Is it possible to be poisoned with milkberries

гриб груздь Among the huge number of mushrooms in Russia, milk mushrooms have always occupied a special place. Their special taste attracted a huge number of fans.

But most people do not even think about the fact that these mushrooms are conditionally poisonous. Therefore, let us analyze in this article whether it is possible to be poisoned by milkberries.

Types of muzzle and causes of poisoning them

The main causes of poisoning by these mushrooms are the inability to recognize the false milk mushrooms from the real ones and non-compliance with the rules for their preparation.

In the West, these mushrooms were not recognized as fit for human consumption, but in Russia, milk mushrooms, as we have said, are considered conditionally edible. Before use, such a mushroom must undergo culinary treatment (soaking in water for at least three days). Otherwise, they have an unpleasant burning taste and can cause poisoning.

Botanists secrete real and false milk mushrooms.

Real brute

груздь настоящий The real milk has original taste. As an adult, this mushroom is very easy to distinguish from others. It has a large funnel cap and short leg. The pulp of the fungus has a sweetish pleasant smell.

But even this kind of baby requires soaking for three days with a change of water every 4 hours. Only after this treatment, the mushrooms are boiled and salted.

False weight

Among the false masses emit:

  • peppers;
  • squeak;
  • camphor.

ложный груздь отравление The first two species have creamy-colored dry sunken caps. It should be noted that these types of fungi secrete a significant amount of milky juice.

Pepper brim - its name speaks for itself, it has a burning peppery smell.

The violin can be distinguished by a characteristic creak when holding a sharp object on the mushroom cap.

The camphor mushroom most often causes poisoning. This results from the fact that in it the huge amount of muscarinic substances collects. Initially, the camphor mud has a characteristic odor, which with the age of the fungus changes to coconut. If you press on the surface of the cap of such a mushroom, a dark golden-brown stain will appear.

The clinical picture of the poisoning of the Mildew

Mildew poisoning can manifest itself with various symptoms over time.

Regardless of the type of poisoning by these mushrooms, the main symptom is gastroenterocolitis. The difference will be only in the timing of the latent period:

  • with a short latent period, it takes from 30 minutes to 2 hours from the time the mushrooms are eaten to the development of the clinical picture of poisoning;
  • during a long latency period from two to 48–72 hours from the time the mushrooms are consumed.

There are cramps and abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, intestinal cramps and diarrhea. Everything is accompanied by the loss of water and salts and the development of a dehydration clinic and electrolyte disturbances.

Treatment with mildew poisoning

лечение отравления груздями With a timely start, the treatment is not particularly difficult.

General principles of treatment for poisoning with these mushrooms:

  • cessation of poison in the body;
  • removal of poison from the body (washing the stomach and intestines, enterosorbents);
  • symptomatic therapy (most often antiemetic drugs);
  • the method of forced diuresis (infusion therapy and diuretic prescription).

First aid

If the above symptoms appear, you must call the ambulance team. But before the arrival of a paramedic, you must:

  • wash the stomach, after drinking more than 5 cups of saline solution (one tablespoon of salt per liter of water), induce vomiting, pressing the tip of the spoon on the root of the tongue;
  • if possible, drink a laxative (vaseline or linseed oil );
  • go to bed, take cover with a warm blanket, warm the limbs;
  • constantly drink saline solutions or warm water.

It should be remembered that in any food poisoning it is strictly forbidden to eat food and alcohol. It is also not allowed to receive antipyretic and analgesic drugs. Since such measures can erase the clinical picture of poisoning and mislead the doctor.

It is best if an adult is with the victim, who can describe the cause of this condition and describe the manipulations performed at the pre-medical stage.

Help in a medical institution

отравление груздями After collecting anamnesis (survey) in the hospital poisoned wash the stomach. Depending on the level of consciousness, this manipulation can be carried out both independently and through a nasogastric tube. Gastric lavage is best done in the first two hours after the onset of clinical signs of poisoning. The dose of fluid for washing the stomach should be 8-10 liters (for an adult).

In addition to washing the stomach in the hospital, the intestines must be cleaned with an enema. It also needs to be made in the first two hours after the onset of signs of poisoning.

After such unpleasant manipulations, the doctor will prescribe a patient for enterosorption:

  • Activated carbon;
  • Polyphepane;
  • Enterodez;
  • Enterosgel;
  • Smekta.

Laxative drugs are prescribed immediately after gastric lavage at a dosage of one gram per kilogram of oral weight. If vomiting occurs, the drug should be repeated after 30–40 minutes.

The next stage of treatment is forced diuresis with diuretic drugs (Furosemide).

Ringer's solution or an isotonic solution of sodium chloride is injected intravenously in order to eliminate dehydration and prevent collapse (acute vascular insufficiency, accompanied by a drop in arterial and venous pressure). Also use drugs to increase blood pressure (Mezaton, Noradrenaline).

It should be remembered that only specialized medical care can prevent possible serious complications. And the lost time can be fatal for the patient.

Measures of prevention of poisoning with milk sunshine

профилактика отравления груздями Far from all people know that even true milk mushrooms under adverse environmental conditions can cause acute poisoning. When collecting mushrooms, one should pay attention to the presence of any industrial enterprises, highways, factories near.

Thus, in the collection and preparation of mushrooms should follow some simple rules:

  • to collect in the forest only when you are sure that it is just a load in front of you (and to be able to distinguish the real from the false);
  • avoid places with a high concentration of toxic substances for collecting mushrooms (routes, industrial production);
  • to soak the milk mushrooms for at least three days, changing the water every four hours;
  • after soaking, milk need to boil and then salt.

Thus, under certain conditions, one can safely enjoy the results of the mushroom harvest.

Is it possible to get poisoned with salty milk mushrooms? - No, if the mushrooms are properly picked and soaked before the ambassador. Enjoy your meal!