14 best products for cleaning the body from toxins

"Cleanliness is the guarantee of health" - people's wisdom.

Полезные продукты очищающие организм Most people in the civilized world traditionally take care of the cleanliness of their home and body. Cleanliness and accuracy are not only aesthetics, but also a necessary condition for maintaining health. However, our body needs careful care not only from the outside, but also inside.

The human body is a single biological mechanism in which a variety of processes are constantly taking place. And like any system, the human body produces waste. Decay products are the natural consequences of cellular metabolism, the process of hematopoiesis, the formation of new protein structures, etc.

Why do toxins accumulate in the body?

Decay products have the property of accumulating in the body, undermining its immune system, provoking the development of various diseases. The situation is aggravated by the fact that people consume and ingest a huge amount of poisonous substances.

Знак токсинов What factors cause increased accumulation of toxins in the body?

  • adverse ecological situation
  • smoking, including passive
  • alcohol consumption
  • eating food with lots of dyes and chemicals
  • unbalanced food composition (excessive amount of fats, etc.)
  • low-quality drinking water
  • chronic diseases
  • open sources of infection (untreated teeth)

Products detoxifying

Of course, one can not completely exclude the harmful factors from life, however, any person is able to control the products that he uses for food. Food is the fuel of our body and it directly affects health, well-being and mood. The purpose of this article is to tell you about what products for body cleansing will help natural cleansing from toxins.

You can choose for yourself either a temporary meal plan, that is, a detox diet, or include in the diet on a permanent basis products to cleanse the body. For this, once again coming to the store, instead of the usual drinks and dishes, choose products that remove toxins from the body. Your body will be grateful to you and efforts will return a hundredfold in the form of a blossoming appearance and perfect well-being. Also, as a rule, the mood and performance of a person who has undergone cleansing of the body improves.

Which products excrete toxins from the body better than others?

  • Девушка пьет воду Pure water. Drinking plenty of drinking water is an indispensable condition for cleansing the body! After all, a person consists of water by 80% and when water is not enough, this creates an excessive load on the liver and the entire system as a whole. Without water, metabolic processes and purification of the organism are inconceivable, including.
  • Parsley. The plant is the record holder for the amount of vitamin "C", which is an excellent antioxidant and supports immunity. Parsley has anti-inflammatory properties, neutralizes developing viral and catarrhal diseases and, thus, prevents clogging of the body by the products of disintegration due to illness.
  • Low-fat fish. A natural, rapidly digestible source of essential amino acids. Amino acids are necessary for the body to fully live. The largest number of them in meat, but it has the property to digest for a long time and pollute the internal system with toxic compounds. Fish also contains a minimum amount of toxins, since harmful substances and heavy metals from the environment accumulate fish in the head and liver. Therefore, fish heads are not recommended for use.
  • Carrot. Contains a large amount of vegetable fiber, which slows down the absorption of food, stimulates fat burning and shows absorbing properties. This means that the fiber is a kind of sponge that absorbs toxins and toxins from the digestive tract.
  • Lettuce Salad. Vitamins E, K, PP in the salad normalize the cellular metabolism (metabolism), improve the functioning of the system as a whole. They relieve the load on the liver, making its cleaning work more effective. A large volume of fiber serves as a natural sorbent. Also, lettuce contains substances that slow the aging process of the skin.
  • Очищающие от токсинов продукты Beet. This root is the basis of a huge number of programs for cleaning the liver from toxins. Beetroot stimulates a full assimilation of food, thereby preventing the accumulation of half-decomposed organic compounds within the intestine. It also contains iron, necessary for hematopoiesis. Beetroot improves the condition of the vessels and is the prevention of atherosclerosis.
  • Apples. Ideal product during unloading and cleaning days. They contain fiber, a large supply of vitamins. Apples clean out stagnant gluten formations (accumulations of non-digestible vegetable protein) in the intestine and effectively inhibit the activity of microbes.
  • Brown rice and oatmeal. The only acceptable source of complex carbohydrates during cleansing. The outer shell of brown rice serves as an additional absorbent during the digestion of food. Such sources of carbohydrates as oatmeal and brown rice, give an even insulin background in the blood and for a long time provide energy to the brain.
  • Milk. Not for nothing since Soviet times milk is given in harmful industries. This is one of the most valuable health products. Milk neutralizes harmful substances from the environment, contains a complete amino acid complex, which helps to restore cells. It does not suit people with intolerance to lactose - milk sugar.
  • Citrus. Oranges and lemons are recommended for viral and colds due to the large amount of vitamin C. It is he who fights against viruses and cleanses blood from pathogens.
  • Caraway. Unsaturated fats in the composition of cumin stimulate the work of the genitourinary system, accelerate the withdrawal of products of disintegration with urine. Also, cumin has choleretic and laxative properties, it is recommended for constipation. He fights against parasites inside the digestive tract, improves the functioning of the intestines, reduces gassing and discomfort.
  • Garlic. Garlic supports immunity, fights against viruses. It is used to purify the intestines from parasites. Contains vitamins and has the property of clearing blood vessels from cholesterol plaques. With regular use, garlic reduces the likelihood of varicose veins and premature death from cardiovascular diseases.
  • Ginger . This popular spice is a unique product that clears from alcohol, food, chemical and even radiation poisoning! The property of ginger to cleanse the body has been known in the East since ancient times.
  • Green tea. This drink perfectly tones up, contains minerals and vitamins. Catechins - that is, plant antioxidants, slow down the aging process and reduce the risk of cancer.

If you not only use the products that detoxify the body on a regular basis, but also transfer your family to this method of nutrition, you can repeatedly improve the health of all members of the family.
A significant contribution to the cleansing of the body will make walks in the fresh air, moderate exercise and refusal from smoking and alcohol.