How to remove mucus from the body folk remedies

слизь в организме фото In the practice of purification from toxins and slags, great importance is attached to excessive accumulation of mucus in the body. Being one of the body's natural fluids, it can be beneficial and harmful.

Let's find out what threatens the excess mucus, why it is formed and how to remove mucus from the body by folk remedies?

What is mucus and why should we get rid of it

Conditionally mucus can be divided into useful and harmful. Useful covers the mucous membranes of all hollow internal organs - the gastrointestinal tract, respiratory tract, ureters and bladder, forms lubricating fluid in the joints, is a component of physiological fluids - saliva, bile, urine, and so on. It performs mitigating and protective functions, maintains the constancy of the environment, helps the cells of the immune system. In the bronchi there is a special epithelium with cilia, which brings mucus out through the nasopharynx, and along with it dust and microbes.

что такое слизь

Normally, mucus in the human body is constantly being excreted, cleansing the cells, and goes out naturally. But with certain disorders in the body, the secretion of mucus changes, it is difficult to evacuate it out, it thickens and settles on the surface of cells with a dead weight. "Harmful" mucus contains metabolic products, toxins and slags, complicates the exchange between the cell and the external environment. Excessive mucus creates a favorable environment for microbes. Most often, it accumulates on the mucous membranes of the digestive tract, respiratory system, in the cavities (maxillary sinuses) and joints.

The secretion of mucus is impaired when the body is weakened, the use of fried oils and mucus-forming products, smoking, inflammatory diseases.

To return the metabolic processes to normal, it is necessary to regularly purge mucus.

General cleansing of the body

очищение организма от слизи
fruit and vegetable diet

In principle, all cleansing practices in one way or another contribute to the removal of mucus from the body. General recommendations:

  • follow a fruit and vegetable diet;
  • reduce harmful products to a minimum;
  • all that is possible is raw - to cook foods in extreme cases.

One of the most effective ways is a complete fasting once a week for one and a half days. After the end of the post the first meal - juices and fruits. They perfectly dissolve mucus, and fiber removes it from the intestine. You can start from 24 hours, then increase the time of the hunger strike to 36 hours a week and three days in a row once a month.

During the cleansing it is useful to drink water with lemon juice - up to 3 liters per day.

Here are two more ways to get phlegm out of the body.

  1. Black pepper. It is known that mucus is neutralized by products with a sharp or bitter taste. Take before dinner 1 teaspoon of black pepper peas (do not chew!), Drinking water. Do so every three days for three weeks. Then a break of three months is obligatory. Contraindications: diseases of the stomach and intestines.
  2. Ginger. This root is very revered in the east, it is considered one of the best warming agents that can dry the "body". Finely root the root with a knife, brew 1 teaspoonful in a thermos 0.5 liters of boiling water. Drink warm during the day with honey and lemon.

There are recipes for cleansing mucus from individual organs and systems.

Purification of gastric and intestinal mucus

очищение от слизи желудка и кишечника With the cleansing of the gastrointestinal tract, the entire program of freeing the body from toxins and slags is started. How to remove mucus from the intestines of folk remedies? Coarse plant fibers work well with mucus. An effective way to clean the colon is an enema.

  1. Take warm boiled water (lightly salt) or chamomile extract. The enema temperature is 36.6 ° C. Instead of an enema, you can take a mild vegetable laxative. In the evening, do not have dinner.
  2. A great way to get mucus out of your stomach is the following recipe. Lemon juice from 5 lemons and one horseradish root (150 gr). Fuck grate, mix everything. Take one teaspoon in the morning and evening. Wash down with infusion of herbs or carrot juice.

Purification of nasal pharynx mucus

Recipe for removing mucus from the nasopharynx.

очищение от слизи носоглотки Throat and tonsils rinse infusion of herbs:

  • eucalyptus sheets 2 parts;
  • linden flowers 2 parts;
  • chamomile 2 parts;
  • flax seed 1 part.

Pour 1 tablespoon of the collection with a glass of boiling water, leave for 30-40 minutes. Rinse five times a day for two weeks.

Purification of mucus in the bronchi and lungs

Regular cleaning of the lungs is recommended for those who are prone to bronchitis, asthma patients and smokers. Apply expectorants - they cause the secretion of a normal secret, dilute mucus and stimulate coughing.

Here are the recipes for phlegm from the bronchi using folk remedies.

