How to remove nicotine from the body at home

отравление никотином Who does not know that a drop of nicotine kills a horse? But nevertheless, people who smoke do not become less. Both men and women smoke. Many of them, realizing what harm this inflicts on the body, try to fight with a harmful addiction. Unfortunately, not everyone can defeat themselves.

But quitting smoking is only half the battle. To feel healthy, you need to completely get rid of nicotine poisoning of the body, that is, from harmful substances that have been accumulating for many years. About how to withdraw nicotine from the body, eliminate the negative impact of other components of tobacco smoke, we'll talk.

How much nicotine is excreted from the body

People who decided to quit smoking are interested in the question: how long does nicotine come from the body. Penetrating through the lungs into the blood, this alkaloid of tobacco quickly penetrates into all cells of the body. The half-life is on average two hours. Metabolised in the liver with cytochrome P450. As a result, cotinine is formed, which has a negative effect on the most important systems. This metabolite is excreted by the kidneys. Two days later, there is no trace left of him.

вред никотина

To rid the body of nicotine, you need a little time, but it will take 3 to 15 years to restore the organs. Much worse is the situation with other components of tobacco smoke. And there are more than 4 thousand of them. The lungs are released from the resin in about three years. Some substances leave the body very slowly, continuing to cause harm to health, the purification process can last up to 50 years! It all depends on the length of service.

Food for body cleansing

An important role in cleansing is played by nutrition. The recommendations here are very simple. Useful products are available to everyone. Let's talk about those of them that remove nicotine from the body.

  1. Fruits and berries contain pectins. These substances bind, and then remove toxins. Vitamins improve metabolic processes in the body, which also speeds up the process of purification from nicotine. It is useful to eat apples, citrus fruits, sea buckthorn, cranberries, currants, pomegranates, prunes. These foods are rich in antioxidants.
  2. Freshly squeezed juices will help to fill the deficiency of vitamins and cleanse the body. Here, diversity is important. It can be carrot, tomato, apple orange juice.
  3. как вывести никотин
    green tea

    It is recommended to drink green tea, cocoa, red wine, which also contains antioxidants.

  4. Celery has a diuretic effect, improves digestion, normalizes the activity of the nervous system, heart and blood vessels.
  5. Beetroot has a beneficial effect on the digestive system, especially the liver, stimulates the cleansing of the intestines.
  6. Cabbage is rich in vitamins, minerals, plant fibers.
  7. Onions and garlic increase the resistance of the body to infections, help to fight with atherosclerosis, which is rapidly developing in smokers, stabilize the pressure, and remove toxins.
  8. Artichoke, nuts, beans can also be included in your diet.
  9. Sour-milk products bind harmful substances, which contributes to their rapid elimination. It is better to eat yoghurt, sour cream, kefir.

What helps to remove nicotine from the body

как вывести никотин из организма Answering the question, what else helps to remove nicotine from the body, it is worth mentioning the useful habits that need to be formed.

Sport activities

Regular physical activities such as fitness, dancing, running, walking contribute to improving blood circulation, stimulate metabolic processes in the body. This increases sweating, and with sweat, as is known, harmful substances are released. The cardiovascular, respiratory system is being trained. Active breathing is accompanied by the purification of the lungs and the saturation of the blood with oxygen.

Loads need to be increased gradually, you can not bring yourself to exhaustion, because from this more harm than good. You can go in for swimming. Yoga helps to calm the nervous system, and a person who quits smoking experiences real stress.

Sauna and bath

Visits to the steam room can be people who have no contraindications for exposure to high temperatures. Thermal procedures contribute to the expansion of pores, excessive sweating, increased blood circulation. It also helps to remove all excess from the body.

Strengthen the effectiveness of the procedure can be using essential oils of fir or eucalyptus, while the respiratory system is cleared. You can go to the bath 2 times a week.

Walks in the open air

как вывести никотин
walk in the fresh air

It is especially useful to walk in a coniferous forest, since air in such places has medicinal properties.

In addition to the fact that the body receives physical exertion, the forest air has a general strengthening effect, enriches the body with oxygen, kills germs and cleanses the lungs.

Drinking regime

It is necessary to drink a lot of liquid - at least 2-3 liters of ordinary water a day. Thanks to this, there is an intensified urine formation, which helps to remove nicotine from the body more quickly. Following the removal of other harmful substances.

People with high blood pressure can not take as much fluid. You can limit yourself to a liter of water or a little more.

Vitamins and antioxidants

Vitamin-mineral complexes contain all the elements that are necessary for the normal functioning of the heart, blood vessels, digestive organs, respiration, urination. Vitamins and trace elements are involved in the work of enzyme systems, on which the rate of elimination of toxins from the body depends.

Antioxidants increase resistance to adverse effects of toxic substances. It is necessary to take ascorbic acid, vitamins E and A. You can use coenzyme Q10. This coenzyme neutralizes the effect of free radicals, protecting cells from death, has a positive effect on the heart muscle, reduces tissue hypoxia, increases efficiency.

How to remove nicotine from the lungs

There are many ways to remove nicotine from the lungs. Some of them have already been mentioned earlier: walks, baths, sports. But this is not all the possibilities.

  1. как вывести никотин из легких Breathing exercises help saturate the blood with oxygen, allowing the lungs to open completely. The work includes even those departments of lung tissue that were not involved before. Active breathing promotes the excretion of mucus, with which harmful substances settled on the bronchi are removed. The simplest exercise is to take a deep breath, and after a short delay in breathing, exhale sharply in three steps. It is better to practice outdoors or with an open window.
  2. Therapeutic inhalations have a positive effect on the bronchial tree. For this, you can use decoctions based on chamomile, mint, eucalyptus. No less effective essential oils: fir, eucalyptus. Such inhalations contribute to reducing inflammation in the bronchial wall and active separation of sputum.
  3. Medicinal herbs have an expectorant and anti-inflammatory effect. For the purification of the lungs from nicotine will suit: mother-and-stepmother, licorice, oregano, thyme. They can be used individually or use ready-made fees.

How to withdraw nicotine from the body with folk remedies

Now let's talk about how you can bring nicotine at home using traditional medicine.

  1. овёс — народная медицина

    Broth of oats. Unpeeled oats should be thoroughly washed, put into a small pan. Add 400 ml of milk, bring to a boil. Then reduce the fire. Stir until the volume is reduced by about half. The resulting mass knead and mix. Take 100 ml before dinner. If necessary, the number of receptions can be increased up to 4 times a day. This will help clear the effects of smoking and nicotine from the lungs and liver.

  2. In the morning after sleep it is useful to drink a glass of water with the addition of 15 milliliters of lemon juice and a teaspoon of honey.
  3. Cut onion and garlic, add honey. Put the mixture in a jar, close the lid. Within a few hours, juice will begin to stand out, which is taken 15 milliliters several times a day.
  4. Licorice and linden color are an excellent cleanser for the lungs, including nicotine. It is necessary to mix 4 teaspoons of licorice and 3 lime flowers. Blend the mixture with boiling water, insist half an hour. Strain, and then eat in a warm form 3 times a day for 150 milliliters. Treatment continues for 1 month.

Here, perhaps, all the main ways how to quickly withdraw nicotine from the body. Now, the main thing is to want to quit smoking. It takes a lot of time and energy, but it's worth it. It is much more pleasant to feel healthy, full of strength man, than a decrepit old man with a load of serious illnesses.