Is the radiation from the computer harmful?

излучение от компьютера The computer is one of the most remarkable achievements of the human intellect. The possibility of direct dialogue between users through computers and the huge resources of PCs, has led to the fact that millions of people spend more and more time before his screen. Over time, computer users have a set of specific complaints about their well-being.

This makes one think about the impact of radiation from the computer on human health. There are many reasons for such thoughts. Health problems a number of scientists associate with the impact on people of electromagnetic radiation from household sources of microwave.

What is the Harm of Computer Radiation?

We are the first generation of people who live in the ocean of a huge number of visible and invisible radiation. Therefore, there is still no reliable statistics, summing up all the research of scientists on this topic. So what do the learned men say?

Each PC is a source of low-frequency and radio-frequency radiation. Health experts say:

  • both types of rays are carcinogenic;
  • they increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases and hormonal disorders;
  • as well as Alzheimer's, asthma and depressive conditions.

вред компьютерного излучения

Harmful can be all parts of the computer. The processor generates this most microwave radiation, which "with pleasure" spreads in space in the form of electromagnetic waves, often carrying misinformation, to the electromagnetic field of a person.

To determine in which direction from the monitor the harmful radiation is maximum, it should be remembered that its front part has a protective coating. But the back wall and side surfaces are not protected. Manufacturers of computer technology considered first of all the safety of the operator sitting in front of the screen, therefore the opinion that the radiation from the monitor behind and from the sides is stronger is justified.

Monitors with a cathode-ray tube, thank God, become rarities of history. The damage from them was very significant. The LCD monitors that came to replace them are certainly safer, but still the radiation comes from them. By the way, the word radiation, indicated in the documentation of the computer, is translated as radiation, but not as radioactivity.

вред от компьютера Due to the heating of the motherboard and the case, deionization of air and release of harmful substances to the environment takes place. That is why the air in the rooms, with constantly working computer equipment, is very difficult for breathing. For people with a weak respiratory system, such a factor can have a disastrous effect, triggering asthma. It is further aggravated by the influence of the electrostatic field of the computer and the monitor on dust particles suspended in the air. Electrified, they form a "dust cocktail", making breathing difficult.

The presence of a touch screen does not guarantee you absolutely no radiation. After all, your fingers, making manipulations on the screen, all the time adjoining it, and in a few millimeters from the wi-fi-antenna.

Particularly should be discussed the problem of radiation from the laptop, which were conceived as portable devices for working in road conditions. The use of these convenient and multifunctional devices for a full working day may well lead to all sorts of pathologies and diseases. After all, like an ordinary computer, it is a source of electromagnetic radiation, and is still in close proximity to a person. Many users even carelessly dispose of it on their knees, in close proximity to vital organs.

Computer radiation and pregnancy

The period of pregnancy is an extremely important time in the life of a woman. From the moment of conception to the birth of a child, the growing fetus is extremely sensitive to adverse external influences. Therefore, intrauterine damage to the embryo by an electromagnetic field can occur at any stage of its development. Especially dangerous in this regard are the early stages of pregnancy, when most often miscarriages occur and develop the malformations of an unborn baby. компьютер и беременность Therefore, the future mother should be very responsible about the impact of computer radiation on pregnancy.

Despite the compactness of the laptop radiation from it during pregnancy, it is no less dangerous than the same effect from a conventional computer - the intensity is the same, plus the impact of the Wi-Fi transmitter. In addition, many women even during pregnancy do not part with the habit of keeping this portable device on their lap, that is, in the immediate vicinity of the developing baby.

Ways of protection from harmful influence of the computer

The reverse side of technical progress is the dangers associated with it. How to avoid them or at least minimize them? How to reduce radiation from a computer? Information on its harmful effects should be logically accompanied by recommendations on how to protect it from its radiation.

  1. Since the maximum radiation level is located in its rear panel, the distance from it to the back of the other user should not be less than 1.5 m.
  2. You should minimize the length of the power wires.
  3. The monitor should be located at a convenient distance, and the system unit should be removed as far as possible from the user.
  4. To level the radiation from the walls of the monitor, place it in the corner of the room.
  5. защита от вредного воздействия компьютера
    protective film on the screen

    Wet cleaning of the room and the presence of an ionizer will serve as additional protection against the electromagnetic radiation of the computer.

  6. Do not forget to turn off the computer when the work is done.
  7. When choosing a monitor, give preference to the LCD version with the inscription Low Radiation, indicating a low level of radiation.
  8. Do not neglect special protective screens, which is very important if the computer is played by children who spend several hours in the gaming battles at the monitor, bending low to his screen.
  9. When placing several computers in the office or classroom, they should be located around the perimeter, leaving the center of the room free.

Do plants help protect against computer radiation?

роль растений в защите от компьютерного излучения Even among the solid office staff, it is believed that some plants protect against computer radiation.

So which flower protects against computer radiation? Preference is traditionally given to cactus. Under this myth, even a "scientific base" is even introduced: the needles of a plant are attributed to the role of antennas, formulas are given and calculations are made. If in this statement there was a grain of truth, then in the homeland of cacti - Mexico there must be problems with the work of radars, but they are not.

The reality is that neither a cactus, nor another plant from the radiation of the computer will not protect!

The flower near the computer is able to cheer up, decorate a strict working atmosphere, become a positive emotional component in working days. And the "emotional placebo" can neutralize the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation.

Concluding all of the above, we conclude that protection from the microwave radiation of the computer begins with the selection of this satellite of your family in the store. And it ends with a reasonable approach to its operation and the dosed time of finding before the flickering screen invitingly.