Thymus ordinary - poisonous plant

клещевина обыкновенная фото Talking about this plant causes a lot of controversy. On the one hand, it is the adherents of evicting him from the area of ​​residence of a person as far as possible in order to exclude the possibility of any contact. On the other hand, there are people who carelessly cultivate it in their own garden, constantly contact them, multiply and distribute seeds to relatives and friends. Most likely, it comes from ignorance.

To clarify, let's talk in more detail about what is castor oil, what is its use and harm. Whether this plant is necessary for us, what danger lurks behind external beauty.

What is castor oil

Kleshchevina vulgaris is a poisonous plant. She is a guest in our region. It was imported in the XIX century from India and quickly spread. It was abundantly grown on special land for the production of medical and technical oil.

растение клещевина фото

The use of castor oil

Until now, from castor oil, lubricants have been obtained for the aviation industry, used in soap, leather and paint and varnish production. The cake is used for the production of glue and nitrogen fertilizers. The appearance of the famous castor oil is also associated with castor oil.

что делают из клещевины In pharmacies, castor-oil has a huge benefit. The oil obtained from the seeds is a part of the Vishnevsky ointment, the Kamfomen aerosol for the treatment of the throat, and the drug Urolesan for patients with urolithiasis. It is a mild laxative for eliminating constipation and protecting the stomach from poisoning.

Castor oil is the basis of ointments and creams. It's hard to imagine a replacement for this unique product! A lot of useful things came into our lives with the advent of castor oil.

The damage of castor oil

The knowledgeable person at the sight of castor bewildered. With all the advantages of castor oil, harm can be caused by irreparable harm. All parts of this plant are poisonous.

The poison from castor oil is represented by two substances:

  • ricin;
  • and ricinin.

Ricin contains a seed coat - this is the most poisonous part of the plant! It is when using castor seeds that poisoning is incompatible with life. And in appearance you can not say that they are dangerous. Simulate beans or beans - this lulls vigilance.

семена клещевины фото Ricinin contains all other parts of the plant: leaves, seeds and oil cake. Its content for flowering decreases in leaves, but increases in flowers.

Please note that the lethal dose of castor oil seeds is:

  • for adults - 20 pieces (0.3 mg / kg of weight);
  • for children - 6 pieces.

An adult person is unlikely to chew seeds of an unknown plant. But it's quite another matter when children contact him. Their natural curiosity, in the case of castor, turns into an irreparable disaster.

Tampers poisoning

Poisoning, especially of children, often occurs in boarding houses, children's camps, where flower beds adorn these tall, juicy-green bushes. And they are planted so much that they involuntarily attract the eye and cause interest.

Once the animals have tried the leaves of this plant, then they spend the whole of their life bypassing it. The death of animals occurs with the use of pomace from waste seeds of castor oil.

Symptoms of poisoning

симптомы отравления клещевиной The danger is that signs of poisoning appear late. It is very difficult to connect conventional seeds with poisoning. Sometimes an adult does not remember this, but what about the child. Appear characteristic signs in a day, or even three.

When poisoning with castor, the symptoms resemble food intoxication. It all starts with a sharp pain in the abdomen, gradually its intensity increases. Then, bloody diarrhea joins, the temperature rises, and general weakness grows.

The poison ricin causes agglutination - gluing of erythrocytes. As a result, in all organs, capillary circulation is impaired. They clogged with blood clots, hemorrhages and erosions. All this leads to bleeding, the work of the organs is paralyzed. The clinical picture resembles endotoxic shock. Venom from castor oil is death to capillaries.

The mucous membranes of the stomach and intestines are first ulcerated. For vomiting and diarrhea, an impurity of blood is characteristic. The kidneys are broken, erythrocytes appear in the urine and the protein is a sign of the destruction of the kidney vessels. There are hemorrhages in the lungs. The picture of intoxication, despite the ongoing treatment, is increasing. With a hemorrhage, a deafness appears in the brain, then a loss of consciousness, cramps are possible. Death occurs on day 6-7 against a background of collapse.

First aid for poisoning

помощь при отравлении клещевиной Due to the fact that the first symptoms resemble food poisoning, a complex of urgent measures includes repeated washing of the stomach, preferably through a probe. If this is not possible, then you need to induce vomiting. Be sure to take sorbents: activated charcoal (30-50 grams) is better to crush and give in 2% solution of sodium bicarbonate.

If there is poisoning with castor oil, the first aid does not differ from the treatment of other types of poisoning. Gastric lavage is combined with enemas. To prevent disruption of the kidneys, the patient is given 5 to 15 grams of sodium bicarbonate. After washing the stomach, you should give a laxative, for example, magnesium sulfate (30 grams) and then show enveloping agents: Almagel, Enterosgel, flaxseed solution, jelly, jelly, raw eggs.

To reduce the local effects of ricin, the mouth, eyes, nasopharynx must be thoroughly washed with 4% sodium bicarbonate solution or simply water. The skin should be treated with alcohol. Call an ambulance! This is surely in spite of successful emergency measures, the patient's condition can deteriorate sharply after a few hours or days. The patient is usually transported lying on his side. This is done with the goal that the vomit masses do not get into the lungs.


лечение отравления клещевиной Qualified care in the hospital includes a possible blood transfusion, infusion therapy 500-800 ml of 5% glucose, the introduction of narcotic painkillers. The pains in the abdomen are so strong that they resort to these analgesics.

To stimulate the work of the kidneys: diuretic "Lasix" or "Furosemide". Oxygenotherapy is suitable - oxygen treatment. It gives a good result, because in the course of the poisoning the delivery of oxygen is disturbed, the cells begin to experience oxygen starvation, which inevitably leads to disruption of the organs.

Mainly symptomatic and supportive therapy. The treatment of poisoning with castor oil, even in conditions of resuscitation, is a complex task. For failure in the work of one body, violations of the other follow. The internal "catastrophe" is growing like a snowball. Often doctors lose in this battle. The severity of the condition depends on the number of seeds taken. If a person can save, unfortunately, the function of the organs is not completely restored.

назначение лечения To date, there have been a lot of reports of resuscitators about the dangers of castor oil. Severe poisoning of children has become more frequent, and almost no child can be saved. After all, there is no specific antidote for the poison of castor-oil.

Many people have no idea if castor is poisonous. Therefore, they continue to carelessly plant her in the yards. And calls of doctors remain unheeded.

Even an uncharged shotgun can fire, because it has such a purpose. This situation is similar to that of castor-beans. No matter how much she has virtues, they are nothing compared to the life of a child. After all, even the timely measures of emergency care can not help. And we do not need to stay away from the castor-oil plant, and keep it out of the cannon ball for people!