Is it possible to poison with freon

фреон отравление
freon gas

The cooling element in refrigerators, filler for gas cartridges, solvents and air conditioners are all the same substances - freons. They have entered our lives so widely that it is difficult to imagine a comfortable life without them.

Useful in the household and at the same time, toxic compounds are in things, life without which today is no longer possible. Therefore, I want to know more about these fillers. Is freon harmful in life and how to protect yourself from possible poisoning? Let's find out.

What is freon

The term freons means a group of complex chemicals. This is the general name for saturated fluorine-containing hydrocarbons (besides fluorine can be bromine and chlorine). In the countries of the former USSR, one more name can be found - freons, it was so called these compounds. In the classification can be found three groups A, B, C and five classes of compounds, depending on the chemical composition. The first generation of freon is much more dangerous than the last.

фреон что это

The substances themselves are presented in the form of gaseous and liquid compounds without color and odor. What is their danger?

  1. Freon poisoning is extremely rare and can occur only by accident. The danger is that even when there is a leak from a refrigerator or an air conditioner, a person will not notice this because of the physical properties of these substances.
  2. The refrigerants of group A and B of the two classes have a bad effect on the ozone layer, thinning it. That is why it was decided to reduce their use in everyday life.
  3. Freons themselves do not cause much trouble. We need too much of their concentration in the environment to make a person feel bad. But during combustion at 250 ° C, phosgene is formed. The latter compound is considered to be much more dangerous, and during the war years it was used as a warfare poison weapon.

Is it possible to poison with freon? Yes, provided that a leak occurs simultaneously from all the equipments in the burning room. Either the person will accidentally drink liquid freon, or will be in a closed room without ventilation and inhaled with gaseous substance.

What devices contain freons

As already noted, these compounds are used in refrigeration. But the refrigerator is not the only thing with a dangerous filler inside. What else contains freons?

  1. где содержатся фреоны This is a standard filler of modern air conditioners. Although poisoning freon from the air conditioner is almost impossible.
  2. Freona contained in solvents.
  3. They are used for the production of blowing agents, widely used in construction.
  4. The propellants are created with the help of refrigerants (paint, polyurethane foam, varnishes and even shaving foam).

In all cooling devices, freons are isolated from the people around them and leakage occurs only because of a manufacturing defect or after an impact. In other products, freon is contained in insignificant quantities and it is easier to poison with accompanying fillers. So is freon harmful to humans? In rare cases, with a failed set of circumstances, poisoning can occur.

Symptoms of freon poisoning

What is harmful freon? This compound contains in its composition chemical elements, poisoning and irritant action:

  • fluorine;
  • chlorine;
  • bromine.

Such elements affect the respiratory system and subsequently the whole organism. The danger is that with small concentrations of these elements, the poisoning can not be detected immediately. How does poisoning manifest?

  1. In small amounts, these chlorine-containing hydrocarbons lead to reddening of the conjunctiva of the eye, soft palate and pharynx. An unpleasant feeling of tightness in the chest, shortness of breath and hoarseness of voice - this is what threatens the person who inhaled freon.
  2. In high concentrations, the symptoms of freon poisoning are more pronounced. There are pains in the chest, in the nasopharynx, dry cough, difficulty breathing. This is all accompanied by a creep in the eyes and tearing, nausea and vomiting. The person is either too excited or depressed.
  3. симптомы отравления фреоном

    Then within 30 minutes, and in some cases 36 hours, the period of imaginary well-being begins. The man feels good. And if measures are not taken to detoxify the body, pulmonary edema develops. At this time, an increase in symptoms can be observed: cough increases especially when inhaling, general weakness, headache, cyanosis of the skin of the face and mucous membranes appear. Breathing becomes shallow, chills appear, and when coughing, frothy sputum departs in copious amounts. Unfortunately, this stage of poisoning can end in tears - the victim may die from paralysis of the respiratory muscles. But if the course is favorable, then on the second or third day the reverse development of the disease begins.

  4. If the concentration of the substance in the air was too high or the injured person inhaled too much poison - a period of imaginary well-being is absent and instant death occurs.
  5. Signs of poisoning with freon, and, more precisely, the derivative during the combustion of freon - phosgene. A distinctive feature of the presence of phosgene in the air is the smell of refracted hay. When inhaled, the person will feel nauseous, weak. Drooling, coughing, and a sore feeling in the throat.
  6. Fluorine and bromine containing freons act approximately the same way on the body, but fluorine acts more on the nervous system and disrupts the heart rhythm.

First aid and treatment

помощь и лечение ри отравлении фреоном What to do if freon poisoning? It is important to explain to the victim that self-poisoning cannot be cured. Given the period of imaginary well-being, a person may mistakenly believe that the danger has passed. This may not only aggravate the clinical picture in the future, but also lead to death. Therefore, first aid should be provided:

  • rinse eyes, nose and mouth with running water;
  • if the poisonous substance was swallowed up - it is necessary to do a gastric lavage through a tube;
  • In the case of an agonizing cough, use codeine and any other cough medicine.

Then treatment of freon poisoning should be carried out only in a hospital. They use standard drugs to relieve symptoms and alleviate their well-being: antiallergic drugs, painkillers, hormonal drugs, improving breathing and sedatives. With the development of toxic pulmonary edema provide inhalation of oxygen.

Is freon harmful from the refrigerator? No, they try to do modern equipment with minimal danger to humans. But poor-quality products, a violation of operating conditions or unforeseen circumstances can lead to freon leakage. And then there is the danger of poisoning, which should not be afraid. A timely appeal to specialists and a few days under the supervision of doctors will fix it.