How to get alcohol out of the body at home

Alcohol is a strong drug Alcohol refers to one of the most formidable drugs, which causes a strong poisoning of the body and a fairly quick addiction to it. In developed countries alcoholism affects from 1 to 10% of the population and Russia is no exception. Steadily high public interest in alcohol is held in our country. And recently the level of beer alcoholism has also grown. In this connection, many people in need of rapid sobering up appeared.

So let's talk about how quickly to get alcohol out of the blood at home, what are the ways to sober up and contraindications to them. And also about methods of stopping drinking-bout.

The most harmful drugs

Methods of sobering up

There are medicamentous and non-drug methods of bringing to life when alcohol is intoxicated. It is important to remember that sobering up is only used as an indispensable measure, when a person needs to quickly return the ability to think clearly.

These activities do not relieve the painful attraction to alcoholic beverages and are not a means for getting out of drinking-bout.

Non-medicamentous methods

There are several ways how to get out of alcohol intoxication at home. Apply them at a stage when alcohol is already beginning to leave the body. The simplest thing you can do at home:

  • умывание холодной водой Clean teeth with mint paste or rinse mouth with mint water;
  • washing with cold water, wiping with a wet cold towel;
  • cold shower;
  • two or three cups of strong tea or coffee, plentiful drink (compotes, juices, mineral water or plain water);
  • provide fresh air;
  • intensive physical activity, visiting the sauna or sauna cause intense sweating and quickly remove alcohol - this method greatly loads the cardiovascular system and creates a health risk even for apparently healthy people;
  • citrus fruits contain ascorbic acid, which increases the rate of chemical reactions, which is good for neutralizing alcohol in the liver;
  • To quickly lead a drunk person to the senses an intensive grinding of the ears is applied for several minutes;
  • молоко products containing fructose accelerate sobering - it is present in all fruits and honey;
  • intellectual load, for example, solving logical problems, completing the scanword will quickly bring the brain to life, make it work;
  • Garlic and succinic acid are effective due to the antioxidants contained in them;
  • milk slows the absorption of alcohol.

The techniques are simple and they operate very briefly. They can be used for easy intoxication. They are ineffective in the case of medium and heavy drunkenness.

How quickly to withdraw alcohol from the body at home with moderate intoxication?

In this case, a good effect gives a gastric lavage. To hold it, you must drink 1-1.5 liters of water or a weak solution of potassium permanganate and induce vomiting. The procedure is carried out until the washing water does not lose the alcoholic odor. After washing the stomach, give a solution consisting of 5 drops of ammonia and 30 milliliters of water.

обливание водой With alcoholic intoxication of moderate severity, the head is poured with cool water and a cool shower is taken. In addition, you can take a salt laxative and sorbent. In order not to become dehydrated, you will have to drink a lot.

Often, while in a state of intoxication, a person does not easily want to become sober, and even displays aggressiveness towards those who try to do it. This behavior is typical of people who suffer from alcoholism. Therefore, it is necessary to act accurately and, if necessary, to resort to medical care.

Information for drivers

алкоголь и вождение машины Among the drivers, too, a lot of drinkers who periodically ask themselves how quickly to get the alcohol out of the body to get behind the wheel. But they need to understand that carrying out all of the above measures will not reduce the ppm of alcohol in the blood to the desired level. That is, the promill figure will be clearly less than before, but it will still not be sufficiently low.

Sitting behind the wheel can be at least a day after drinking alcohol!

The remaining methods of fast sobering are carried out in a hospital.

Medication methods

How in the home conditions to withdraw a person from alcohol intoxication of moderate severity with the use of drugs? The application of them is permissible only for the purpose of a specialist. His challenge is in the list of paid services of specialized clinics.

  1. введение инъекции Introduce Apomorphine, Cordiamin, Caffeine in injections subcutaneously, intramuscularly or intravenously. After Apomorphine recommend drinking up to 1.5 liters of warm water to stimulate vomiting.
  2. The administration of large doses of metronidazole is also used.
  3. Aspirin with subcutaneous injection causes profuse sweating, which increases the rate of excretion of ethanol from the blood. It is also used in the form of effervescent tablets in combination with vitamin C, which is a good antioxidant. This combination gives a good sobering effect.
  4. Subcutaneously, insulin is then administered intravenously to 40% glucose.

In the case of severe intoxication or even the slightest suspicion of alcohol poisoning, when there is a threat of transition to soporium and to whom, it is necessary to call an ambulance and decide on hospitalization.

How to get the alcoholic out of the binge

отказ от алкоголя Sobering can be done if intoxication lasts no more than two days. In other cases, a rapid decrease in the concentration of ethyl alcohol in the body can trigger so-called delirium or white fever, not to mention psychoses and other negative consequences. How to get the alcoholic out of the binge at home?

Effective elimination from this condition is based on the formation of intolerance and aversion to alcohol. If the patient is observed in the narcologist, which is not always the case, he is prescribed special medications. Family members are informed how to give them in case of drinking. Since a person suffering from alcohol dependence deliberately refuses to accept the prescribed funds, they are mixed into alcohol. There are herbal preparations that cause aversion to drinks containing ethyl alcohol, but they should be taken only as prescribed by the doctor.

In some clinics there are special brigades that go to the house and conduct drip infusion of solutions, thus, removing intoxication and reaching a gradual sobering. However, you have to hide or get rid of everything that contains alcohol. These people should almost tie up, so they do not run away to the store for a new portion of the intoxicating drink. The safest way: hospitalization in a specialized clinic, where there is no access to alcohol and there is a round-the-clock monitoring of patients.

Contraindications for sobering up

  1. Pathological intoxication.
  2. Drink.

With the binge of everything is clear, but how to recognize the pathological intoxication? It is characterized by the following symptoms:

  • запой when receiving small doses of alcohol, there is a disturbance of consciousness, a person is disoriented and aggressive, productive contact with him is impossible;
  • with epileptoid form there is a strong anxiety and fear, outwardly it looks like a panic, a person is rushing, makes violent impulsive actions;
  • self-control is reduced, aggressive outbreaks are possible, the paranoid form is characterized by aggression towards others, the appearance of hallucinations in people and delusional experiences.

Such people are socially dangerous. Pathological intoxication lasts from minutes to several hours and always ends with a deep sleep with a complete failure in memory and time of intoxication.

Fast sobering is only suitable for healthy people who do not have alcohol dependence. Techniques should be very rarely used when drinking a lot of alcohol. They are not used to treat alcohol dependence.

Of course, excretion of alcohol from the body at home will not solve the problem of drunkenness, which requires systematic treatment - it is carried out for a long time with the use of various techniques at the outpatient and inpatient levels. A withdrawal of alcohol from the body at home, you can only with a slight degree of intoxication!