Poisoning by a fly agaric

мухомор Despite the strict prohibitions of doctors and warnings in the media about the dangers of using toadstools, there are people who are ready to believe in a miracle and risk being cured by these mushrooms. There will always be hope for a happy recovery after consuming the magic tincture on this herbal product. But health workers are more likely to encounter people who have suffered from such often invented prescriptions than those who have recovered from a fatal malady after such treatment.

In our time, poisoning with a fly agaric is a frequent phenomenon, which means that it is important to learn how to respond to these situations.

Amanita Toxins

The active substances that make up the mushroom, act primarily on the nervous system. Therefore, the use of fungi can lead to a hypnotic state or a sharp depression of consciousness, or even death. The chemical composition of the fly agaric is oversaturated with psychoactive substances. These include:

  1. Muscimol is a breakdown product of ibotenic acid. These substances act directly on the brain cells, causing their destruction.
  2. Muscarin, which is inside, affects many systems, leading to the classic symptoms of amanita poisoning.
  3. But the fungus, in addition to the depressant components, also contains molecules that activate the nervous system. An example of such a substance is Muskason.

токсины мухомора Due to the small amount of each of these components, poisoning with a mushroom or drugs prepared from it does not always occur. According to scientists, several conditions are necessary for death to occur:

  • not less than 10–15 mushrooms should be eaten;
  • the weakened organism has a faster poison;
  • It is important to take into account the individual characteristics of each organism - if a person is very susceptible to psychotropic drugs and substances, then poisoning occurs from small doses of the above substances.

Is it possible to die from the fly agaric? Yes, when trying to get or prepare a cure for all diseases from them. Relatively harmless old-fashioned recipes, which have been studied and applied over the years, not all have survived to our days. There is no 100% guarantee when using “proven” tools. In addition, each organism is unique. The same substance will benefit someone, and hurt another.

What is the use of amanita

Despite the content of poisonous substances, there is evidence of the use of individual members of the amanita family for medical purposes and for help in the household.

гриб бледная поганка How to use fly agarics?

  1. Based on the name, they are used to get rid of insects.
  2. The bodies of fungi contain the coloring matter - muscarufin, which has antitumor activity.
  3. The ancients used caps to make potent hallucinatory solutions to conduct important ceremonies and rituals.
  4. Water-alcohol extracts and tinctures are used in traditional medicine to get rid of joint pain, sore throat, rheumatic lesions. Maybe that's why even in the tales of Baba Yaga and Koschey, the Amanita collected the Amanita?
  5. In official medicine, substances are prepared that help with spasm of cerebral vessels, sclerosis, if a woman has a climacter.
  6. Even the most poisonous representative is a pale toadstool, in small doses it is prescribed as a homeopathic substance to improve the protective properties of the organism.
  7. Non-poisonous mushrooms of this genus are cooked in food (Cesarian fungus) and occasionally used as a soporific substance (Sicilian fly agaric).

We must not forget that you can poison yourself with edible mushrooms. Even medicines made with the help of extracts from the fly agarics are prescribed only by doctors and with great care. Therefore, you should not tempt fate and try to invent a safe way to use these poisonous mushrooms.

Typical symptoms of amanita poisoning

головная боль It is difficult to confuse the classic red mushroom with some other edible mushroom. Invented by nature, a bright protective color is more of a warning character. Therefore, representatives of this family are used more often intentionally than by negligence.

What are the symptoms of a mushroom poisoning?

  1. The first signs appear already after 1-2 hours after eating mushrooms: nausea, severe weakness, vomiting may begin.
  2. Since the fly agarics act primarily on the nervous system, there is a strong drooling, headache, dizziness, slow heartbeat.
  3. At the same time, stabbing pains in the abdomen are troubling, and diarrhea, often with a mixture of blood, soon appears.
  4. Signs of severe poisoning are indicated by: nonsense, hallucinations, a sharp deterioration in vision, possibly the appearance of seizures.
  5. If the poison turned out to be strong and the help to the person was not rendered in time, the next stage of the process appears: motor excitement develops, after 6–10 hours passing from drowsy state, apathy.
  6. The human body temperature drops below normal, the sclera of the eyes, the skin, and the visible mucous membranes turn yellow.
  7. In severe cases, collapse, paralysis of the respiratory muscles develop and death occurs.

Poisoning with a single fly agaric, or a small amount of it, is also possible in rare cases. Symptoms are observed with these:

  • nausea;
  • vomiting;
  • diarrhea;
  • weakness;
  • headaches;
  • dizziness.

All this worries the victim for a long time, and without the help of specialists, the symptoms only increase.

It is important to remember that such processes are not chronic; without proper treatment, even mild poisoning can end in tears. Timely rendered first aid eliminates many undesirable consequences.

First aid and treatment

помощь при отравлении грибами Starting first aid is important as early as possible before the arrival of the doctors. Phased actions should be:

  1. You should immediately call the ambulance crew, even if you doubt the source of the poisoning.
  2. It is necessary to immediately begin gastric lavage . This is done only with warm water or saline. In the old sources, it is recommended for poisoning with toadstools and gastric lavage. Add some potassium permanganate to the water. But potassium permanganate should be treated with caution, as in an emergency you can overdose with such a substance and cause mucosal burns. Washing is done to clean water.
  3. If possible, apply adsorbents. At home, activated carbon is more common. A single dose of an adult - at least 8 tablets at a time.
  4. To stop the effect of poison, prescribe an antidote - atropine. But it is used in such cases by health workers.

These are the maximum allowable actions that everyone can perform before the arrival of the doctors. Then the victim is immediately taken to the hospital, where, depending on the state and manifestations of the poisoning, appropriate specialized assistance will be provided.

In the hospital poisoning with fly-agarics is treated in a complex way: hormone preparations (glucocorticoids) are prescribed, supportive therapy for the nervous and cardiovascular systems, fill in fluid and electrolyte loss, and symptomatic preparations are prescribed.

It is important for all lovers of experimenting with non-traditional treatments to remember that even the safest recipes can lead to unexpected consequences. And recipes with the use of fly agarics are best avoided. Indeed, in trying to improve health with their help, we can only aggravate the situation.