Poisoning during pregnancy in the early and late periods

отравление беременных No one is immune from food intoxication, including pregnant women. Moreover, their bodies are more sensitive to toxic effects.

So let's find out how to treat poisoning during pregnancy, what consequences can a woman expect? Is there a threat to the child in the early and late stages of development in case of poisoning of the mother and what is it? Let's talk about the causes and features of the treatment of food poisoning during pregnancy, learn what you can do and what not.

Food poisoning sources

It turned out that food is loved not only by people, but also by microbes. When ingested, pathogens feed, produce light of their own kind, produce toxins. What are these infectious agents?

  1. Staphylococcus. It occurs most often. Reproduction of microbes occurs when improper storage of cooked products. It is possible to get poisoning when milk from animals suffering from mastitis is used in food, in violation of the rules of hygiene during cooking. The products of factory production serve as a source of staphylococcus in case of violation of sanitary norms, when the health of employees is not checked for pustular skin diseases, acute inflammation of the upper respiratory tract (nose, throat, vocal cords, trachea).
  2. сальмонеллы Salmonella. Their source is raw eggs and products prepared on their basis, due to insufficient or lack of heat treatment. May affect all parts of the digestive tract from the stomach to the colon.
  3. Proteus and Clostridia. They feel comfortable in meat, fish products, canned food, milk, sausage. One type of this infection is botulism.

Susceptibility to food infection is very high and is more than 90%. It is even higher during pregnancy.

Treatment of staphylococcal poisoning during pregnancy in the early stages

It is also important to immediately distinguish between the concepts of "toxicosis of pregnant women" and "poisoning." It is important not to confuse one with the other.

How to treat poisoning during pregnancy?

The first thing to do is to take activated charcoal, it can be used at any gestational age.

восполнение жидкости сухофруктами Gastric lavage is done only if the condition of the pregnant woman is moderately severe or severe. The need for gastric lavage should be determined only by a doctor. The procedure is carried out under the control of the blood pressure of the future mother and the condition of the child. To prevent an abortion, the woman is injected with Magnesia, Papaverine.

Be sure to deal with the replacement of lost fluid. As a drink, use tea, dried fruit compote, as well as salt solutions like Regidron.

With low blood pressure, caffeine is injected to maintain normal blood flow in the placenta.

If vomiting is repeated and there is a threat of dehydration, saline solutions in the required amount are injected intravenously. Be sure to control the ionic composition of blood.

The doctor may prescribe antibiotics, but usually there is no need for them.

In case of poisoning during pregnancy, it is necessary to adhere to therapeutic nutrition. In the first 2 days of the disease, not very sweet tea with breadcrumbs is allowed, you can drink diluted blackcurrant juice, blueberry juice, rosehip broth. In the future, the diet is expanded. During the recovery period, white bread, slimy soups, steam dumplings, meatballs from meat and fish of low-fat varieties, porridge on water or lean meat broth, fresh cottage cheese or in the form of a souffle are allowed. In a limited amount of sweets, fruits, berries.

соусы Categorically you can not eat after poisoning:

  • sauces;
  • spices;
  • snacks;
  • alcohol.

If the poisoning proceeds easily, which happens most often, a gentle nutrition, sorbents, and abundant drinking are prescribed. After 2–3 days, well-being improves, and treatment is no longer required.

Implications for the child

угроза беременности What could be the prognosis after and during the poisoning during pregnancy in the early stages?

There is the likelihood of the threat of miscarriage, spontaneous miscarriage. A sharp decrease in blood pressure, dehydration, a violation of the ionic composition of the blood can lead to a delay in the development of the fetus, missed abortion.

But in general, the prognosis for mother and baby is mostly favorable and the disease passes without consequences.

Treatment of staphylococcal poisoning during pregnancy in the later periods

Treatment approaches are the same. Also prescribe a diet, activated carbon, plenty of drink. Only after 36 weeks, Magnesia is no longer used. If necessary, inject drugs that improve blood circulation in the placenta.

Implications for the child

Poisoning during late pregnancy can cause the following complications:

  • the threat of preterm birth;
  • преждевременные роды placental abruption;
  • preterm delivery;
  • bleeding;
  • discrepancy between the development of the child and the period of pregnancy;
  • insufficient weight gain of the fetus;
  • placental insufficiency when there is an insufficient supply of oxygen and nutrients to the child.

Consequences develop when severe poisoning or a combination of intoxication with the pathology of pregnancy. In general, after the poisoning for the mother, the consequences are minimal. Placental abruption, bleeding create more serious situations. It's hard to say something definite here.

Treatment of salmonella poisoning during pregnancy

What can pregnant women with food poisoning contaminated with salmonella?

  1. отравление сальмонеллезом Make detoxification sorbents.
  2. Drinking saline solutions.
  3. Diet.
  4. Antibiotics, the need for the appointment of which is determined by the doctor.

There are several forms of salmonellosis - depending on the affected parts of the digestive tract, so the treatment of such poisoning can be very different. Hospitalization is necessary for moderate and severe course. But the examination of a therapist or infectious diseases specialist is necessary without fail in all even mild cases of poisoning.

The consequences for the child and mother are similar to the above.

Treatment of botulism poisoning during pregnancy

Botulism is very dangerous for life. If you suspect this type of intoxication during pregnancy requires emergency hospitalization in the hospital. A gastric lavage is required. Conduct cleansing enemas. In the first three days of the disease injected protivobotulinic serum. In this case, it is vital, so it is used, despite the pregnancy.

витаминотерапия Penicillin antibiotics are prescribed for infectious complications (for example, in case of development of inflammation of the lungs due to the throwing of the stomach contents into the trachea). Such complications accompany severe course of the disease. Spend abundant administration of solutions and drugs that stimulate urination.

According to the testimony injected heart remedies. Conduct vitamin therapy.

Respiratory failure is treated with high pressure oxygen. If it is necessary to make a hole in the trachea and insert a tube (tracheostomy) in communication with the environment, or carry out artificial ventilation of the lungs.

The consequences for a child at an early stage of development are the same, but the frequency of fetal death of the fetus is much greater. In the later stages of pregnancy, there is also a great danger of the death of the unborn baby and the mother herself.

Thus, food poisoning during pregnancy has similar general approaches to treatment. For each woman, the duration of treatment, types of drugs, a set of methods of influencing the disease is determined depending on the type of infection, the severity of the process, the course of pregnancy. Knowing the threat to the baby in case of poisoning, in order not to put at risk yourself and the child, you need to consult with your doctor. Because the amount of “can” and “not” in relation to treatment is determined by the situation.