Cleaning the body with rice at home

очищение рисом Rice is one of the most popular products all over the world. And this is not surprising. Not only does rice have many varieties, it has the ability to absorb the taste of other ingredients of the dish, so it still has many useful properties.

Rice cleansing at home has almost no contraindications, perfectly removes slag from the intestine and helps restore salt balance in the body.

Useful properties of different varieties of rice

There are several varieties of rice, most of them are suitable for the purification program.

  1. Kruglozerny rice, short - contains a lot of starch. During cooking, it absorbs a lot of water and boils well.
  2. Long-grain contains less starchy substances and therefore looks transparent, and when cooking does not stick together.
  3. Brown is coarser than other varieties and is not recommended for people with stomach disease.
  4. Jasmine - has a delicate aroma and is used for making desserts and sweet dishes.
  5. Basmati - it is better to cook for a couple, preserving its unique taste and aroma.
  6. Italian rice has a neutral taste and is suitable for preparing mixed dishes. Good soaks when soaking.
  7. Wild rice is very tough and it is used to germinate and add to soups or salads.

чистка организма Rice cleaning at home is best done using round or Italian rice.

Why is rice a long time considered a useful product? The fact is that it has a number of unique properties, compared to other cereals.

  1. Rice contains more starch than other cereals. It is easily absorbed by the body and gives a lot of energy.
  2. Contains a significant amount of calcium.
  3. It contains a lot of potassium, which favorably affects the heart muscle, lowers blood pressure and normalizes the kidneys.
  4. Liquid rice porridge has enveloping properties, which is used for diseases of the stomach and intestines.
  5. In addition to calcium and potassium, rice contains a large amount of zinc and B vitamins.
  6. Has the ability to adsorption, absorbing in the intestine gases and harmful metabolic products.
  7. Has hypoallergenic properties.
  8. Rhys is characterized by a fixing action that is used for digestive disorders.

Why do rice cleaning

очищение почек To conduct rice cleaning is recommended in the following cases:

  • To remove toxins from the intestine;
  • with a tendency to allergic reactions;
  • if there are problems in the kidneys;
  • for mild liver cleansing;
  • with a tendency to diarrhea;
  • with the deposition of salts in the joints;
  • for the prevention of oncological diseases of the stomach and intestines.

Cleaning the body with rice is also practiced for weight loss. At home, such cleaning does not require special treatment and high costs.

How to clean rice

очищенный рис All cleaning is done only with soaked and boiled rice. Long-term soaking removes starch from the grains, and thanks to the cellular structure of plant fibers, rice acquires adsorption abilities. During cleaning, limit the intake of salt, fat and sweet.

The most common are four methods of rice cleaning the body.

  1. Rice cleansing for 40 days . It is necessary to prepare five half-liter glass jars. They are numbered to avoid confusion. Take 2-3 tablespoons of rice, washed, then put in a jar and poured with water. The next day the water is drained and added fresh. In the bank number 2 put the next portion of rice, pour water for a day. The next day, the water is drained and so on until all five cans are full. Rice from the first can is poured with boiling water and steam for 40 minutes. If a weak stomach or there are diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, the rice is boiled, like ordinary porridge. Eat without salt and seasonings for breakfast, pre-drinking a glass of water. This cycle of cleansing lasts 40 days.
  2. очистка организма рисом Purification by rice in Tibetan . Take as many spoons of rice as you are. Groats are washed, put in a jar and poured with clean boiled water. The bank is put in the refrigerator. The next morning, the water is drained, take one full spoonful of rice and again pour the rump with cold water. Spoon rice cook for 4-5 minutes, eaten on an empty stomach without additives. After 1 hour you can eat other food. The next morning they take a spoonful of rice and change the water in the can. So, do until the rice is finished.
  3. A simple way . For those who are too lazy to change the water and mess with banks, you can recommend this method. Take 2.5-3 kg of rice, put in a large saucepan. Within a week, the rice is washed daily under running water for 10-15 minutes. To do this, you can tie gauze on the pan so that rice does not leak. After a week the croup is dried and put in a paper bag. Cook for breakfast on a tablespoon like ordinary porridge, only cooked rice should be rinsed with warm water. After breakfast, you can not eat for 4 hours. The course of purification lasts 30 days.
  4. рис Method of rice cleaning for three days . It is recommended for those who are not ready for long courses. The rice is washed immediately before cooking for a few minutes, until the turbidity disappears. Then it is poured with boiling water and cooked until half-ready for 10-15 minutes. For three days only rice is eaten, at regular hours of eating. The porridge is thoroughly chewed. The amount of rice is not limited, but it should be unsalted and without additives - spices, oils and so on. After 9 pm not eat.

During the cleansing should eat foods rich in potassium: herbs, dried fruits, baked potatoes. The fact is that the soaked rice removes potassium from the body. If this element is deficient, weakness and palpitations may occur.

To remove salt from the joints, it is recommended to extend the course a little - up to 2 months. Rice purification can be carried out not more often than once a year.

Contraindications to rice cleansing

There are practically no contraindications to rice cleansing. With caution, this method should be used for people suffering from chronic constipation, since rice has a fixative effect. It is undesirable to use rice for cleansing with hemorrhoids and inflammatory diseases of the rectum. Also it is not recommended to do any cleaning to pregnant and lactating women, children up to 12-13 years of age.

Rice is a very useful product. It is easily absorbed by the body, contains many macronutrients and B vitamins. The most useful is considered unrefined, brown rice. It contains the greatest amount of substances a person needs. But for cleaning the body of rice at home, it is better to use those varieties that swell well - round and Italian rice. If the cleansing is done through a daily rice breakfast, then you can use different varieties - this will allow you to get acquainted with this wonderful product and become a real rice gourmet.