Fish poisoning

Рыба на разделочной доске When eating fish, as, in principle, any other food, you must be attentive to its quality, as well as pay attention to the shelf life. If you ignore these simple rules, you can easily earn fish poisoning, the treatment of which takes a long time.

Everyone needs to remember that the majority of representatives of the most diverse species of fish can contain parasites in their tissues and organs. In humans, they produce dangerous toxins, which are the source of poisoning. Often, you can harm your body by eating fish products that have expired. Even canned foods can cause diseases such as botulism.

The main types of fish poisoning

Professional medical staff distinguishes two main types of poisoning with fish products - cholera and paralytic.

Choleroid fish poisoning

уженщины пищевое отравление рыбой This form of poisoning is caused by poisonous fish species, as well as seafood, which produce toxic toxins. With all the high cost of representatives of the salmon family, our compatriots very often have red fish poisoning, which is due to the fact that in the process of their vital activity it has accumulated quite a large number of microorganisms that cause serious harm to the human body. If we talk about the symptoms of cholera-like poisoning, it is worth highlighting the symptoms that are most often found:

  • there are cramps in the stomach or intestinal colic;
  • a person is very often sick and tearing;
  • diarrhea occurs;
  • the patient is constantly experiencing acute thirst;
  • the occurrence of spasms or cramps in the muscles;
  • periodically manifest symptoms of panic fear.

Paralytic form of fish poisoning

женщина отравилась рыбой This form of fish poisoning is most common. Its appearance is provoked either by spoiled, or poorly salted, or not completely smoked fish. Even the heat treatment of products can not give one hundred percent guarantee that a person does not poison himself with spoiled fish.

The disease is quite noticeable for the diagnosis of symptoms. For example, signs of poisoning with dried fish are characterized by:

  • gagging;
  • the occurrence of diarrhea;
  • constant thirst;
  • sharp dehydration.

It is worth remembering that if the victim does not provide timely assistance during poisoning, the respiratory system may become paralyzed. Poisons that cause smoked fish poisoning can also act destructively on other organs, gradually destroying their tissues. This, in turn, often leads to death.

Danger of fishes of the puffer family

ядовитая рыба Фугу The symptoms of poisoning with fish stand apart, the treatment of which is often simply impossible, and the poisoning itself is caused by members of the puffer family.

We are best known for one of them - the Fugu fish. As a rule, poisoning occurs after a person has eaten caviar or fugum milk, as well as its liver. After only half an hour, symptoms of the disease appear, the very first of the signs of poisoning is numbness in the mouth. With a sufficiently large dose of poison consumed with the product, numbness spreads throughout the body as soon as possible. Further, damage occurs to the organs of the gastrointestinal tract, after which gag reflexes come. In cases when Fugu fish poisoning is serious enough, the patient has paralysis of the limbs of the lower body, organs of the respiratory system, and then the upper limbs become numb.

If you do not turn to medical professionals in time, the result of the misuse of Fugu fish can be death.

Symptoms of fish poisoning and treatment

вяленая рыба Regardless of what signs of fish poisoning have been identified - of a cholera-like or paralytic nature - in any case, it is necessary to promptly seek medical help. Paralysis of the limbs, an acute shortage of water, sharp pains in the stomach - all this should alert the person, otherwise you can wait for a lethal outcome.

Before the arrival of doctors, a person who is close to the victim must take urgent measures to avoid his death:

  • force vomiting;
  • give a glass of water to drink;
  • if there is a laxative on hand, give it to the poisoned person;
  • An excellent means for fish poisoning is anisette, however, if there is only ordinary alcohol, it can also be used to grind limbs;
  • Vomiting can also be caused by potassium permanganate dissolved in water.

Any symptoms of fish poisoning will inevitably lead to long-term treatment. After cleansing the stomach, many patients experience a skin urticaria in the form of an itchy rash. After compulsory treatment, it is very effective to cope with the consequences of a special diet, which consists in the use in food of exclusively fresh products of plant origin.

Eating a stale fish is very dangerous for absolutely any person. Unlike other products, spoiled fish will not only cause discomfort in the gastrointestinal tract, but may also be fatal. By the way, citizens who believe that salt fish poisoning is impossible are deeply mistaken. This damaged product carries the same danger as all other types of fish.