Human exposure to microwave radiation

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microwave radiation

Among the huge variety of electromagnetic waves that exist in nature, a very modest place is taken by microwave or microwave radiation. You can find this frequency range between radio waves and the infrared part of the spectrum. Its length is not particularly large. These are waves with a length from 30 cm to 1 mm.

Let's talk about its origin, properties and role in the sphere of human habitation, about how this "silent invisibility" affects the human body.

Microwave sources

There are natural sources of microwave radiation - the sun and other space objects. Against the background of their radiation, the formation and development of human civilization took place.

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But in our century, saturated with all sorts of technical achievements, man-made sources were added to the natural background:

  • radar and radio navigation equipment;
  • satellite television systems;
  • cell phones and microwaves.

How microwave radiation affects human health

The results of the study of the effect of microwave radiation on humans made it possible to establish that the microwave beams do not have an ionizing effect. Ionized molecules are defective particles of a substance that cause chromosome mutations. As a result, living cells can acquire new (defective) signs. This conclusion does not mean that microwave radiation does not harm the person.

The study of the effect of microwave rays on humans made it possible to establish the following picture - when they hit the irradiated surface, partial absorption of the incoming energy by human tissues occurs. As a result, high-frequency currents are excited in them, heating the body.

As the reaction of the mechanism of thermoregulation, should be increased blood circulation. If the exposure was local, rapid heat removal from the heated areas is possible. With general irradiation there is no such possibility, therefore it is more dangerous.

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clouding of the lens of the eye

Since blood circulation plays the role of a cooling factor, the heat effect is most pronounced in organs depleted in blood vessels. First of all - in the lens of the eye, causing its clouding and destruction. Unfortunately, these changes are irreversible.

The most significant absorption is characterized by tissues with a high content of the liquid component: blood, lymph, gastric mucosa, intestines, eye lens.

As a result, there may be:

  • changes in the blood and thyroid gland;
  • reducing the effectiveness of adaptation and metabolic processes;
  • changes in the mental sphere that can lead to depressive states, and in people with an unstable psyche - provoke a tendency to suicide.

Microwave radiation has a cumulative effect. If at first its effect is asymptomatic, then pathological conditions begin to form. Initially, they manifest themselves in an increase in headaches, fatigue, sleep disturbances, high blood pressure, and heart pain.

With prolonged and regular exposure to microwave radiation leads to deep changes listed earlier. That is, it can be argued that microwave radiation has a negative impact on human health. Moreover, age sensitivity to microwaves was noted - young organisms turned out to be more susceptible to the influence of microwave EMF (electromagnetic field).

Microwave Protection Products

The nature of the effect of microwave radiation on a person depends on the following factors:

  • distance from the radiation source and its intensity;
  • duration of exposure;
  • wavelength;
  • type of radiation (continuous or pulsed);
  • external conditions;
  • body conditions.

источники свч излучения For a quantitative hazard assessment, the concept of radiation density and permissible exposure rate has been introduced. In our country, this standard is taken with a tenfold "margin of safety" and is equal to 10 microwatts per centimeter (10 μW / cm). This means that the power of the microwave energy flow in the workplace of a person should not exceed 10 μW for every centimeter of surface.

How to be? The conclusion suggests itself that exposure to microwave rays should be avoided in every way. Reducing the effects of microwave radiation in the everyday life is quite simple: you should limit the time of contact with household sources.

A completely different mechanism of protection should be in people whose professional activity is associated with the effects of microwave radio waves. Means of protection from microwave radiation are divided into general and individual.

The flux of radiated energy decreases inversely as the square of the distance between the radiator and the irradiated surface increases. Therefore, the most important collective protective measure is to increase the distance to the radiation source.

Other effective measures to protect against microwave radiation are the following:

  • миикроволновое излучение reduction of radiation at the source;
  • change its direction;
  • reduced exposure time;
  • remote control of radiating devices;
  • application of protective shielding.

Most of them are based on the basic properties of microwave radiation - the reflection and absorption of the irradiated surface by a substance. Therefore, protective screens are divided into reflective and absorbing.

Reflective screens are made of sheet metal, metal mesh and metallized fabric. Arsenal protective screens are quite diverse. These are sheet screens of homogeneous metal and multi-layered packages, including layers of insulating and absorbing materials (shungite, carbonaceous compounds), etc.

The final link in this circuit is the personal protective equipment against microwave radiation. They include overalls made of metallized fabric (gowns and aprons, gloves, capes with hoods and goggles built into them). Glasses are covered with a thin layer of metal, reflecting radiation. Their wearing is mandatory when irradiated at 1 μW / cm.

Wearing workwear reduces the level of exposure by 100–1000 times.

The benefits of microwave radiation

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All previous information with a negative orientation, has as its goal to preempt our reader from the outgoing from microwave radiation, danger. However, among the specific actions of microwave rays is the term stimulation, that is, the improvement under their influence of the general condition of the body or the sensitivity of its organs. That is, the effect of microwave radiation on a person can be useful. The therapeutic property of microwave radiation is based on its biological action in physiotherapy.

Radiation emanating from a specialized medical generator, penetrates the human body to a predetermined depth, causing the tissues to warm up and the whole system of beneficial reactions. Sessions of microwave procedures have an analgesic and antipruritic effect.

They are successfully used for the treatment of frontitis and sinusitis, trigeminal neuralgia.

For exposure to endocrine organs, respiratory organs, kidneys, and treatment of gynecological diseases, microwave radiation with a greater penetrating power is used.

Research into the effects of microwave radiation on the human body began several decades ago. The accumulated knowledge is enough to be sure that the natural background of this radiation is harmless to humans.

Various generators of these frequencies create an additional dose of exposure. However, their share is very small, and, the protection used is quite reliable. Therefore, phobias about their enormous harm are nothing more than a myth, if all the conditions of operation and protection from industrial and domestic sources of microwave emitters are observed.