Poisoning with canned food

отравление консервами Poison canned food at any time, without waiting for it. After all, even the kind of quality canned food can cause symptoms of food poisoning.

Especially careful to be with canned goods made at home. It is necessary to remember each trifle with independent canning, because mistakes can lead to negative consequences.

Basics of storing canned food

It is important to remember that if the canning is depressurized, its contents become quickly corrupted, and the metal packaging ceases to protect the product. The contents of canned food must immediately be transferred to a glass jar or used. But this will shorten the shelf life of canned food for a short time.

отравление консервами симптомы A variety of canned fish is a preservative (i.e., not sterilized). If the product is sterilized and hermetically packaged, it does not require careful selection of the storage location. In a dry place, at room temperature, it will last for years. But in the case of preserves you need to be more careful, since they are not sterilized and therefore have short shelf life.

Some facts about storing canned food:

  1. Canned food is sold in metal jars and after a certain time they may have a metallic taste.
  2. When freezing with canned food, nothing will happen, but the fish itself will become loose.
  3. Also, it is not recommended to store in damp areas, since practically no metal can resist and eventually the bank will rust.
  4. When germs get into canned fish, the process of fermentation takes place, gases are released. Banks swell and all the contents turn into poison.

Symptoms of canning poisoning.

When poisoning with canned fish, the following symptoms appear:

  1. отравление рыбными консервами последствия Nausea is a sign of mild poisoning. It will not cause you serious complications, most importantly, help the body to remove toxins.
  2. If there was vomiting or diarrhea - this is a sign of acute poisoning. In this case, rapid dehydration of the body occurs. Waiting for a doctor, you need to drink a lot.
  3. If you feel severe nausea, weakness, acute headache, you need to immediately seek emergency medical care, because it can be the symptoms of a deadly disease - botulism.

As soon as signs of poisoning were noticed, especially when accompanied by vomiting and diarrhea, urgently need to call an "ambulance".

What to do when poisoning in the first place

In case of mild poisoning, it is necessary to induce a vomitive reflex. To do this, you should drink two glasses of warm boiled water. Rinse your mouth thoroughly with clean water. You can drink freshly brewed strong tea.

In case of acute poisoning with canned food, you should immediately call a doctor. In anticipation of an ambulance you need to drink more. Put an enema to cleanse the body of toxins.

Even with the symptoms of acute poisoning can manage independently, but still - a visit to the doctor is required.

Treatment for poisoning with canned food.

отравление рыбными консервами лечение After calling a vomiting reflex, you should drink sorbents (drugs that remove toxic substances from the body). The most famous, popular and budgetary sorbent is activated charcoal, which should be taken into account: one tablet per ten kilograms of weight.

When poisoning the body is very dehydrated, so it is necessary to replenish the loss of fluid, that is, drink plenty of water. The most effective way is to take rehydration (salt) solutions. In most cases, these actions are enough to get rid of the symptoms. In case of increased symptoms, it is immediately necessary to call a doctor.

When poisoning with canned fish, you should go to an ambulance. Such poisoning is very dangerous, and in some cases can lead to death. So life, in the literal sense of the word, depends on your quick response.

If you value your life, take a closer look at the choice of canned food. It is better to overpay, but be sure that this product does not infect you with dangerous bacteria. Bloated canned food or bought on the market - are a source of potential danger, so do not risk it. If an adult can still cope with the manifestation of poisoning, then the child does not have such a strong immune system.