Poisoning the WCF

фосфор в периодической системе Phosphorus and its compounds belong to the right substances in the human body. This is one of the main constituents of proteins, enzymes in vital reactions that occur daily. Thanks to phosphorus our bones and teeth have a strong structure, and the human body can make active movements. The nervous system without its connections can not work productively.

No doubt, every cell needs a phosphorus. But it has not only useful properties, some of its compounds, artificially created by man, are harmful. Is there an overabundance of phosphorus in the body, what kind of substances and in what quantity will poisoning cause this element?

Phosphorus compounds around us

It will deal with chemicals that are called FOS in industry and in everyday life. Organophosphorus compounds are a group of complex substances that contain phosphoric acids.

в чем содержится фосфор

Where are organophosphorus compounds used?

  1. обработка растений удобрениями с фосфором In agriculture for the processing of gardens, vineyards, vegetables and cereals.
  2. To combat the parasites of animals.
  3. In the armament of the army as a fighting poison (sarin, zoman and V-gases).
  4. In medical practice (drops in ophthalmology, in surgery, drugs to normalize the muscles of the gastrointestinal tract, in the treatment of pediculosis).

Everyone can face one of the phosphorus derivatives in his life without knowing it. Therefore, you need to be fully armed, if there was a poisoning of the WCF.

Organophosphorus compounds are most often solid or liquid volatiles, most of which have a specific kerosene-garlic odor. Well soluble in fats and bad in water. The toxicity of aqueous solutions at 35 ° C increases the day up to 35 times.

Organophosphorus compounds are a part of many things that a person encounters daily in life. They enter the body mainly through the respiratory tract, digestive system or skin. Poisoning with organophosphorus compounds occurs when drinking contaminated water, foodstuffs treated with such substances, when the OPF hits the skin during processing of premises, clothes and linen.

Once inside a person, organophosphorus compounds are rapidly absorbed into the oral cavity, then in the stomach and intestines. Almost instantly get into the blood. Poisoning with organophosphorous substances is dangerous due to its consequences: about 50% of the FOS are converted into more toxic compounds in the body, the poison is characterized by a cyclic transformation. That is why 8-10% of people who have only experienced poisoning with FOS have relapses. No repeated contact with any phosphorus compound was observed. This condition is called chronic intoxication with phosphorus.

симптомы отравления фосфорорганическими соединениями
affection of the nervous system

Organophosphate compounds primarily affect the nervous system. In the development of acute poisoning, it is customary to distinguish three periods.

  1. Sharp - the first three days.
  2. The period of complications is from the 4th to the 14th day.
  3. A period of long-term consequences, which can last up to three years.

An acute period of phosphorus poisoning is characterized by the excitation of body systems. The central and peripheral nervous system is affected, which is expressed in the following symptoms.

  1. Visual impairment.
  2. последствия отравления фосфорорганическими соединениями Excessive salivation - hypersalivation, increased sweating.
  3. Bronchospasm, bradycardia, or a decrease in the rhythm of the heart.
  4. The peristalsis of the intestine is intensifying, spastic pains appear, and later a disturbance of the stool in the form of diarrhea is observed.
  5. Symptoms of phosphorus poisoning include muscle weakness, twitching muscles of various groups.
  6. Paralysis of the respiratory musculature, respiratory failure.
  7. Signs of damage to the central nervous system: excitation, shortness of breath, the appearance of convulsions, violation of the heart rhythm, an increase with a subsequent decrease in pressure, an increase and decrease in temperature.
  8. If the poisonous substance has entered the body in a large concentration, there comes a confusion of consciousness, coma, paralysis of the respiratory center.
симптомы отравления фосфором
pressure reduction

In the second period of the development of poisoning, the symptoms somewhat weaken, but other signs join them.

  1. Absence of reflexes.
  2. Cyanosis of the skin.
  3. Decrease in pressure.
  4. Edema of the brain.

Additionally, in the second stage of phosphorus intoxication, pneumonia, toxic hepatitis, and kidney damage can join.

The third period is a distant consequence, in which the neuromuscular system, kidneys and liver are affected.

Diagnosis of WCF poisoning

The diagnosis is made on the basis of symptoms of the nervous system:

  • диагностика отравлений ФОС
    blurred vision

    twitching of muscles;

  • cudoroids;
  • hypersalivation;
  • impaired vision;
  • disruption of the intestine.

We need to carefully examine the place where the victim was. The presence of a specific kerosene-garlic odor from unfamiliar substances may lead to the idea of ​​the presence of FOS in the room. In the future, a biochemical blood test will help to finally diagnose.

During acute poisoning, a lightning-fast and slow-flowing form is released. In victims with lightning-fast form, convulsive syndrome develops within 30 minutes after contact with organophosphorus compounds.

Emergency aid for poisoning with organophosphorus compounds

The first aid for poisoning with phosphorus compounds depends on the path of the poison substance entering the body.

  1. If the WCF is caught through the mouth, the victim is immediately washed with a probe using magnesium sulfate, activated carbon, and liquid paraffin.
  2. With inhalation poisoning, a person should be immediately removed from the premises, washed with a stomach, and a laxative and antidote (antidote) introduced.
  3. Affected skin should be washed with soap and water, 2% solution of soda, treated with chloramine.

Treatment of FOS poisoning

If suspected of poisoning with phosphorus compounds, all people are subject to emergency hospitalization in the intensive care units of hospitals.

лечение отравлений ФОС Antidotes for poisoning with organophosphorus compounds are:

  • "Diazepam";
  • "Atropine sulfate";
  • "Dipiroxime";
  • Isonitrosoin.

Prevention of WCF poisoning

профилактика отравлений ФОС To avoid infection, you must follow the safety rules.

  1. With phosphorus compounds, work only in closed clothing, so the substances will not get on the skin.
  2. Prevention of poisoning FOS - do not allow children to containers containing this product, in time to dispose of packaging.
  3. In the event that the poison has got on clothes - it should be immediately removed, the struck hair and nails.

Specific signs of phosphorus poisoning are the damage to the nervous system at all levels. Each organ can be affected by acute POF poisoning. The only correct decision to take when suspecting poisoning is timely hospitalization in the hospital. This will not only save a person's life, but also relieve him of chronic serious illnesses afterwards.