Poisoning with Acetic Essence

отравление уксусной эссенцией Vinegar or vinegar essence is, perhaps, almost in every house. Mistresses use it when pickling, baking, together with soda is used for cleaning in everyday life. But it happens that vinegar is the cause of poisoning.

The poisoning of acetic essence in most cases occurs intentionally, but it is possible to take vinegar by negligence or by mistake.

The effect of vinegar on the body

Table vinegar in 9% concentration in small doses will not cause any special harm. But the intake of a large amount of vinegar or a slightly diluted solution in a concentration of 30% can lead to death. And fast death can come from various complications:

  • direct exposure to tissue with pain shock, fluid and blood loss;
  • influence on the blood with the destruction of cells and changes in the acidity of the environment;
  • acute renal dysfunction due to clogged vessels in them by the products of cell disintegration;
  • defeat of vital organs due to a violation of their diet.

It is very important that acetic acid not only affects the tissues in direct contact. It is also very well absorbed (the process of resorption), thus penetrating into the blood and spreading throughout the body.

Therefore, the effects of vinegar and developing symptoms are divided into local and resorptive. In fact, after poisoning with vinegar, a burn disease develops.

Clinical picture of poisoning with vinegar

отравление организма уксусом In general, the clinical course of bite poisoning can be divided into stages:

  • acute;
  • intoxication (toxemia);
  • stage of infectious and inflammatory complications;
  • asthenia;
  • stage of recovery.

Immediately after penetrating the human body, acetic acid cauterizes the tissues, causing a chemical burn. There are deep foci of dry necrosis, that is, necrosis of tissues. In this case, a lot of fluid is lost, the walls of the vessels are destroyed, bleeding is possible. Pain is expressed.

Strong, deep, sharply painful burns appear on the lips, in the mouth and lower along the way of ingestion of vinegar. There is vomiting with an admixture of blood. The inhalation of vinegar vapors and the ingress of vinegar into the lungs during vomiting lead to a burn of the mucosa of the respiratory tract.

Develop edema in the bronchi and lungs, shortness of breath. Upon examination, a strong acetic odor, burns around the mouth, mouth and throat, soreness on palpation (palpation) of the abdomen, signs of irritation of the peritoneum, shortness of breath, vomiting attracts attention.

At this stage, the consequence of poisoning with vinegar will be shock reactions:

  • pain shock;
  • hypovolemic shock;
  • hemorrhagic shock.

All of them can lead to death in a short time. With shock, blood pressure drops sharply, cardiac activity changes, the skin is cold, and consciousness is changed.

отравление уксусом последствия Meanwhile, the vinegar penetrates deeper. In the blood, erythrocytes and other cells are destroyed, the process of coagulation is immediately disrupted. Renal tubules and vessels are clogged with the destroyed hemoglobin. Urine becomes small. Urea, creatinine and other metabolic products circulate in the blood in ever-increasing concentrations. Due to poisoning with these substances and from the disruption of nutrition of tissues, signs of organ damage gradually appear. The defeat of the central nervous system, liver, kidneys, heart can become critical and push the scales to death.

In the lungs, inflammatory processes begin to form. Join tracheobronchitis, pneumonia. Because of the increasing intoxication, the brain suffers, acute psychoses can develop. All violations are confirmed by the results of the analyzes. In the urine, hemoglobin and protein are detected, it becomes reddish. In the biochemical analysis of blood, the concentration of urea, creatinine, uric acid increases, markers of acute damage to the liver and heart appear. In the general analysis of blood - hemolysis, a violation of the structure and number of blood cells, the emergence of free hemoglobin. In the coagulating system of blood imbalance.

After the relative stabilization of the condition in the clinical picture, symptoms of exhaustion, asthenia prevail. These are manifestations of micronutrient deficiencies, proteins, inadequate organ function, and impaired tissue supply with oxygen.

In addition to the symptoms of an acute and subacute period of poisoning with vinegar, there are still manifestations of the recovery period. Places of chemical burns are grossly scarred. This leads to narrowing of the esophagus and deformation of the stomach. With severe organ damage, signs of a decrease in their functioning persist.

Treatment of poisoning with vinegar

отравление уксусом очищение желудка The objectives of the treatment for poisoning with vinegar are:

  • maximum full clearance of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • therapy of shock reactions;
  • correction of developing disorders;
  • maintenance of the work of organs and body systems;
  • prevention of complications and long-term consequences.

First aid

When poisoning with vinegar treatment is carried out in a hospital, and in severe conditions, even in the intensive care unit. The first aid for poisoning with vinegar is gastric lavage and complete anesthesia of the affected person .

Abundant gastric lavage should be carried out before the patient enters the hospital. In doing so, you can not carry out this procedure directly, giving a drink and inducing vomiting . After all, when vomiting, acid will again pass the same path, re-injuring the esophagus wall, strengthening necrosis and leading to bleeding.

In addition, if acetic essence has been accepted, slow fractional washing can worsen the patient's condition. After all, concentrated solutions act mainly locally, whereas during dilution such a solution will begin to be rapidly absorbed. And this should be prevented.

отравление уксусом Therefore, during the first hours after poisoning, the stomach is washed with a thick probe, which is smeared with vaseline throughout the surface. Also, you can not use water for washing with soda (sodium bicarbonate). The carbon dioxide that forms when soda is extinguished will stretch the burned tissues, leading to bleeding.

Rinse the stomach only with cold clean water. Usually, up to 15 liters of water is required to get clean enough washing water.

Anesthesia is carried out with the help of narcotic and non-narcotic analgesics. Atropine, antispasmodics are administered simultaneously. To reduce intoxication use massive infusion therapy, often with the addition of hormonal drugs.

After restoration with the development of pronounced after-burn narrowing of the esophagus, surgical treatment or bougieering can be performed.

The full treatment of poisoning with vinegar is complex, long, its volume depends on the severity of the condition of the victim and the available symptoms. Timely and correctly rendered first aid for poisoning with vinegar and subsequent treatment of burn disease significantly increase the chance of survival.

Poisoning with vinegar is a formidable condition that threatens life at different stages of its course. Accepting vinegar with a suicidal purpose dooms itself to suffering.

To protect households, vinegar should be stored in a signed container in places inaccessible to children and incompetent citizens.