Can I poison myself with champignons

отравление шампиньонами Champignons are mushrooms, which are famous for their excellent taste. The demand for this product remains consistently high. Industrial cultivation allows you to purchase your favorite product in shops without risk to health. Wild mushrooms should be more careful.

Let's figure out whether it is possible to poison the mushrooms themselves grown and collected in the forest.

Forest Mushrooms

A firm belief that poisoning with champignons is impossible in principle, sometimes leads to disastrous consequences. When going to nature, remember:

  • even an edible fungus can adversely affect your health;
  • in the forest grow false types of mushrooms, non-threatening lives, but sufficiently poisonous;
  • An inexperienced person can confuse a champignon with a pale toadstool or other poisonous mushroom.

Mushrooms - it's a kind of sponge, which collects both beneficial substances for the body, and dangerous.

лесные шампиньоны отравление Old, damaged mushrooms are a storehouse of toxins. They can not be used. If we talk about mushrooms, this recommendation applies to young specimens found in "bad" terrain.

To search for mushrooms it is not necessary in a zone:

  • dumps;
  • roads;
  • the former enterprise;
  • railway;
  • purification plant.

These and other similar objects emit into the environment acids, radionuclides and chemicals. Collected champignons can be poisoned, because the young champignon in just one day absorbs a lot of harmful compounds.

Before you go for mushrooms, it is recommended to learn as much as possible about the distinctive features of edible species, the place and the period of their growth.

Any product can be poisoned if it is oversaturated with nitrates, poisons and toxins.

A distinctive sign of usable mushrooms is known: when pressing on a fresh cut, the flesh changes its color, bright spots appear . Some mushrooms turn pink, others turn red, and others turn yellow. If the mushrooms yellow slightly, they are edible, but the risk of harming yourself increases. These species contain heavy metals. When they are eaten often, the elements accumulate in the body and cause poisoning.

Chicken Mushrooms

можно ли магазинные шампиньоны It has long been no secret that these mushrooms are practically a panacea for many ailments. Vitamins, antioxidants, useful acids in their composition will be of great benefit if the product is cooked correctly.

Nevertheless, such a "medicine" is not universal. It is possible to poison the mushrooms, even specially grown for sale. Some substances in their pulp are not suitable for everyone:

  1. Chitin . The element is hardly removed from the body, it is difficult to digest. It is especially difficult to cope with mushroom dishes to children. It is not necessary to give the child more than 200 g of pickles or 150 g of fried foods per day.
  2. Acids . People suffering from stomach ulcers need to be cautious about eating champignons. Abuse of them to anything good will not.
  3. Phosphorus and hydrocyanic acid . The elements contained in the mushroom pickles accumulate and do not work well on the kidneys. The dose is very small, but the unhealthy organ can react to it. Pain and light intoxication are the result of overeating of the peches.

Champignons and canning

консервированные шампиньоны To prepare mushrooms for future use and enjoy their taste in wintertime, many are fond of. At the same time, there is a danger that toxins form in the home preservation. After eating such a dish, a person will get food poisoning. Favorite food to turn into poison, if:

  • negligence or errors in preparation are allowed;
  • there is little acid in the solution;
  • clogged banks were poorly kept;
  • loosely lid the lid.

If the spore-forming bacteria clostridium botulinus get into conservation, then they release toxins that lead to severe food intoxication - botulism. As evidenced by medical statistics, every fourth of the affected botulism does not survive.

It is the pies among all the fungi that are most dangerous for domestic preparations. Under no circumstances should you try pickles from swollen cans. This is not food, but poison.

How to diagnose intoxication in time

Knowledge of the symptoms of poisoning with champignons will help to quickly determine the cause of the ailment and provide first aid. For example, flat-topped champignon and yellow-skin champignon, are poisonous mushrooms and contain toxins of local excitatory action in their composition. Only 1-2 hours after their use, there are intestinal disorders. Begins to disturb nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, colic in the abdomen. Gastric lavage and sedatives will help.

интоксикация Symptoms of poisoning with salted or canned mushrooms are determined by the causes that caused intoxication:

  1. If it is bacteria that multiply when the technology of canning is violated, then the person begins to feel sick, he complains of pains in the abdominal region, the temperature rises.
  2. Toxins isolated by anaerobic microorganisms (those that do not need oxygen), such as Clostridium botulinum. Symptoms of botulism are nausea, abdominal pain, vomiting, vision disorder, swallowing, muscle movements.
  3. If the cause of poisoning are external harmful compounds, saturated with toxic substances from the environment, then headache, vomiting and nausea will not be waiting for.

The answer to the question, whether it is possible to poison the champignons, is definitely positive. But the risk of getting sick really reduces to almost zero. For this, it is necessary to abandon wild-growing fungi, not to abuse and take into account the individual characteristics of the organism.