Methods of cleansing lymph accessible at home

очищение лимфы The lymphatic system is closely connected with all internal organs. To cleanse the lymph come after cleansing the intestines and liver, otherwise the removal of toxins brought by lymph will be difficult.

There are medical methods to stimulate lymph circulation and detoxification of lymph, but they are not available to everyone. But fortunately, an effective purification of lymph can be done at home.

What is lymph?

Lymph is a clear, viscous fluid containing lymphocytes. Often, it is called a marmalade, when it oozes out of any wound that has been received. In the human body contains about 1-2 liters of lymph, the function of which is to protect the body from bacteria, viruses, toxins, parasites, create immunity, return proteins, salts, water from body tissues to the blood.

In general, the lymphatic system performs several functions. The most important of these are the redistribution and purification of interstitial fluid in the body.

лимфатическая система

The smallest capillaries collect excess fluid from the interstitial space and deliver it to the lymph nodes, where there is cleaning from slags, bacteria, viruses and parasites. Further, there is further movement of lymph over larger vessels to the lymph nodes of the next level, then eventually the fluid partially returns to the blood. Lymph nodes act as filters and pumps, pushing lymph from the periphery to the center. The speed of movement is much less than that of the bloodstream, in addition, the lymphatic vessels have an undeveloped muscle layer. For these reasons, a phenomenon such as stasis of lymph often occurs. Dead cells, bacteria, viruses and toxins do not reach the liver, but settle in the lymph nodes or are somehow removed to the outside through the skin and mucous membranes of the eyes, nasal cavity and bronchi, causing various diseases.

Why clean lymph?

заболевания суставов Lymph purification is indicated for many health disorders:

  • diseases of the pelvic organs;
  • skin and acne;
  • joint disease;
  • the appearance of papillomas and pigment spots on the skin;
  • liver disease;
  • chronic thrombophlebitis.

Purification of the lymphatic system stimulates immunity, relieves allergies, promotes the rejuvenation of the body. First it is carried out 3-4 times a year, then 1-2 times.

The procedure is contraindicated for pregnant and lactating women. Under the supervision of a doctor conducted with diabetes, hypertension, diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Ways to cleanse the lymph

Purification of lymph is based on two processes - stimulation of lymph circulation and cleansing of the intestine (where toxins are released in the end) with the help of sorbents.

Natural juices have an excellent lymphostimulating effect - they regulate the water-salt and acid-base balance. Muscle load is also useful.

Simple methods of stimulation of lymph circulation

массаж лимфы Physical exercises and massage play a significant role in stimulating the movement of lymph through the vessels.

  1. Excellent exercise from the system of healing the body Katsudzo Nishi. In the supine position on the back, lift the arms and legs vertically upwards. Start small-fine shaking of the limbs, while trying to relax the muscles. The duration of the exercise is from 2 to 5 minutes, it is recommended to perform morning and evening daily.
  2. Stimulates lymph circulation of any joint gymnastics. For a sample, you can take exercises for joints from the Norbekov course. Give the morning 10-15 minutes to your body: take turns bending and unbending all joints and rotate (if possible) starting from the fingers and ending with the hip and shoulder. The lymph moves along the vessels largely due to contractions of the surrounding muscles, so that morning exercises will perfectly cope with a slight stagnation.
  3. In addition to purifying the lymph by gymnastics, another massage is also useful. Important! Any massage should be done in the course of lymph movement: from the periphery to the center, on the limbs from the bottom to the top. The fact is that the lymph vessels have very delicate valves that prevent lymph from flowing in the opposite direction from the lymph nodes. Therefore, massage should be done only towards the lymph nodes. Also, during the massage, they avoid the side and do not touch the lymph nodes themselves.
  4. Lymph can not be heated excessively. In the steam room, probably not more than 60 degrees, the bath and shower are pleasantly warm. It is unacceptable to warm the lymph nodes with a warmer or physiotherapy.
  5. сок чистотела The cleansing of lymph by herbs is based on the stimulating and vasodilating action of certain agents. Conduct it using one of the following recipes.

