Is it possible to drink milk after poisoning?

молоко при отравлении можно ли Everyone knows that milk is good for health, it saturates the human body with irreplaceable elements, it is a valuable nutritious protein product necessary for growth. Knowingly it is recommended to use doctors from birth.

In addition to all his merits in nutrition, he is assigned to people whose professional activities are associated with frequent irradiation. Doctors-radiologists receive milk, as it removes toxins. Perhaps, they can treat other poisonings of the body. Is it so? It is necessary to understand this question.

When milk helps

There is an opinion that this drink removes toxins from the body, binds all unnecessary metals, helps to escape from poisoning before the arrival of an ambulance. Is it justified to "heal" in this situation with this product and can it be done?

можно ли молоко при отравлении Do not believe your friends and relatives who claim that dairy products are saved from all ills. This is the product you need, but it is not a medicine for poisoning. When the milk really helps:

  1. It detoxifies and removes some heavy metals (iron), which is why it is issued for the harmfulness of production.
  2. In some cases, milk saves people from the burning sensation in the abdomen, which happens with acute gastritis (which can also be the result of poisoning with poor-quality products).

There are several points that can be disputed:

  1. It has long been disputes about the fact that milk itself can not be taken in harmful production as efficiently as previously thought. After all, the body of an adult man is hard to tolerate. It is worth giving preference to sour-milk products. The protein contained in the drink can not fully bind and lead lead, cesium and other metals. But iron really can produce milk, since it contains calcium, which is an iron antagonist in chemical reactions. Therefore, when anemia is not recommended to consume dairy products in large quantities.
  2. When poisoned by spoiled products of mild degree, the drink saves only from heartburn. In this case, the general state of the body does not depend on the amount of the drunk product, intoxication will not pass.

Will milk help with bacterial poisoning, drug overdose, accidental use of household chemicals (which often happens with young children)? That's what excites more.

Milk is not always useful

полезно ли молоко In attempts to use milk drinks as an antidote to many drugs, there are significant disadvantages that you should know about before using them.

  1. In the adult human body, an enzyme of lactulose, which breaks down the lactose contained in milk, is not sufficiently produced. Therefore, many after such a drink there are pain along the belly, nausea, vomiting and bloating.
  2. Milk quickly deteriorates, the shelf life of a quality natural product is small. Therefore, there is a real chance to poison yourself and them additionally.
  3. Is it possible to drink milk when poisoning with household chemicals? No way! There is a possibility of ulceration and perforation ("holes") in the gastrointestinal tract after the use of some aggressive chemical products. Any liquid soaking can then find itself in the abdominal cavity, which will lead to peritonitis.

These items are already enough to once again not be provoked and not respond to the pointless advice that incompetent helpers give.

Milk and food poisoning

отравление и молоко Is it worth to drink milk drinks for bacterial poisoning? Why are useful milk porridges and fresh milk contraindicated if an infection occurs?

The diet of patients who enter an infectious hospital with food poisoning does not include these products in the acute period. According to the recommendations of doctors until complete recovery should be excluded milk and its containing meals from the diet.

This drink further irritates the mucous membrane of the digestive organs, leading to a worsening of the general condition. A person can get vomiting worse, diarrheas become involved, swelling will appear.

The second reason why patients with infectious gastroenteritis or colitis do not receive dairy products is their high fat content, which gives an additional burden to the body. During the treatment, many organ systems experience a heavy load due to intoxication, fatty foods are more difficult to process, and therefore are excluded.

Because of what else milk can be excluded from the list of permitted products in the hospital? This is the absence of conditions for their storage, which again, if the product spoils, may lead to additional infection.

Can I drink milk after poisoning? Within two to three weeks is undesirable, you need to give a fully restored weakened body. Fatty and difficult to process dairy products do not contribute to recovery. It is always better to exclude something that does not help. Milk does not purify the body of toxins and does not get rid of infections, its useful properties are manifested in another.