Can chicken broth be poisoned?

куриный суп фото Treatment for any disease is a long and time consuming process, during which not only medicines are prescribed, it is necessary to observe the correct regimen. Another important component of it is food. Correctly selected dishes not only temporarily ease your well-being, but also fix the treatment you have passed. Long follow-up of the recommendations of nutritionists helps to get rid of the disease for a long time.

What kind of diet should be observed with food poisoning or other types? Can chicken soup be poisoned? Does this liquid dish enter the list of allowed after the passed treatment?

Disorders of the body in poisoning

Any infectious process is dangerous not only for visible symptoms, the most frequent are pain, nausea, vomiting, fever, weakness and diarrhea. There are still signs that are not always noticeable, only experts can discover them in some cases due to analysis.

куриный бльон полезен при отравлении

  1. Disruption of electrolyte balance as a result of fluid loss.
  2. Changes in the work of vital organs: the heart, kidneys, brain.
  3. Violation of thermoregulation.
  4. Increasing intoxication.

симптомы отравления All these processes are due to vomiting or repeated diarrhea. Why first of all are the droppers put on the victims? As there is a loss not only of water, but also sodium, potassium and other important leaving, regulating the work of internal organs. Everybody is used to drinking a lot of liquids and using special medical solutions, for example, "Regidron". But often people of old tempering or lovers of traditional methods of treatment use chicken broth in poisoning. Does it help to transfer the disease more easily or is it already a relic from which you need to get rid as soon as possible?

What is the use of chicken broth for poisoning?

The composition of the chicken broth used for poisoning implies, first of all, not a rich, rich soup with an abundance of meat and vegetables, but a translucent liquid containing the necessary composition of microelements. Why do doctors advise chicken broth for poisoning in children and adults? To find the answer to this question, you need to disassemble the "parts" of the components of such liquid nutrition. How useful is this diet soup?

  1. курица для бульона This is a low-fat product. If you use a small chicken for making, after removing pieces of excess fat - then the calorie content of 100 grams of broth can range from 50 kcal and higher. This is a significant plus for people who suffer from poisoning. In the case of using such a broth, the load on the organs decreases.
  2. Vitamins are biologically active substances with an important effect on the body. They help the internal organs cope with the disease, stimulate the protective functions of our body. The chicken broth contains the following substances: vitamins A, C, D, E, group B.
  3. Useful elements: phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, iodine, iron.
  4. Amino acids, proteins.

Such a rich composition helps not only in cases of a rigid diet for those who want to lose weight. Chicken broth, helps after poisoning to recover faster without creating a load on the body.

Not all chicken broths are equally useful and you need to know about it at the beginning of treatment. In some cases, you can not help the injured person, but worsen the course of the illness and delay the healing process. When the broth is not good?

  1. когда не полезен куриный бульон If it is prepared from concentrates. These are chicken cubes with the addition of doubtful oils. For the body during the period of the disease, these are only irritants, leading to an exacerbation. And low-quality fat, which is a part of, will additionally hurt.
  2. Do not use chicken broth for alcohol poisoning. In this condition, it is recommended to use more fluids to remove intoxication and to saturate the body primarily with water. Bouillon is a healthy food for the body systems, but with strong alcohol intoxication, in the first day the use of even a light chicken soup can lead to vomiting reflex.
  3. During the treatment of infection, soup is better to eat without vegetables, you can not add it when making broth and spices.
  4. You can not be treated this way if a person is allergic to chicken.
  5. Even the best broth, cooked in ideal conditions, will never replace the basic treatment of poisoning. Do not give up antibiotics and symptomatic drugs prescribed by a specialist.

It is clear how to not prepare and when you do not need to use this medical product. In that case, how to cook chicken broth for poisoning? It is enough to recall old good, but very useful grandmother's recipes.

How to cook chicken broth at poisoning

The recipe for cooking a chicken soup is simple. Do not forget about useful recommendations during the preparation of home health food. Tips to help you recover faster!

  1. как приготовить куриный бульон Choose a low-fat chicken. Remove excess skin and drooping parts of fat, cut the chicken into pieces.
  2. Boil it in 5 liters of water. After boiling the liquid, drain everything.
  3. Add water again in the same volume. When the water has begun to boil, add the onion head and the grated carrot (if the disease is in full swing you can do without the last component).
  4. Cook until meat is ready. Before removing, add salt, remove the bulb from the soup.
  5. You can eat with breadcrumbs and yesterday's bread. The first days after poisoning, you need to eat soup without meat, introducing it gradually in small pieces.

Such a recipe for chicken broth is suitable for poisoning with poor-quality food, chemical compounds or after surgery, when the body needs to recover.

Old, but quite effective "grandmother's" prescription for first aid in the case of mass loss of liquid is successfully used today. It is indispensable for poisoning when a pharmacy is unavailable or a person is on a march. The broth replenishes the loss not only of water, but also of microelements, protein, without harming the internal organs. Let each such recipe will be in stock.