    1. Fresh juice celandine: stems and leaves of the plant to pass through the meat grinder, the resulting squash squeeze. It will take 450 ml of juice. It is diluted with 70 ml of alcohol, so that the mixture is better stored. Drink before meals on a rising basis: in the morning - 1 drop, for lunch - 2, in the evening - 3. With each successive addition, add 1 drop, reaching 15, then gradually return back to 1 drop.
    2. Herbs for cleansing lymph: oregano, plantain, willow-tea, rose hips, herb mountaineer's herb. In pharmacies, you can buy ready-made fees for the purification of lymph. They should be drunk for one month.
    3. Well clear lymph some fruits: dogwood, chokeberry, barberry, red currants and sorrel.
    4. очищение солодкой Purification of lymph with licorice and Enterosgel. Licorice has, among other things, a weak diuretic and laxative effect and regulates water-salt metabolism, stimulating lymph circulation. Apply the syrup of the licorice root: 1 tablespoon is bred in one cup of hot water, drunk with an empty stomach on an empty stomach. Then in half an hour you need to take 1 tablespoon of Enterosgel. There is a possibility in two hours, the course of purification lasts 14 days. A similar scheme for purging lymph with licorice and activated charcoal (based on 1 tablet of coal per 10 kg of weight) for 3 weeks. It should be taken into account that licorice is incompatible with diuretics and cardiac drugs.

    Purification of lymph by Butakova

    A more complicated procedure is the purification of the lymph system by licorice according to Butakova. Olga Alekseevna Butakova, a doctor with 25 years of experience, lectures to her colleagues about the role of lymph in the human body and the diseases that arise from lymphatic clogging, poor functioning of the lymphatic system.
    In addition to the motor load, she recommends a method of clearing lymph:

    • Stage 1 - move the fluid from the interstitial space into the lymphatic vessels and then into the liver and intestines;
    • Stage 2 - adsorb toxins from the intestine;
    • Stage 3 - make up for the loss of vitamins and minerals.

    The course of purification is carried out as follows. Licorice is taken on 3 tablets a day, before dissolving the pill in a glass of warm water. 45-50 minutes after licorice, take 2 tablets of brown algae (30-45 minutes before meals). The cleaning time is approximately 10-14 days. In parallel, the recommended intake of vitamin-mineral complexes and probiotics, developed in the company Coral Club Inc. But under the simplified scheme it is possible to use the most accessible preparations: licorice, activated carbon, vitamin C and folic acid.

    Folk recipes for the purification of lymph

    свекольный сок Purification of lymph by folk remedies is carried out using fresh juices or ordinary food products.

    1. Mixed juice: beets 1 part, carrots 6 parts, cucumber 3 parts. Just a day requires 2 liters of juice, you need to drink it for 1 glass every hour.
    2. Citrus juices and starvation. This method requires thawed water in the amount of 6 liters: boiled water to cool, freeze, then allow to melt. A day requires 4 liters of the mixture: 0.9 liters of grapefruit and orange juice and 200 milliliters of lemon, add 2 liters of melt water. The scheme of reception: in the morning it is necessary to make an enema with apple cider vinegar - for 2 liters of water 2 tablespoons of vinegar, and drink a laxative - 1 tablespoon of Glauber's salt per 100 ml of water. Then take a warm shower or bath. Half an hour after a laxative drink a glass of juice. Then - half a glass every half hour. The course of cleaning is designed for three days, during which they abstain from food. After the expiry of the term, people go out from the hunger strike gradually: in the morning they eat fruits and vegetables, in the evening they can have porridges, on the second day they return to normal food. This method is contraindicated for poor tolerance of citrus, appendicitis.
    3. цитрусовые Onions and garlic on milk. Take 1 head of onions and garlic, press together with the husks under a press or finely cut, add 1 lemon, cut with skin. Brewed in 1 liter of milk a few minutes. After filtering, 4 cups of liquid should be obtained. She is drunk for three days in the morning and in the evening half a glass for half an hour before meals. The course of purification - 4 days. Dairy products at this time do not use.
    4. Sunflower oil. Unrefined sunflower oil is used. In the morning it must be "chased" in the mouth, filtering through clenched teeth back and forth for 20 minutes, then spit it out. The oil thickens and changes color.

    The lymphatic system plays a huge role, circulating fluid in the body and drawing toxins and wastes out of the interstitial space. It is recommended 1-2 times a year to clean lymph. To do this, you can use both the simplest ways to simply include in your diet products that stimulate lymph circulation, and to experience a full two-week cleaning course. At the same time, special attention is paid to performing daily physical exercises that promote better movement of lymph through the vessels and rapid removal of toxic products from the body.