Poisoning by chicken

отравление куриным мясом Summer - it's time to travel to the sea, picnics and a period when you can actively relax with the whole family. At such times, you want to pay more attention to people around you and people around you than cooking. Therefore, ready meals in cooking or in cafeterias like hot cakes. Shish kebab, sausage and grilled chicken are the most frequently purchased products during the weekend.

What is dangerous for such food? During this period, the doctors of the infectious diseases departments work in an intensive mode, as the poisoning of the same chicken happens almost daily. But chicken meat is dangerous not only in the summer. What diseases can cause this product?

Causes of Chicken Meat Poisoning

Chicken meat has always been considered a dietary product. It is primarily recommended for diseases of the digestive system due to low fat content. Despite this, the protein is rich in minerals - phosphorus, iron, selenium, magnesium, calcium, copper and B vitamins. Plus - it's an inexpensive pleasure, from which you can cook many delicious dishes. Nevertheless, chicken meat poisoning happens quite often. And the reason for this is not only the human factor (dirty hands, violation of the technology of cooking meat), but also some processes that do not depend on ourselves.

причины отравления куриным мясом

Causes of poisoning with chicken protein:

  1. Salmonellosis is the most common disease that can be obtained by eating contaminated meat. Poultry and shop products often contain bacteria of the genus Salmonella. Even a healthy-looking bird may be the bearer of this dangerous intestinal infection, and if there is insufficient heat treatment, infect humans.
  2. Infection with food-borne diseases. These infectious processes cause conditionally pathogenic microorganisms that are in the environment. In the case when the meat lay in a warm place for a long time and there was a fact of infection, the bird becomes an extremely dangerous product. Even if carefully washed and cooked with a lot of spices - the number of pathological bacteria will not decrease. So, often there is a poisoning by a chicken a grill, got in a shop.
  3. причины отравления куриным белком Recently, television is replete with information about all kinds of additives and fillers in products. Poultry meat is no exception. To increase the weight of the chicken, it is pumped with liquids containing substances that trap it inside. Simultaneously, they are a source of bacterial growth, and in some cases, an allergic component.
  4. Another dangerous moment that awaits every fan of chicken dishes - the meat of any bird often causes allergic reactions. For people prone to food allergies, such food can end badly.

Symptoms of Chicken Poisoning

Symptoms of poisoning can be either very pronounced or minimal. It all depends on the number of pathogens of the infection in the meat, and the immunity of the body. What are the symptoms of chicken poisoning?

  1. If there is a contamination with salmonella, nausea, repeated vomiting, malaise, pain in the stomach area will be disturbed in an easy case.
  2. More severe lesions also include a severe pain symptom along the bowel, abundant indomitable vomiting, diarrhea (the stool may be green), bloating in the abdomen, rumbling, a sharp increase in body temperature.
  3. симптомы отравления куриным мясом When poisoning a rotten chicken, food poisoning can develop. It is characterized by an acute onset with a general malaise, weakness, the appearance of nausea and frequent vomiting. It may be that the body temperature rises to 38-39 ° C, but within a day it drops to normal. There are cramping pains in the abdomen, a liquid watery stool. The cardiovascular system suffers: the heart rhythm decreases, pressure decreases, and sometimes fainting occurs.
  4. With the development of allergic reactions on the human body, there is a rash from a small point to a large, prone to fusion, a runny nose. In rare cases, it can reach asphyxiation and anaphylactic shock.

What to do with chicken poisoning

It is much easier to prevent a disease than to treat it. But if suddenly there was such a situation you need to act immediately.

  1. When poisoning with chicken, treatment should be handled by doctors in the infectious disease department. Therefore, you need to contact the clinic for specialized help or to the hospital, call an ambulance. This is for severe poisoning.
  2. What can I do before the doctors arrive? You can wash the stomach with warm water at room temperature. If there is activated charcoal - you need to give an adult person at least 8 tablets at a time.
  3. What to do when chicken is poisoned, if symptoms are not expressed, but does the person feel moderately ill? It is necessary to completely stop the intake of chicken meat in the body and begin symptomatic treatment. To do this, use solutions to fill the loss of fluid in the body if there was vomiting and diarrhea. Prescribe antibiotics, drugs that protect the gastric mucosa from inflammation and substances that normalize the intestinal microflora.
  4. With the development of an allergic reaction, a strict diet and antihistamine (antiallergic) drugs are prescribed until the symptoms disappear.

Preventing poisoning with chicken meat

To avoid possible unpleasant complications after using a poor quality product, you need to learn how to choose a fresh bird and prepare it correctly. What should I look for?

  1. профилактика отравления куриным белком Do not forget to look at the expiration date.
  2. The skin of the chicken should be pale pink, smooth. Dry skin is a sign of a stale product.
  3. When cutting meat should be slightly moist, pink and without foreign odors.
  4. You can not buy a bird with a grayish tinge and sticky slime on the surface.
  5. Before cooking, soak chicken for 1-2 hours in cold water to speed up excretion of fillers.
  6. To avoid the development of salmonellosis - boil the meat for at least 40 minutes until completely ready.

So can you poison yourself with chicken? Yes, poisoning stale chicken happen, but they can be avoided. To do this, you do not need to hurry up at showcases with meat products and cook correctly. Health and well-being of a person depends, in most cases, on an attentive attitude to what one has to eat.