation of regulated and controlled water pressure allows you to soften and bring out even the hardest fecal masses. Staging during bowel cleansing is imperative - the entire bowel is not cleaned in one session, they must be carried out from five to ten procedures. Each time there will be a cleansing of all the higher located intestinal sections.

At the end of the course of hydrocolonotherapy, a complete cleansing of the intestines from perennial deposits of slags will occur, poisoning the human body with harmful toxins that interfere with living a full life.

During the last session of colon hydrotherapy, the intestines will be filled with beneficial microorganisms - there will be no dysbiosis.

When prescribing a course of hydrocolonotherapy, the attending physician will explain how often it can be done - usually not more than once or twice a year.

Effect of colon hydrotherapy

Each person decides for himself whether hydrocolonotherapy is beneficial for him. Opinions of those who have already passed such a procedure are divided - there are both positive and negative reviews.

Experts recommend hydrocolonotherapy to those who really have problems with the large intestine, since the accumulation of toxins really prevents such people from living fully. Nutritionists are also delighted with hydrocolonotherapy, since after 5–7 procedures a person’s weight decreases on average by 3–5 kilograms. And if you stick to the right diet - the results are even more impressive!

Food after hydrocolonotherapy

пюре Immediately after a session of colon hydrotherapy, eating is prohibited for two hours. Then, in the nutrition after hydrocolonotherapy, it is necessary to adhere to the recommendations: on the first day to eat only low-fat soups, mashed puree from vegetables and fruits, subjected to heat treatment. Drink more fluids: fruit drinks, decoctions of herbs, compote. Gradually, the person returns to his diet constantly, but you must try to adhere to the basic recommendations of nutritionists:

  • do not eat too much fat and carbohydrates;
  • eat more protein, greens, cereals;
  • limit sweet, carbonated, alcoholic beverages;
  • comply with the regime of food intake - the body itself will program itself to release the required amount of enzymes, the process of digesting food will be as efficient as possible, stagnation will not be.

General conclusion

нормализуется естественный цвет лица Hydrocolonotherapy is an excellent method of treatment and prophylaxis for people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract or predisposed to them. An experienced gastroenterologist will recommend a course of colon hydrotherapy to those who really need it.

After the course of procedures, people have a lot of positive moments: weight is normalized, natural complexion is restored, skin condition is restored, and intestinal microflora is normalized.

It is necessary to carry out hydrocolonotherapy only in specialized medical centers, where there are experienced specialists with medical education, the whole phased procedure is observed - from washing the intestine to filling it with useful microflora, with the obligatory use of only disposable tips and hoses. Feel the new taste for life after cleansing the body with the help of colon hydrotherapy!