Harmful to smoke a hookah

отравление кальяном Modern methods of entertainment are trying to make the most secure for human health or, at least, to present them as such. Replacing cigarettes with a hookah, producers loudly declare that there is practically no harm from them, because they contain a system for cleaning smoke from harmful impurities.

Is this so and can it be poisoned with a hookah? How harmful are the smoking blends? What other health risk factors are contained in this mysterious subject?

Advantages of hookah

Many prefer this kind of smoking tobacco because of some differences from cigarettes. The advantages are as follows.

  1. кальян The use of tobacco by hookah, it is believed that it is not addictive (if the mixture does not include narcotic substances).
  2. Cigarettes smoke much more often, a hookah is more cumbersome, you can not take it with you, you can not put it in your pocket.
  3. During smoking of cigarettes, the smoke contained in it harmful tar and other carcinogenic substances go directly to the lungs. In the hookah, it passes through the liquid and many substances settle there, without getting into the human respiratory system.
  4. As employees of institutions offering such entertainment say, changing the mouthpiece will protect your health from diseases transmitted through saliva (hepatitis, herpes, acute infectious diseases).

A good alternative to cigarettes, is not it? But is everything so simple. Is it harmful to smoke a hookah in fact? This is a minor plus in comparison with the health damage that this type of smoking can cause.

Can I poison myself with a hookah?

Most often this kind of entertainment is offered in the circle of friends, while relaxing in a restaurant or in a club. This means that in rare cases the device undergoes ideal treatment. Representatives of the organization offer a replaceable nozzle (mouthpiece) in the hope that this is quite enough for the prevention of diseases. But not only it can cause harm to health, each part of the hookah contains many life-threatening microorganisms:

  • a hookah mine, on the walls of which impurities condense;
  • a liquid bowl;
  • the smoking pipe itself.
staphylococcus aureus

Any of these parts, regardless of the material from which it was produced, must be treated daily with special solutions, sterilized, and the rubber tube through which smoke is inhaled should be rinsed after each use. But no organization cares about its customers enough to fulfill all these conditions constantly. Bad from the hookah can be after the first use, because on the walls except for tar and condensate can detect microorganisms.

  1. Staphylococcus, which causes a large amount of purulent inflammation of the mucous membranes of the upper respiratory tract.
  2. Fungus "Aspergill" almost lightning striking lung.
  3. Pseudomonas aeruginosa is a microorganism resistant to many antibiotics, leading to irreparable consequences, affecting, including the kidneys.

To the disease developed very quickly in a few hours, several important conditions are necessary:

  • the amount of pathogen should be maximum for the appearance of the disease;
  • a sharp decrease in human immunity;
  • It is necessary that a person smokes a hookah long enough, from two or three breaths, microbes do not have time to enter the body.
одышка из за курения кальяна

What are the symptoms of such an infectious poisoning with a hookah?

Infection with Aspergillus fungus will cause:

  • shortness of breath;
  • pain in the chest;
  • increased body temperature;
  • severe weakness and nausea.

Staphylococcus causes diseases of the mucous membranes of the upper respiratory tract: angina, bronchitis, tracheitis.

The very next day after smoking hookah people can feel:

  • severe headaches;
  • weakness;
  • sensation of aches in the joints.
  • In spite of this, the process of cleaning tobacco smoke through water, carcinogens and harmful tar is still in it. Can I poison myself with a hookah? Yes, the deterioration of well-being can be not only from microorganisms inside the system, but also from the smoke that a person inhales. Only about 20-30% of harmful substances are deposited on the walls of the device, the rest are dissolved in water and with small particles of liquid fall into the deeper layers of the respiratory system.

    carbon monoxide

    In the smoke from the hookah contains the following pathogenic substances for the body.

    1. Carbon monoxide or CO, its concentration after smoking a hookah, in comparison with one smoked cigarette, exceeds by 10 or more times. Carbon monoxide intoxication when smoking hookah, this is one of the most common causes of acute poisoning with hookah.
    2. Poisonous gums, arising from the effect of burning air on the tobacco mixture, which, in addition to tobacco, contains preservatives, flavors.
    3. Benzopropylene is a hydrocarbon poison.
    4. Unknown substances that make up tobacco. In our country, since this type of smoking has so far been considered harmless - no one studied the constituents of the mixtures, apart from aromatic additives, they can contain other components that, when exposed to high temperatures, turn into poisons.

    What to do if you smoke a hookah

    When poisoning from smoking hookah will appear the following signs of poisoning:

    • слабость


    • dizziness;
    • heart palpitations or tachycardia;
    • severe weakness;
    • in severe cases of convulsions, a person may fall into a faint.

    First aid after poisoning with a hookah is to provide access to oxygen to the injured person. To do this, if possible, open all the windows and doors or take the person out onto the street. Then you need to lay the victim, unfasten the tight clothes: remove the tie, belt, undo the top buttons of the blouse or shirt. You can not beat a person on the cheeks and independently lead him into feelings. Specialized medical care should be called forth immediately.

    Treatment of poisoning with hookah

    лекарство унитиол How should I act if a person has lit a hookah, what should I do? First aid is to take a person to fresh air. Then you need to immediately call an ambulance and try to get the person to the hospital faster. Shortly before this, you can take a little tobacco mixture for further research.

    What is the treatment for poisoning with hookah? This symptomatic therapy:

    • introduction of "Unithiol" (antidote CO);
    • cramping seizures, connecting a system with glucose, vitamin injections;
    • maintenance of inhalation with oxygen;
    • application of hyperbaric oxygenation - saturation with oxygen.

    Smoking hookah safely? No, even rare trips to a bar or to friends who have such a device can end badly. For poisoning it is not necessary to smoke the whole evening without stopping or to use prohibited mixtures. Dissolved in the liquid, harmful substances from tobacco are absorbed by the lungs much more quickly, penetrate deeper and cause more damage. Poisoning is not only possible, it happens often, and the consequences of such entertainment can be troubling for a very long time.