  1. Oats on milk. One glass of grains for two glasses of milk, cook over low heat until half evaporated. Oats wipe the resulting mixture - it is at one time - drink before meals three times a day. Cook before each use.
  2. Pine milk. Green pine cones washed with water, add a small piece of resin. Pour half a liter of milk, bring to a boil and in a thermos for 3-4 hours. Strain, bumps can be used a second time. Drink 1 glass in the morning and evening.
  3. очищение от слизи бронхов и лёгких Aloe. Aloe juice - 5 parts, honey - 1 part. Take one teaspoon of the mixture three times a day.
  4. Herbs with expectorant effect: plantain, jellyfish, sweet clover, pine buds, elderberry, thyme, fruits of fennel, licorice, poppy.

How to remove mucus from the bronchi using herbs? You can drink decoctions of herbs, as well as do inhalations - breathe under a towel for 15–20 minutes. Well remove mucus inhalation with essential oils:

  • eucalyptus;
  • tea tree;
  • cypress;
  • cedar;
  • lavender.

Respiratory gymnastics for cleansing the lungs of mucus

дыхательная гимнастика фото An effective technique for removing phlegm from the lungs at home is breathing exercises. A few simple exercises performed daily in the fresh air will help to normalize the work of the bronchi:

  • slowly take a deep breath through your nose and exhale through your mouth;
  • slow inhale, delay and slow exhale;
  • breathe deeply in the abdomen, without participation of the chest;
  • breathe breast without the participation of the abdomen.

Another simple and not boring exercise that helps to “cheer up” the lungs - to inflate balls.

Purification of mucus from the frontal and maxillary sinuses

Frozen mucus in the frontal and maxillary sinuses can cause headaches, reduce hearing, eyesight, provoke deterioration of the brain.

Purification is carried out in two stages.

  1. Softening frozen slime: local steam baths, water treatments. Heat for 5 minutes, then rinse with cool water. Repeat 3-4 times. Carry out the procedure several times a week for 2-3 weeks.
  2. Removal of mucus. Wash the nose with a solution of sea or regular table salt. The water should be pleasantly warm, the taste is slightly salty. You can use a syringe, but it is better to learn how to draw in the solution with the nose. One nostril is closed, the other is sucked in and water is directed through the nasopharynx into the mouth and spit. Do not tilt the head, keep it in a tilted state. Do this several times, then change the nostril. The procedure is recommended to be carried out daily in the morning during washing, and for nasal congestion and accumulation of mucus in the nasopharynx, as needed during the day.

Drugs that remove mucus from the body

препараты выводящие слизь из организма Sometimes, to activate the process, you need to use drugs that remove mucus from the body.

Expectorants for the lungs.

  1. Dissolving sputum: Lasolvan, Ambroxol, Bromhexin and ACC.
  2. Stimulating expectoration: “Coldrex”, “Tussin”, preparations based on herbal remedies - Althea root, thermopsis herb, terpenehydrate, essential oils.

чистка кишечника от слизи How to remove mucus from the body in a medical way when cleansing the intestines? Use light laxatives:

  • Bisacodil;
  • Guttalaks;
  • "Lactulose".

Means for long-term use can be food supplements with vegetable fibers:

  • cellulose;
  • hemicellulose;
  • lignin;
  • gum;
  • pectin.

In grocery stores you can buy bran in bags.

Products that promote the formation of mucus and its excretory

Helps to remove excess mucus from all organs and tissues of proper nutrition.

Products that contribute to the formation of mucus (in descending order):

  • продукты способствующие образованию слизи cheese, milk, dairy products;
  • White rice;
  • flour products - flour, cereals;
  • sweets;
  • fish, meat, poultry.

Products that remove mucus from the body:

  • cereals and legumes: buckwheat, rye, barley, beans, green peas, lentils;
  • vegetables: cabbage, broccoli, parsley, radish, onion, asparagus, beets, garlic, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, pumpkin;
  • fruits: grapes, peaches, lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit, apricots, pineapple, pear;
  • продукты способствующие выводу слизи berries;
  • honey;
  • seeds, nuts and dried fruits;
  • vegetable oil, especially sesame and mustard oil;
  • whey, buttermilk;
  • spices: black pepper, cinnamon, turmeric, basil, dill seeds, sage, anise, coriander, cardamom, cumin.

In conclusion, it can be said that with strict adherence to the diet, the human body itself is able to get rid of the "harmful" mucus due to the mechanisms of self-regulation. But, considering that harmful substances have accumulated over the years, it is better to go through several courses of purification. Begin with intestines, then clear lungs and nasopharynx, maxillary sinuses. Finish therapeutic fasting or diet on juices to remove mucus from other organs and tissues.