Ways of cleansing the body before losing weight available at home

стройное тело Many women want to remain slim at any age, and even some men. In connection with the growing number of people with excess weight, who want to cleanse their body and lose weight becomes more and more. To help such people, there are special programs for cleansing the body before losing weight, which can be used at home.

Why purify the body before losing weight and what does it give? Are there any contraindications to this and if so, which ones? What methods can you cleanse the body if you are going to lose weight? Let's analyze these questions, and also learn some recipes for cleansing the body.

Causes of Excess Weight

The reasons for excess weight will help us to find out why purify the body before losing weight.

First, very often the cause of excess weight is the wrong eating behavior. This is the absence of breakfast, the habit of having supper 3 times, eating stress, fast food intake, fast food craze, exhausting diets, love for high-calorie foods, taste preferences. This includes the habits of overeating and there are "in reserve" and others.

фастфуд Secondly, metabolic disorders for various reasons.

Third, the fluid retention in the body, which develops due to various diseases.

Problems with the stool also affect weight.

There are other reasons:

  1. Age. Since over the years, the metabolism slows down and consumption of portions that did not cause weight gain 10-20 years ago, with age, begin to be postponed by a dead load on the abdomen or other places.
  2. Bad dream. Insufficient number of hours for sleep causes an increase in caloric intake.
  3. Low physical activity also does not promote weight loss.

Why cleanse the body before losing weight?

It's time to find out - for what purpose should you cleanse before losing weight?

Cleansing the body before and during weight loss is aimed at removing excess fluid from the body, normalizing the stool, developing useful nutritional skills.

On these three elephants purification and stop.

Removing excess fluid

лишняя жидкость If the body accumulates water - it's not normal. Accumulation of fluid occurs with hormonal problems, heart, kidney diseases, excessive salt intake and other causes. To get a truly persistent weight loss effect it is important to pay attention to this.

Cleansing the body of excess water is due to a decrease in drinking and taking diuretics. If we talk about diuretic drugs, then they should be taken only on the advice of a doctor!

To achieve at home cleaning the body and at the same time lose weight, you can use diuretic herbs, dues, food with diuretic effect. Let's start with herbs:

  • bearberry;
  • horsetail;
  • juniper;
  • fruits of fennel;
  • birch buds;
  • chicory root.

In the collection, they enhance the effect of each other and have a more pronounced effect.

Supplementing herbs can products that increase diuresis:

  • арбузы watermelons;
  • melons;
  • tomatoes;
  • cranberry;
  • cucumbers;
  • peaches;
  • citrus;
  • grapes;
  • beet.

From drinks - green tea increases the excretion of urine due to the content of caffeine in it. The latter also accelerates the metabolism, which leads to an increase in the rate of fat burning.

Along with the diuretic effect on metabolism is influenced by tea and ginger based on lemon.

  1. You will need juice from two lemons, ginger. Pour the last one liter of water and bring to a boil, press for several hours. Then add the lemon juice. Drink before meals for 200 milliliters.
  2. Lemon water. It is prepared from 1 cup of water and juice of half a lemon. Good effect on the body has an intake of 200 milliliters on an empty stomach in the morning.

General contraindications to diuretic cleansing of the body

заболевание почек Contraindications for diuretic cleansing of the body are certain kidney diseases, intolerance to herbs and foods. Before the procedure in this regard, you should consult a doctor. Diuretic herbs take courses for 10 days. In no case they can not drink constantly. If necessary, several courses are conducted. When 10 days is not enough, then either change the type of medicinal herb, or something stronger is prescribed.

Excess water is removed from the body, now let's clean up the intestines.

How to clean the intestines at home and lose weight

очищение кишечника Purification of the intestine promotes weight loss and normalization of metabolism. Establish a regular stool weight loss guarantee! How to clean the intestines at home and lose weight? To do this, you need to increase in the diet products containing fiber. These include raw vegetables and fruits, bread from wholemeal flour, products from rye flour and cereals, legumes, flax seeds, mushrooms, berries.

  1. To normalize the stool with a tendency to constipation and to purify the intestine, a mixture of dried fruits is used. Take prunes, dried apricots, raisins of 100 grams, senna leaves 50 grams, honey to taste. Dried fruits on a meat grinder, mixed with honey and senna leaves. The mixture is taken before bedtime or in the morning on an empty stomach for 1 tablespoon.
  2. Also, the bran intestines are well cleaned. They have many useful qualities. Some of them, which help to purify the body for weight loss - is the content of fiber in the bran, their adsorbing properties and the ability to cause a rapid onset of satiety. The daily dose is 30-60 grams. Bran can be added to almost any dish. They are well combined with kefir, yogurt, they complement muesli.

Contraindications to bowel cleansing

чистка кишечника All methods of such cleaning are contraindicated in case of liquid stool, acute intestinal diseases, dehydration. Care must be taken to cleanse the intestines for chronic diseases of the colon, with its erosive or ulcerative lesion. Do not clean during acute colds and inflammatory diseases.

The course of taking laxatives should be limited in order to avoid a strong dilution of the stool. Senna leaves with constant use are addictive. There are other things to consider. All situations can not be described, therefore, doctors can not do without consulting.

More ways to cleanse the body

How else to cleanse the body and lose weight? It is permissible to use sorbents, for example, activated charcoal. He is able to capture harmful substances in the digestive tract and remove them with feces. Sorbents appoint up to 5 days, otherwise it may develop hypovitaminosis, a deficiency in trace elements. Activated charcoal is successfully used for indigestion, bowel swelling, various food poisoning. If anything from the list is available, then it is worth to drink it. Otherwise, there is no use in the application. If the digestive tract is normal, then he himself perfectly displays all.

кефир Kefir perfectly removes moisture from the body and cleanses the intestines. The recipe is very simple: you need to eat nothing all day, and drink only kefir, in any quantities. The advantage of this method is that kefir envelopes the stomach and thereby dulls the feeling of hunger, it allows you to easily withstand the whole day of kefir starvation. And since kefir has a diuretic and mild laxative properties, for this day you will not only have a surplus of moisture, there will be swelling, a stomach will tighten, but the intestines will also be cleaned. It is good to arrange such unloading, cleansing kefir days on a regular basis, once a week. And if you sit on yogurt 2 days a week, then you will also lose weight, usually eating on other days. A softer option of using kefir for cleansing purposes is to drink it in the morning on an empty stomach, and after 18-19 pm, replacing them with dinner, so as not to recover.

In conclusion, another means of cleansing the intestines is suitable at home for weight loss - the use of cholagogue grass in the form of fees. There are immortelle, yarrow, tansy, chamomile and others. They are used to improve digestion. Withdrawal of the bile stimulates peristalsis and improves the emptying of the intestine in people with a lowered tone. Do not drink infusions of cholagogue in cholelithiasis, with at least once an allergic reaction to them fixed.

With regard to healthy eating - there is no sense in purification, if not adhere to the principles of rational nutrition in the future. We will not dwell on it in detail.

To lose weight, you need to change your habits and lifestyle. The use of diuretics, laxatives, sorbents, cholagogues for the purpose of purification for further weight loss, perhaps for a short period and at the doctor's prescription. They can only help to start losing weight, but they alone will not solve the problem. It is not enough to know how to cleanse the body before losing weight. It is important to learn to eat a little, learn to feel not your desires, but the needs of the body. After all, he needs much less than it seems. A variety of taste preferences and temptations greatly hinders this to see and understand. Learn to observe moderation in eating, maintain a physical form, and normalize sleep will help you lose weight to normal and feel light in your body.