What will happen from glycine overdose

глицин Treatment of good old glycine experienced more than one generation of people. Only the packaging has changed, but the essence remains the same. The following analogues can be found in pharmacies: Glycine FORTE, Glycine BIO and others. For those who do not know glycine, this is an artificially obtained amino acid.

Let's find out why it is prescribed, what is its effect on the body, can it be poisoned with glycine, what will be the symptoms and consequences. It will also be told about the poisoning of drugs in children and its interaction with alcohol.

What is glycine for

It is known that the drug penetrates all body fluids, does not accumulate in the blood. Its splitting occurs in the liver, and excretion - by the kidneys. Glycine is a means of improving metabolism in the nervous system. It is an essential amino acid and is synthesized in small quantities in the body (as opposed to essential). The latter come to us only from the external environment.

аминоуксусная кислота Aminoacetic acid is a part of many biologically active substances, structural proteins of cells. Involved in the formation of enzymes, it accelerates various chemical reactions. Glycine is involved in the synthesis of immunoglobulins, and therefore plays a certain role in immune processes. His special “attitude” to free radicals that can damage cells is also noticed. The antioxidant activity of glycine prevents their harmful effects.

It refers to substances that have a inhibitory effect on the nervous system, and leads to a mild sedative effect. This happens by affecting the result of the action of the hormone stress adrenaline. The latter constricts the vessels, causes the heart to beat often, causes activation of nervous activity. Glycine begs all these phenomena. Amino acid relieves nervous tension, restores the brain after mental and physical fatigue.

At the same time, it activates mental reactions, improves the processes of memorization and learning. The drug improves performance and overall well-being. Studies have shown the cynic efficacy of its use in children of different groups and health conditions. It is able to reduce the side effects of anticonvulsants, neuroleptics, antidepressants.

Scope of glycine

What is treated with glycine?

  1. неврозы Glycine is used for alcohol intoxication. It helps to loosen the irrepressible craving for alcohol in abstinence syndrome. In addition, the drug reduces irritability, depression, improves mood and normalizes sleep in patients with alcoholism. It is used in the removal of binge. The daily dose for these patients is recommended 600-700 mg. Also, it is prescribed for hangover.
  2. Violation of cerebral circulation in combination with other drugs. For the treatment of stroke associated with oxygen starvation of brain tissue, it can be administered up to 2 grams per day.
  3. переутомление Neurosis.
  4. Vascular dystonia.
  5. Impaired mental performance, developmental delay in children, impaired behavior in adolescents.
  6. Glycine is prescribed as a rehabilitation treatment with fatigue, during and after stress.
  7. They treat neurological diseases of various nature, accompanied by overexcitement, increased irritability, instability of emotions, sleep disturbance.

Dose recommendations are uncertain. For each individual amount of medication is selected.

Is it possible to poison glycine?

отравление глицином Excess consumption of even completely harmless products can be harmful, and even overeating is even more so. In the instructions for use of the drug there is no information on overdose of glycine. But taking into account some facts, one can assume what will happen if, after all, a large dose was taken.

The drug can worsen the condition of people with low blood pressure, so a large dose is likely to cause it to fall in a healthy person and heartbeat. Severe hypotension is manifested by darkening of the eyes, nausea, vomiting, tinnitus, general weakness, and increased sweating.

What else will be from glycine overdose? The drug has a calming effect, it is possible the strengthening of this effect in case of poisoning. At the same time, increased drowsiness, difficulty of awakening, apathy, lethargy, distraction of attention. The probability of developing impairment of consciousness is very low. More serious manifestations may occur in debilitated patients with significantly impaired liver and kidney functions. In this case, the symptoms of glycine overdose are more pronounced, loss of consciousness and the development of coma are not excluded. Prolonged intoxication may be accompanied by a deterioration in the course of neurological diseases. If intoxication is suspected, to protect oneself, try to rinse the stomach, take a sorbent and seek medical help.

Consequences of glycine overdose

The long-term effects of glycine overdose are unlikely. It is believed that prolonged use of an amino acid leads to an imbalance of the processes of excitation and inhibition in the central nervous system. There is no apparent dependence on the drug.

The abolition of glycine after a long reception can lead to disruption of the nervous system. There is very little specific information on this.

Glycine overdose in a child

передозировка глицином у ребёнка Glycine has a pleasant taste, and if a little man accidentally took it out, he can eat a lot. Glycine overdose in a child will cause a decrease in blood pressure and a drowsy state. The probability of loss of consciousness in such cases is greater than in adults. The cause of it will most likely be the impoverishment of blood flow in the brain as a result of hypotension. Glycine overdose in children is more likely not to cause dangerous conditions, but it is still necessary to take action. What are they? To induce vomiting, if possible and give activated charcoal. It would be useful to consult a doctor about this.

Glycine during its existence has helped many patients to defeat the disease. Not everyone loves him, he is not effective for everyone. No matter how harmless the medicine may seem, it is impossible to conduct experiments with doses. In any case, the course and amount of the drug at the reception should be determined by the doctor. We managed to find out how multifunctional the medicine is, how it works and what diseases it treats. There are cases of using large doses of a substance without any overdose and consequences. We managed to find out what could be from glycine overdose and how to behave if the child was poisoned. Now there is every chance to avoid this!