What to do if you are poisoned with cynical water

чемеричная вода Poisoning with cynical water and tincture of chegery happens quite often, because these medicines are freely sold in the pharmacy and are widely used in medicine for external use and veterinary medicine. Cases of poisoning physicians are associated primarily with getting rid of alcohol dependence by popular methods, namely the addition of relatives of drugs cheerya in food and drink of the victim. According to some reports, acute poisoning with chiropractic is about 11% of all poisoning cases. At the same time, physicians are convinced that many more such cases are not taken into account, as it passes through other diseases: myocardial infarction, conduction and heart rhythm disturbances, alcohol poisoning and intoxication of an unexplained cause.

Lethal outcome of the disease is possible, but with timely provision of medical care is unlikely. What is the effect of chinese water on the body and what determines the negative influence of the puppeteer on a person?

What is crooked water and where is it applied?

Chemeritsa, or puppeteer - a perennial medicinal plant. In the roots and rhizomes contain up to 15% of alkaloids, the most poisonous of them - protoveratarin, protoverin, glucosides veratramine and others.

Official medicine uses a decoction and tincture of chegery only outwardly because of their virulence. With neuralgias and rheumatic pains they make rubbing, use ointments. Decoction - crooked water, has an antiparasitic effect and is used to treat lice and dandruff.

чемерица In homeopathy, it is allowed to use the drugs of the healer inwards in large dilutions for diseases of the heart and blood vessels, intestines, gastrocnemius muscle cramps and neuralgia.

In veterinary medicine, the tincture of chicera is known as a stimulant for the work of stomachs of ruminant animals, an emetic for pigs and dogs. In the country house broths are used to control pests of plants.

In folk medicine, I widely use both tincture and broth chloeritsy. Apply and inside with various diseases, but the most known cases of poisoning in the treatment of alcohol dependence.

If the use of toxic water is incorrect, the consequences of poisoning can be very serious, up to the onset of death from cardiac arrest!

Poisoning, possibly, when consumed inside more than 1 gram of chemist's raw materials, and a lethal outcome - if you get into the stomach 2 grams of hellebore. Tinctures of the root and rhizome make 70% alcohol in a proportion of 1:10. Potemkin water is obtained by boiling raw materials in water also in a ratio of 1:10. Thus, it is extremely dangerous for life to use inside 10 milliliters of chemically water, and as a tincture, the poison will act more intensively, since alcohol dissolves alkaloids and glucosides of plants better.

Official medicine categorically prohibits taking drugs chegerytsy inside! Do not use the vial from the tincture for food purposes. It is also dangerous to get powder on the mucous membranes of the mouth.

The consequences of poisoning with cynical water

артериальное давление Is it possible to poison with chinese water to death and why is it so poisonous? The main danger of poisoning by the puppeteer's preparations lies in their strong influence on the work of the heart. The total effect of alkaloids of the chegery on a person is manifested in the disturbance of the heart rate, the drop in blood pressure, and the decrease in supply of the brain with oxygen. A persistent violation of heart rate and conduction in severe cases is poorly compensated even by drugs.

Also, the checer has a local irritant effect directly on the receptors of the stomach, which causes indomitable vomiting. Under its influence, perhaps, the development of inflammatory phenomena of the mucosa of the digestive tract - gastric and intestinal catarrh.

People with heart and vascular diseases suffer very badly from such poisoning. It is possible that allergies may occur with individual drug intolerance or the development of anaphylactic shock.

Symptoms of poisoning

жажда When poisoning with chicken water, the symptoms and speed of their appearance depend on the dose and foods that the victim was eating. Oily and starchy food slows the absorption of poison, and alcohol - speeds up. Usually signs of poisoning develop 20-40 minutes after ingestion:

  • indomitable vomiting;
  • strong thirst;
  • slowing the heart rate to 30-50 beats per minute;
  • drop in blood pressure to 70-80 mm Hg. p.
  • sweating;
  • salivation;
  • sometimes diarrhea, bloating, rumbling;
  • with prolonged exposure - a violation of consciousness.

Orthostatic phenomena are clearly pronounced, when a change in the position of the body is observed dizziness, darkens in the eyes, loss of consciousness is possible. Death can occur in 3-12 hours.

First aid

отравление чемерицей What should I do if I get poisoned with chicken water first? Be sure to seek medical help! It is impossible to hide the fact of the use of the helper from the ambulance team, since the correct formulation of the diagnosis depends on this. It is almost impossible to cope independently with poisoning, and the patient's condition can worsen at any moment.

After calling for emergency care, the following pre-medical measures are taken.

  1. They give a lot of liquids, the water temperature should not be above +18 ° C.
  2. Give the victim 40-60 tablets of activated carbon, adsorbents Polysorb MP, Enterosorb, Polyphepan. With strong vomiting, adsorbents are useless.

To eliminate the effects of alkaloids chegoitsy on the body requires an injection of antivenom.

Antidotes and treatment

преднизолон In the case of poisoning with chicken water, the treatment is directed primarily to the restoration of cardiac activity.

  1. Normalize the heart rhythm by injecting an intravenous solution of atropine sulfate 1 mg before the normalization of heart rate.
  2. To eliminate low blood pressure, Prednisolone is administered 30-90 mg intravenously.
  3. Then they start rinsing the stomach through the probe, enter the enterosorbent, put a cleansing enema.
  4. Intramuscularly injected 400 ml of Reopoliglyukin.
  5. According to indications for the restoration of blood circulation, injections of Dopamine or adrenaline are made.
  6. The patient is transported to the hospital in a horizontal position.

Potemkin water and tincture of chegery are very dangerous preparations. They are widely distributed and sold in pharmacies without a prescription, however, when ingested, there may be a strong inhibition of cardiac activity, up to a fatal outcome. Physicians categorically oppose the treatment of alcoholism with chiropractic, since this is what causes most of the poisonings. The elimination of the effects of poison on the body at home is impossible. If drugs get into the doses inside more than 1-2 ml, immediately call an ambulance, take 40-60 tablets of activated charcoal and drink plenty of cool water.