How to clean the liver with oats at home

овес для печени The liver is an organ that performs many functions: it participates in digestion, neutralization of toxic substances, in protein, carbohydrate and fat metabolism. When the violation of her work affects the whole body.

In order for the liver to function fully, it needs to be helped. One of the methods that can be used at home is cleaning the liver with oats. About how to properly carry out such cleansing, what are the recipes, how effective are such procedures we will try to understand below.

What is useful oats

The healing properties of oats have been known for a long time. Due to its composition, this herb is used to treat many diseases. Of particular value is the shell, which contains macro- and microelements: zinc, iron, phosphorus, cobalt, fluorine, silicon, iodine. Oat grain is rich in vitamins of group B, A, K, E. Optimum in oats ratio of protein, fat and carbohydrate components.

The shell of oats contains essential amino acids: arginine and ornithine, which are able to neutralize and remove toxic substances that have accumulated in the body for years. Useful is the choleretic effect of cereals and its ability to stimulate intestinal peristalsis.

How to prepare for liver cleansing

очистка печени If you read reviews on the cleansing of the liver with oats, most people say that they felt the beneficial effect of such cleansing. Only those who incorrectly prepared for the procedure or did not prepare at all are negative.

The training period usually takes a week, but in some cases it can take up to a month. At this time, you need to do the following:

  • to eat right: to exclude smoked, spicy, fatty, fried foods, muffins and confectionery;
  • to increase in the diet products rich in fiber and vitamins: vegetables, fruits, bran, freshly squeezed juices;
  • do not take alcoholic beverages;
  • do daily cleansing enemas .

Recommendations during the cleaning period

To achieve the optimum effect from the purification procedure, it is worth sticking to some rules.

  1. овес для очищения печени Oats for cleaning the liver should be environmentally friendly, not treated with chemicals.
  2. Grain to take with a shell. Before use, they must be rinsed.
  3. The course of cleansing is at least two weeks, but the duration can be increased to 2-3 months.
  4. In the diet should be present mainly vegetable products. Dairy, meat products and bread are better to exclude.
  5. To intensify the effect once in ten days, you can do tjubazhi (an exercise to empty the gallbladder) with mineral water (Narzan, Borjomi). To do this, add a sorbitol (2 granules) or Karlovy Vary salt (1/3 teaspoon) to a glass of water. Warm water to drink in small sips and lie on the hot-water bottle right side about two hours.

Recipes for cleansing the liver with oats

Consider the most effective and affordable recipes for the cleansing of the liver with oats.

рецепты из овса The easiest way is to make a cold infusion. To do this, boil and cool a liter of water, pour it 100 grams of oats, insist for 12 hours. It is enough to take 1/2 cup three times a day.

There are several ways to brew oats for cleaning the liver and take a decoction. You can use one of the following recipes.

  1. Grind the grain of oats. A tablespoon of the raw material is poured into a thermos bottle. Pour 1000 ml of boiling water. After 12 hours you can begin treatment. In a day you need to drink half of the infusion received, dividing it into 3 receptions. Eat before eating.
  2. 150 grams of brown grain to brew 1.5 liters of boiling water. A quarter of an hour to torment on low heat. Then the dishes, in which the oats are prepared, wrap and leave for 2 hours. The resulting broth is divided into 3 doses (500 ml each). Drink half an hour before meals.
  3. Put a glass of oats into the pan and pour it with three liters of hot water. Put in the oven, where the temperature should be 150 ° C, leave for two hours. Pull out the pan from the oven, and when the broth cools down, strain and wring out. Take twice a day for 150 ml.
  4. In a dish with thick walls, for example, cast iron, pour a glass of oats, pour warm water (3 liters). Bring to a boil and turn off the cooker. Let it brew for a day, after which the infusion should be squeezed and filtered. Take twice a day for 150 ml.

Oatmeal diet

There are other options for cooking and using oats for cleaning the liver.

овсяная диета You can use the cereal instead of breakfast and dinner. To do this, fill a glass of oatmeal with 800 ml of water. Within a day, this mixture should be infused. Eat 2 tablespoons for breakfast, thoroughly chewing. After half an hour, drink a glass of water, which was soaked with oats. Try not to drink anything or eat anything during the next three hours.

For lunch, you can eat any fruit. After half an hour again, drink 100 ml of oatmeal. After 3 hours, when you want to eat, you can use soaked dried fruits. Dinner repeats breakfast. Before going to bed, you can afford to eat some vegetables. This diet can be observed no more than two weeks.


овсяный кисель There are several options for preparing this curative drink.

  1. The simplest recipe for oatmeal from oats is for cleaning the liver: 1/2 cup of oat flakes should be filled with mineral water without gas. Leave the resulting mixture overnight. In the morning drink a kissel instead of breakfast. Continue taking jelly for at least 7 days.
  2. The second way: in a jar with a volume of 3 liters place 0.5 kg of oatmeal and pour water to half the volume. Cover with a napkin and leave for 3 days in a warm place. After that, drain, pour into a saucepan and bring to a boil, stirring constantly. After the jelly gets cold, it can be used with berries or honey.

Kissel from oats according to Izotov's recipe

Especially useful is oatmeal, suggested by Dr. Izotov. To make it, you need a three-liter can, half a kilo of oats and 300 grams of whole grains. Flakes and ground grains pour into a jar, pour 400 ml of kefir. You can use yogurt. Add 1500 ml of water at room temperature. All thoroughly mix with a wooden spoon, cover with a kapron cap and wrap it with a towel. Leave to wander in a warm place.

кисель Изотова After 2 days, strain the mixture with a glass stopper. Drain into the jar the liquid part, which will be about 2 liters. The remaining mass should be washed to clear water, which should also be drained, but in another jar. Close the two cans with lids. Leave for 16 hours.

During this time, the contents of the second canister will be divided into two layers: from below there will be a white sediment, from above - water. The top layer should be carefully drained and stored in a refrigerator. Can be added to the jelly or used to make okroshki. The lower layer will serve as the basis for the jelly. Keep everything in a cool place for a maximum of 3 weeks.

Sam Kisel is prepared as follows: 3 tablespoons of the base, and can be 4, mixed with 400 ml of water from the first jar. Put mixture on a small fire, allow to boil, stirring constantly. It is better to use a wooden spoon. Boil for 5 minutes. In the end, you can add dried fruit or honey. For those who do not like sweets, you can cut fresh herbs (parsley, dill) in the kissel and add a little lean oil.

Such a useful product will replace breakfast. You need to consume the jelly every day for a month. After three weeks, the course can be repeated.

Contraindications of liver cleansing with oats

Although the procedure for this cleansing of the liver is very useful, it can not be carried out by everyone. There are certain contraindications for cleansing the liver with oats:

  • diseases of the gallbladder, mainly cholelithiasis;
  • severe liver and kidney failure;
  • diseases of the digestive system during the period of exacerbation;
  • severe diseases of the heart and blood vessels;
  • gluten insufficiency (celiac disease).

Now, knowing how to clean the liver with oats at home, you can try it. But before you begin the procedure of cleansing, you need to undergo examination and make sure that there are no contraindications. If this is not done, then cleaning the liver will not benefit. And such experiments can end with a hospital bed.