Is it possible to drink kefir after poisoning?

кефир полезные свойства Any food poisoning is manifested by nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, the onset of diarrhea, and sometimes an increase in body temperature. All these are the protective reactions of the body to the introduction of the pathogen, aimed at removing the pathogenic microbe.

In this situation it is necessary to help the body cope with intoxication and after it to recover quickly. How to do this? Some advise drinking kefir while doing this. Let's try to understand how kefir will act and can it be drunk during poisoning? To do this, let's talk about its composition and useful properties.

Composition and properties of yogurt

It is a sour-milk drink, made from whole or skim milk by leaven. In other words, fermented milk fungi, bifidobacteria, lactobacilli (up to 22 different microorganisms) are added to the milk and wait a certain time. In the process of fermentation and obtained by all the favorite thick drink. By its composition, in addition to bacteria, it is rich in vitamins, micro- and macro elements, nucleic acids, proteins and fats.

состав кефира Kefir is an excellent probiotic, that is, it improves the composition and quality of normal intestinal microflora, inhibits the growth of pathogenic microorganisms and fungi, accelerates digestion and wall absorption of food. It also strengthens immunity, has a mild, laxative effect on the intestines, quenches thirst. In addition, the products of the vital activity of lactobacilli and acidophilic rods are neutralized and remove toxins and slags from the body, restore the damaged epithelium, stimulate the synthesis of immunoglobulin A.

Indications for taking kefir for poisoning

With acute symptoms of intoxication, treatment fasting for a day is indicated. From the second day, subject to a decrease in vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, you can drink compotes, sweet strong tea with breadcrumbs. After 2 days, the diet is expanded with porridge, chicken broth, egg. All dairy and sour-milk products are contraindicated in poisoning. There is a reasonable explanation for this.

Kefir for poisoning is contraindicated for two reasons:

  • the acidic product will irritate the already inflamed mucosa of the stomach (with severe poisoning, hemorrhages in the thickness of the walls of the stomach are possible);
  • kefir during poisoning accelerates intestinal motility, exacerbating the phenomenon of diarrheal syndrome.

прием кефира But on the question, whether it is possible to drink kefir after poisoning , it is necessary to respond positively. As a rule, the restoration of the diet occurs after the disappearance of all symptoms. Kefir in this case will best affect the restoration of the micro-field of the intestine. Due to the action of toxin on the mucosa, the proliferation of pathogenic microcultures there is a violation of digestion and absorption of nutrients.

Amino acids, sugars, fats and vitamins do not penetrate poorly through the damaged villi of the intestinal wall into the blood, the number of useful microflora representatives drops sharply, the risk of joining other bacterial or fungal infections increases. Kefir in this case can and should be taken after poisoning daily to update the microflora. Usually drink 1 glass in the morning and at night for 10-14 days. With a therapeutic purpose and to enhance the effect of kefir, you can add various prebiotics (Lactobacterin, Bifidumbacterin, Hilak, etc.).


  1. детский возраст Children's age . Until a year you can not drink kefir in connection with intolerance to protein casein, and then eat only children with an alcohol content of not more than 0.5%.
  2. Diseases of the stomach with high acidity are the standard contraindication (gastric ulcer, erosive gastritis, hyperacid gastritis, reflux esophagitis).
  3. Chronic diarrheal syndrome . Since the sour milk drink has a laxative effect, it is not advisable to drink kefir after poisoning to persons with a chronic disorder of the motor function of the intestine. This will increase diarrhea and aggravate dehydration. Together with the liquid, useful microelements, vitamins and proteins are lost.
  4. Allergy to milk protein . Patients suffering from intolerance to cow's milk protein are often asked if they can be kefir if they are poisoned. Categorically impossible: no milk, no sour-milk products!

Summing up, we can conclude that drinking kefir in case of poisoning against the background of the existing symptoms is by no means impossible. This can lead to a worsening of the condition. But to use a sour milk product after poisoning to restore the body is simply necessary!

By the way, regular use of this useful drink will not only reduce the risk of any poisoning, intoxication and gastrointestinal infections in the future, but also prolong youth, strengthen health and give longevity.