Poisoning with cottage cheese

отравление творогом Each of us knows that there are many different dairy products, and one of the most famous is, of course, cottage cheese.

Useful properties of cottage cheese are known for a long time. A great benefit for the human body is the use of this particular dairy product.

Curd is a healthy product

If you choose a number of other dairy and lactic products, cottage cheese is the leader in the content of proteins, calcium, phosphorus and mineral proteins. Because it is very well absorbed, its use has no age limits.

You need to pay attention only to the fat content of the product, for example, lean is better for children (you can add to the ration of the child 5-6 years), pregnant women and nursing mothers. Also, low-fat cottage cheese is irreplaceable during diets.

Can I poison myself with cottage cheese?

отравление творогом причины Cottage cheese has a favorable effect on the human body, but can it cause food poisoning? Despite the whole benefit of this wonderful product, there are several reasons why cottage cheese can still harm a person's health:

  1. Incorrect heat treatment can lead to poisoning, gastrointestinal disorders, allergic reactions. Preparing dishes with cottage cheese, which is bought in the market, you need to comply with the temperature regime, and pay attention to its consistency (the home curd should not be very wet and have an elastic consistency).
  2. The expired shelf life of the product is also dangerous for poisoning and frustration. You can not use an expired product.
  3. Improper storage of the product can harm a person, even if the expiration date has not expired. The most cautious with the use of cottage cheese should be in the summer, as the bacteria in this product develop very quickly in heat. It is necessary to remember that natural cottage cheese is stored only about 3 days. All curd products that have a shelf life above this mark contain preservatives or other chemicals that extend the shelf life of dairy products. This also needs to be paid attention, since with an excess of these substances, the product is even more dangerous to human health.

Symptoms of cheese poisoning

отравление творогом симптомы и причины Poisoning with cottage cheese is different in that its symptoms are manifested mostly quickly and swiftly. These are the symptoms:

  • weakness - the patient covers a sharp causeless weakness in the whole body;
  • sudden pains and spasms in the abdomen, acute, intolerable colic;
  • nausea - begins unexpectedly, often accompanied by vomiting;
  • diarrhea with pain;
  • elevated body temperature - quickly and suddenly falls ill in fever;
  • the temperature is accompanied by a fever.

Often these symptoms are present in other types of poisoning, but when poisoned with cottage cheese, they appear quickly. Since poisoning and intoxication of the body always go along, if you have the slightest suspicions about poisoning with cottage cheese, you need to immediately begin treatment.

The main methods of treatment for poisoning with cottage cheese

  1. отравление творогом методы лечения The patient needs to drink as much fluid as possible, then cleansing the body naturally will happen much faster.
  2. Take sorbent and restoring balance of intestinal microflora remedy, for example, Regidron, if such is available in the home medicine chest.
  3. Under no circumstances should you take fixing drugs. This can cause more damage to the body, since harmful bacteria need to be removed from the body, and not to collect them.
  4. If the above symptoms are present, but there is no diarrhea, then, in the poisoning process, unnecessary substances are not withdrawn. It is necessary to make the patient an enema with clean warm water.

Poisoning cottage cheese in children

Even more dangerous and unpredictable is the poisoning of cottage cheese in children. It is necessary to pay attention that each organism differently transfers this or that disease, and children are not an exception. With a mild form of poisoning, only some symptoms may manifest, such as an allergic reaction, a child's lethargy or refusal to eat.

отравление творогом детей If your child suffers from severe pain in the abdomen, which accompanies nausea, vomiting, loose stools - it is necessary to begin treatment at the first manifestations of poisoning. Often the symptoms are the fever of the child's body, and in the stool you can find undigested food or even blood.

It is necessary to call a doctor right away . Meanwhile, put the baby, give water, antipyretics if necessary and try to distract the child before the doctor comes. But nevertheless, it is better to entrust the child to doctors and not to engage in self-treatment so as not to harm the baby.

In any case, a child or an adult is poisoned, if there is no improvement during the provision of care, you should immediately consult a doctor who will provide qualified medical care.