Is it possible to poison soda

натрий двууглекислый Sodium bicarbonate, or baking soda, is available in every home. Used for making pastry and baking. Someone is trying to be treated with it or use it for cosmetic purposes. Most people do not even think about whether it is possible to poison with baking soda. In fact, poisoning is possible, and the consequences can be quite serious.

Sodium hydroxide - caustic soda, known for its toxic properties. Mainly used in industrial production. In everyday life, this substance is also used to remove strong dirt and clean pipes from clogs. Included in the cleaning products. Therefore, poisoning with soda is important. You need to know how to avoid it and what to do if trouble happened.

What is dangerous baking soda

Baking soda is often used to eliminate heartburn, although this method is very controversial, as it stimulates the production of an even greater amount of gastric juice containing hydrochloric acid. A vicious circle is formed called the acid rebound, because of which heartburn returns with a new force.

пищевая сода When consumed once inside the sodium bicarbonate most harmless that can occur - the excessive formation of carbon dioxide accompanied by bloating. When ingested or on the mucous membrane of the eye, soda causes irritation and inflammation. With prolonged exposure to the skin, for example, in the form of compresses, soda also causes a local reaction.

Some recklessly use baking soda for the treatment of disease and weight loss. The most dangerous consequence caused by poisoning the body with baking soda is the development of metabolic alkalosis - the pH of the blood shifts to the alkaline side. This contributes to the deterioration of the blood supply to the brain and heart, reducing pressure. The transmission of impulses from nerve cells to muscles increases, which leads to the appearance of convulsions. Intestinal motor activity decreases and constipation appears. Oppressed respiratory center.

Caustic soda is a colorless substance, having a crystalline structure, which actively absorbs moisture and is highly soluble in water. It has the ability to erode everything that comes into contact with it. Influencing the skin or mucous membranes, sodium hydroxide causes deep burns.

If it gets into the eyes, irreversible changes will develop from the side of the optic nerve, which is the cause of blindness. When sodium hydroxide poisoning also develops alkalosis. Suffering cardiovascular system, liver, kidneys. Pulmonary edema may develop. The lethal dose of caustic soda is 20 ml.

Symptoms of soda poisoning

It is impossible to get poisoning from a single baking soda intake. To poison you have to take it too much. But if, due to the frequent use of soda for self-treatment or weight loss, metabolic alkalosis has developed, the symptoms may be the following:

  • симптомы отравления содой

    pale skin with a gray tint;

  • disorder of the sensitivity of the limbs and face;
  • irritability, anxiety;
  • headache, dizziness, memory loss;
  • thirst and lack of appetite;
  • muscle jerky;
  • decrease in pressure and tachycardia;
  • rare breathing;
  • fast fatiguability.

Caustic soda poisoning is much more difficult.

  1. Боль в пищеводе из-за отравления каустической содой
    Burning pain in the esophagus

    If swallowed, unbearable pains of burning character appear in the mouth, along the esophagus and in the stomach.

  2. Since this is a caustic substance, deep burns appear at the site of contact. The stomach suffers less frequently, since the alkali is neutralized by the hydrochloric acid of the gastric juice.
  3. Burns can be so severe that perforation (opening) in the esophagus wall can occur. As a result, tissues outside of it are damaged: inflammation of the mediastinum (mediastinitis), soft tissues around the esophagus (peri-esophagitis) and inflammation of the membrane surrounding the lungs (pleurisy) develops. Possibly massive bleeding.
  4. Acute heart failure may develop with a significant reduction in blood pressure and the development of collapse. The skin becomes pale and cold.
  5. Signs of renal and hepatic failure, pulmonary edema appear.
  6. Perforation of the stomach with the development of inflammation in the abdominal cavity (peritonitis) can result in death.

The cause of death due to caustic soda poisoning is pain shock, burn disease and complications such as heavy bleeding, as well as aspiration pneumonia, when the stomach contents are thrown into the respiratory tract.

Боль в горле из-за ожога парами каустической содой
Sore throat

It is possible poisoning by caustic soda vapors, especially at high concentrations in the air. In case of contact with eyes, severe pain appears, loss of vision is possible. If the poison is ingested through the respiratory tract, the corresponding symptoms appear:

  • sore throat;
  • paroxysmal cough;
  • hoarseness or complete loss of his voice;
  • inflammation or pulmonary edema.

Contact with the skin is accompanied by burns.

First aid and treatment

If you find an injured poisoned with caustic soda, you must give him first aid.

  1. Call an ambulance and call the brigade over.
  2. Stop contact with the toxic substance. Ventilate the room. If alkali gets into the eyes or on the skin - rinse with clean water for at least 15 minutes. If the poison got inside, you should drink milk or water to dilute the gastric contents, but not more than three glasses.
  3. If the victim is unconscious, then lay him on one side and do not touch. In the absence of a pulse, an indirect heart massage and breathing of the mouth to the nose is performed.

In case of poisoning with caustic soda, it is impossible to wash the stomach by yourself! Do not use means to neutralize it, since as a result of chemical interaction carbon dioxide is released, which leads to a stretching of the stomach, and this increases pain and bleeding. Do not give laxatives and drugs that cause vomiting.

All other actions are performed only by health care providers:

  • введение обезбаливающего gastric lavage using a probe;
  • painkillers, including narcotic drugs, are introduced to combat pain shock;
  • symptomatic therapy: stimulation of the respiratory center, control of cardiac activity and blood pressure level.

All victims are subject to hospitalization in the intensive care unit.

The consequences of poisoning can be very serious. If a person survives, then he will most likely have a burn in the esophagus, which will subsequently cause scarring, leading to a narrowing of its lumen. This prevents the passage of food into the stomach and exhaustion, which requires surgical intervention.

Prevention of soda poisoning

The rules are very simple, but effective.

  1. Резиновые перчатки как средство защиты

    Do not use baking soda to treat diseases of the digestive system.

  2. When working with caustic soda, do not forget about rubber gloves, goggles and a respirator.
  3. The room where sodium hydroxide is used must be well ventilated.
  4. Keep alkali in a container that closes tightly. Be sure to sign and keep away from children.
  5. Thoroughly wash off residues after work.

Thus, knowing whether soda can be poisoned, you should once again think about whether to use sodium bicarbonate for other purposes. If it is necessary to work with caustic soda, then be extremely careful, as carelessness can lead to disability and even death.