How to remove radiation from the body after irradiation

как вывести радиацию Among the many disasters that can suddenly disrupt the comfortable, measured life of an ordinary person, radioactive irradiation is not the last place. Uncontrolled exposure to radiation most often occurs in emergency situations at nuclear power facilities. However, the use of radiation therapy for the treatment of tumors is also often accompanied by symptoms of radiation poisoning.

How to behave in a similar situation? How not to succumb to panic and confusion and take the right actions to minimize the consequences of the radiation received.

What removes radiation from the body

To prevent an aggravation of the condition, one should know how to remove radiation from the body after irradiation.

The medical aspect of treatment will be left to specialists. What is necessary and available to undertake on your own in this situation is to perform an elementary deactivation, that is, quickly and accurately remove clothes and shoes with radiation carriers. Take care of its proper disposal. If this is not possible, simply remove radioactive dust from clothes, shoes and surrounding surfaces. Thoroughly wash the body under running water using detergents.

борьба с радиацией

Before or after exposure to radiation, food additives and anti-radiation drugs are used.

  1. The result of joint development of Russian and American specialists was the creation of a special form of carbon - graphene, which allows to quickly and efficiently remove radionuclides from the environment.
  2. The use of special food additives containing isolated iodine atoms, as well as algae-based supplements, help effectively combat the negative impact of its radioactive isotope localized in the thyroid gland.
  3. "Potassium orotate" blocks the accumulation of radioactive cesium, protecting the body and thyroid from internal damage.
  4. Additives with calcium deactivate the radioactive preparation of strontium by 90%.
  5. To protect cellular structures and DNA, "Dimethyl sulfide" is shown, which has significant oxidative properties.
  6. вывести радиацию из организма The use of clay with zeolites (special minerals) binds and removes nuclear waste from the body.
  7. All known activated carbon has the ability to neutralize the effect of radiation. It should be taken before meals, pre-shredded and mixed with water. Take every quarter of an hour for 2 tablespoons. The total volume of this liquid should be within 400 ml.

What products remove radiation from the body

Among products that remove radiation from the body and reduce the negative effects of its effects, it should be noted:

  • honey and bee pollen;
  • beetroot, helping to make up a decrease in hemoglobin;
  • cold pressed vegetable oils;
  • organic yeast (children under 15 mg, and adults up to 50 mg per day);
  • pronounced purifying properties are fiber-rich oatmeal, prunes, grain bread, almonds or walnuts, pears, untreated rice.

Any slag is excreted from the body either through the pores of the skin, or through emptying. Following this logic, people exposed to the risk of radioactive contamination often need to take water procedures, and include enough fluids and products to ensure their daily stools.

Special studies have found that compliance with an appropriate diet, combined with curative periodic starvation, greatly help the removal of radiation from the body.

Myths and facts about the removal of radiation from the body

как вывести радиацию There are the following opinions that milk produces radiation, and alcohol reduces its level in the body.

With regard to milk and products from it - this is a life-tested fact. In harmful industries, free milk is given to all personnel to reduce negative impacts.

But alcohol is not the case. Radiation and strong spirits are incompatible. Alcohol does not excrete toxins, but only distributes them evenly throughout the body. This only aggravates the condition of the irradiated person. The exception is dry red wine from grapes, which is contained in the list of useful products from radiation. It is especially recommended for people whose professional activities are related to irradiation. For example, radiologists are recommended to drink 100 grams of this drink daily.

How to remove radiation from the body after an X-ray

Patients in X-ray rooms often have a phobia before these examinations. Especially if they need repeated repetition. It is useful to know how to remove radiation from the body after X-rays. After the procedure, it is recommended to drink the following drinks:

  • как вывести радиацию из организма после рентгена Milk, as it promotes the elimination of small doses of radiation from the body;
  • 200 g of dry red wine;
  • grape juice, preferably with pulp.

As a meal on this day, you should give preference to seafood. Knowing what products lead to radiation from the body, you can properly organize your diet.

How to remove radiation from the body after radiation therapy

Conservative treatment in the form of radiation therapy in addition to its main purpose, depressing effect on many functions of the body. The patient has symptoms of radiation sickness, depending on the radiation load. How to remove radiation from the body after radiation therapy?

To detoxify and restore the organism in such a situation, it is advisable to use complex purification, including phyto-health and phytodetoxication. Selected with the help of a specialist individual schemes of phytotherapy, help the body to restore impaired functions.

How are the effects of radioactive exposure

симптомы отравления радиацией The level of irradiation and its corresponding symptoms depend on the source's power, its distance from the person and the time of influence. The impact of radioactivity leads to the appearance of defective cells, a violation of their functionality and ends with the appearance in the blood of pathological metabolic products - toxins. All these changes are called radiation sickness.

What does a person affected by radiation poisoning feel? Symptoms are severe and numerous:

  • loss of strength, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting;
  • dry, nasal cough;
  • disturbances in cardiac activity and other painful manifestations.

A person who is weakened and suffering from radiation exposure is not always able to use the entire arsenal of the proposed means on his own. The attention and help of close people, armed with the necessary information, will undoubtedly help a person to go through the rehabilitation period more quickly and overcome the consequences of the received irradiation.