What kind of doctor should I turn to for poisoning?

врач при отравлении The eternal question - to which specialist should be addressed in this or that problem with health. The choice of health workers in local health care institutions is not always pleasing - there are not enough specialists, it is impossible to enroll them.

However, when an acute illness occurs, the decision must be taken immediately. After all, the price of a question is often human life. Therefore, today we learn to which doctor to handle when poisoning. And in what situations you can be treated at home.

Poisoning can be different

By poisoning is understood as a sharp deterioration in health due to the use of potent poisonous substances or poor-quality food. The most frequent symptoms accompanying such a painful process are:

  • nausea, vomiting;
  • weakness, dizziness, general malaise;
  • pain in the abdomen, diarrhea.

лечение отравления

Such conditions develop with the use of products contaminated with bacteria, poisoning with heavy metal compounds, chemicals used in household and farming. In all these cases, we are talking about poisoning. But few people know that such symptoms develop and with the aggravation of certain diseases or when new ones appear.

  1. что вызывает отравление

    Cholecystopancreatitis is an inflammatory process in the gallbladder or pancreas.

  2. Acute gastritis (inflammation of the gastric mucosa) or peptic ulcer of the duodenum.
  3. With the development of rotavirus infection.
  4. Toxicosis that develops in the defeat of the liver, thyroid, kidney.

In this case, the deterioration of health is not associated with poisoning, and the symptoms develop due to inaccuracies in the diet, after contact with a sick person or during a seasonal exacerbation.

What kind of doctor should I turn to for poisoning and how to determine the disease?

Which doctor treats poisoning?

Most often the first doctor who is consulted in similar situations, is a therapist. He is either summoned to the house, or treated during the reception. The main task of the therapist is to determine what disease this person has, in time to direct it to the necessary studies or to a more narrow specialist.

Assist the therapist in time collected anamnesis and a thorough examination of a sick person.

  1. симптомы отравления Heat, nausea, repeated vomiting, stools, weakness and the presence of spoiled food in the house, eaten the day before, most likely speaks of an infection. Which doctor treats food poisoning? You need to send a person to an infectious disease specialist. Severe course of the disease is an indication for emergency hospitalization in an infectious disease hospital. The development of severe rotavirus infection also belongs to this category of diseases. With such a process, a person is hospitalized.
  2. Exacerbations of chronic diseases of the digestive system (pancreatitis, gastritis or peptic ulcer) are observed and treated by a therapist or gastroenterologist. To determine the presence of precisely these diseases a person needs to be directed to a biochemical analysis of the blood, pharyngiogram, ultrasound of the abdominal cavity organs. Such studies will help to finally determine the diagnosis and establish the severity of the disease. With multiple ulcers of the stomach or small intestine, severe pain syndrome or the development of complications, people are referred for treatment to the hospital.
  3. какой врач лечит отравление What other doctor treats poisoning? Everything depends on the disease. If chemical substances were accidentally consumed, a person inhaled poison gas, lots of toxic chemicals came into the skin - these people are immediately taken to the intensive care unit of the hospital attendant. Such types of poisoning are handled by toxicologists and resuscitators. Only these specialists help to cope with the severe complications that have developed as a result of such situations. Which doctor should be treated with mercury poisoning or, for example, after a dog bite? This is also the competence of resuscitators.

But in any situation, in many cases, the first doctor who examines the victims is a therapist. With a mild course of infectious diseases and a person's refusal to be hospitalized, this specialist will observe the patient: prescribe the treatment, if necessary, complete the sick list and send it to the research.

In what cases it is necessary to immediately call an ambulance

когда вызывать скорую помощь What kind of doctor should I consult with a toxicosis? This is the result of the influence not only of external factors on human health (infection), but also internal disorders in the work of important organs - thyrotoxicosis, toxicosis of pregnant women, adrenal insufficiency, liver damage. In this case, the person is hospitalized. From the disease depends the department, in which the sick person is sent. Most often, the ambulance is taken to the intensive care unit, during the period of active process it is sent to the narrow sections - gynecology, endocrinology, nephrology.

In any acute severe infectious processes and poisoning with strong substances, a person is sent by ambulance to the hospital. It is not necessary to waste time on the reference to the therapist of a polyclinic.

So, if you get poisoned, then which doctor should you go to? Bacterial and viral poisonings are handled by an infectious disease specialist. With poisoning by chemical compounds, resuscitators are working in the hospital. Easy for any process can lead a local therapist at home. How to determine the right doctor? In an emergency situation, there is no time to hesitate and long reasoning. The first thing that the injured person must do is to call an ambulance team or call the on-duty therapist at the nearest clinic. All the rest is the work of specialists.