Deep pore cleansing at home

маски для лица Healthy, well-groomed skin adds attractiveness to both men and women. This is especially true of the face. Of course, first of all, the question of appearance interests the representatives of the weaker sex. But for those men who care about their health and practice a general cleansing of the body, it will also be useful to apply several simple techniques of deep cleansing of the skin of the face available at home.

The skin on the face is more susceptible to adverse factors than other parts of the body. Frost, wind, dry air, dust - all this weakens the activity of the glands and impairs the quality of the epithelial layer. There are a lot of skin pores on the face, through which the fatty protective layer and sweat are released. Under adverse conditions, pores become clogged with sebum, the normal metabolism in the epithelium is disturbed, and slags and toxins accumulate in the skin. To return the face to a radiant look and to make the glands function well, they carry out a deep cleansing of the face, which can be done at home.

Basic procedures cleanse the skin on the face

Procedures should be carried out regularly. Their multiplicity depends on the type of skin:

  • normal skin needs to be cleaned every two weeks;
  • cleansing oily skin on the face at home is done once a week;
  • dry skin is treated once every four weeks.

Full improvement of the skin on the face with deep cleaning is done in the following sequence.

  1. Steam face over the bath.
  2. To exfoliate the upper, dead layer of the epithelium.
  3. Apply moisturizing, nourishing, drying or cleansing face masks.
  4. After cleansing the pores on the face at home, if necessary, develop a comprehensive daily care to narrow the wide pores.

Steam baths

паровые ванночки To conduct a deep cleansing of the pores of the face at home, you need to thoroughly steam the skin. Steam softens the dried upper layer, helps to remove dead cells, melts the frozen sebaceous glands.

  1. In front of the bath, remove cosmetics, wash your face with a cleansing gel or foam.
  2. Prepare the solution for the steam bath. To do this, make a decoction of the grass. Pour about a liter of water into a wide saucepan, bring to a boil, add 1-2 tablespoons of herbs and boil for a few minutes. For oily skin take nettle, linden, coltsfoot and mint, for dry oregano and thyme. With a tendency to inflammation apply St. John's wort, celandine and calendula. Chamomile and lavender are suitable for everyone.
  3. очищение кожи If you do not want to mess with herbs, you can add about 10 drops to a liter of hot water. Bergamot and tea tree are suitable for oily skin, orange, rose and jasmine for dry skin, sage, ylang-ylang, patchouli for dry skin.
  4. Place the saucepan with the broth on the table, let it cool slightly under the lid. Then the lid is removed, and the face is tilted over water at a distance of 30–40 cm so that it is pleasantly hot, like in a steam room. Top cover with a warm towel. 10–15 minutes is enough for the pores to open and the sweat glands to work well, cleansing the skin.

After the bath you can lie down for a while, covering your face with a warm towel. Then rinse the skin with cool water. At the end of the procedure, do not go outside for two hours.

During the procedure, you will have to breathe the prepared broth, so choose pleasant and unobtrusive aromas for you.

Cleansing masks

After steaming, exfoliating procedures are performed - peeling. The easiest way is to mix fine salt with shaving cream. With a cotton swab with this mixture, gently with circular motions massage the skin for a few minutes, then rinse with warm water. This method is suitable for normal and oily skin. For sensitive and dry skin use other recipes.

  1. маска из глины Cleansing the face of black spots at home can be done by mixing oatmeal, crushed in a coffee grinder, with beaten egg white. The resulting paste is applied to the skin, avoiding the eyelid area and nasolabial triangle. After drying, rinse with warm water.
  2. One spoonful of semolina is mixed with milk or cream to a paste. The mixture is applied to a cotton pad and massaged into the face with circular movements.

Face masks, for cleansing at home are made on the basis of clay.

Before using clay diluted with warm water to a paste-like consistency and add the necessary ingredients. Recipes for cleansing can come up with their own. During preparation, they are guided by the recommendations of cosmetologists.

  1. очищение кожи Grapefruit, lemon, pomegranate, grapes, strawberries, mountain ash, apples, egg white are good for oily skin. Clay: green, white or blue.
  2. For normal skin use: egg white and yolk, honey, plums, carrots, pears, pumpkin, cornmeal. Clay: red + white (pink), black.
  3. Dry skin indulge milk, olive oil, honey, sour cream, bananas. Clay: red, yellow.

Face masks, for cleansing the pores at home, held on the face for twenty minutes. Do not allow the clay to dry out, otherwise the skin will get microtrauma. If necessary, you can slightly moisten the mask with water.

Nourishing masks

Masks for cleansing the face at home alternate with moisturizing and nourishing masks.

As a basis for nourishing masks use oatmeal, kefir or yogurt, sour cream, olive oil, cottage cheese, egg yolk. Choosing products, take into account the final consistency of the mask - it should be easy to use, do not drain from the face when applied. Nutritious masks hold on the face for a little longer than cleansing - for 30-40 minutes.

питательные маски Masks with moisturizing effect for dry skin:

  • one grapefruit juice mixed with 2 teaspoons of honey;
  • mash banana in mush, add one egg yolk and a little olive oil;
  • 50 grams of fresh yeast diluted in sour cream, let it brew for 30 minutes.

When the mask dries a little, you can apply another layer.

Nutritious masks for oily skin:

  • cottage cheese and honey are mixed in equal amounts, add a few drops of lemon or juice from grated carrots;
  • grate raw potatoes, add a teaspoon of oatmeal and protein from one egg (whisk in advance).

For normal skin, you can prepare masks for these recipes:

  • boil one small young potatoes, crush, add a spoonful of mashed strawberries and a spoonful of milk;
  • mash strawberries with one tablespoon of milk or cottage cheese.

фруктовая маска You can use other fruits or berries: strawberries, apples, apricots, plums.

Black points cleansing masks:

  • mix fresh yeast with 3% hydrogen peroxide solution, apply a mask on the forehead and nose for 10 minutes;
  • mask film: in warmed milk (2–3 tablespoons) add gelatin in equal amounts, you should have a soft mass, which is applied to the area of ​​black dots, allowed to dry and removed as a film.

Summarize the above. For cleansing the skin is necessary to conduct a series of procedures.

  1. First, the face is steamed over a grass bath.
  2. Then using home remedies make exfoliation of the upper layer of the epithelium.
  3. After that, the skin must be saturated with nutrients and replenish the lost moisture. To do this, put on the face mask, compiled according to various recipes.

Such procedures can be done once a week or in 30 days, depending on the condition of the skin. In addition, at home it is necessary to conduct daily cleansing of the face, using cosmetics - cleansing gels and foams.