Wine poisoning

отравление вино In our country, the demand for alcohol, including wine products is quite high. Statistics showed that in 2013, per average Russian accounted for more than 10 liters of alcohol per year. Based on these facts, the risk of non-alcoholic wine poisoning is quite high.

What are the causes of this poisoning? How to recognize it and what to do if it still happened? What measures to take to such a poisoning never happened? Answers to these questions can be found in this article.

When does wine poisoning occur?

Wine poisoning can be for several reasons. Consider each case separately.

Expired wine

The natural product is valued at the time of exposure. The more wine is settled, the better and more expensive it is. So is it possible to get poisoned by expired wine? Natural - no.

However, on the shelves of supermarkets mostly soluble drinks prevail, therefore, after the expiration date, the chemical composition of the product changes and its use is considered unsafe.

Home wine

домашнее вино They see a lesser threat in the wine products of their production: all the ingredients are natural, no chemistry and other similar arguments can be heard on this subject. Can I get poisoned with homemade wine?

Not everyone knows that the preparation of a drink from cherries, plums, apricots, peaches with pits leads to the formation of cyanides (salts of hydrocyanic acid), which are taken from these stones. Potassium and sodium salts are especially dangerous. If you use this wine can develop a life-threatening condition, depending on the severity of the poisoning. Tinctures on the basis of the listed berries can only be prepared without stones!

If stored improperly, the cause of the formation of toxic substances will be a violation of the temperature regime when keeping the drink in a metal or plastic container.

In the first case, the formation of compounds with a metal that are not harmless is harmful.


In this case, the reason is the use as the basis of the product or the addition of harmful substances to the wine, for example, toxic alcohols. It is clear that this is done to minimize the cost of production. In case of illegal manufacturing, the above facts are also the causes of toxic states.

Symptoms of wine poisoning

One of the most dangerous is poisoning with domestic wine infused on berries with pits. There are several forms of flow poisoning:

  1. потеря сознания Lightning fast. The victim almost immediately loses consciousness and dies after short-term seizures. It takes just 15 minutes from the onset of symptoms to death.
  2. Extremely heavy. Events develop with a little less speed, death also comes quickly. Here a phase of short-term excitement is possible with the subsequent loss of consciousness.

But this is all rare, and with such forms, the salvation of man is unlikely. In milder cases of wine poisoning, symptoms appear gradually and it is possible to distinguish between the stages of intoxication.

First signs of poisoning

A characteristic feature of such poisoning is the appearance of bitter almond flavor. It is joined by the sensation of sore throat, numbness in the mouth, the taste of metal. There are pressing pain in the chest, a feeling of lack of air, although there is no obvious shortness of breath. Headache, tinnitus, dizziness.

Respiratory failure

Since the poison affects the central nervous system, further clinical manifestations will indicate its defeat. As a result of the toxic effect on the respiratory center, which is vital, there is first an increase in shortness of breath, then frequent breathing becomes pathological when periods of deep breaths and exhalations are replaced by pauses of the absence of respiratory movements.

Inhibition of the cardiovascular center is also developing, leading to a decrease in blood pressure and bradycardia. Chest pains worse. Stage ends with loss of consciousness.

Convulsive syndrome

судорога Then comes a period of convulsions. Attacks may be several. They last from half a minute to several. In between bouts noted:

  • severe tremor (trembling) of the body;
  • breathing slows down;
  • there is no consciousness;
  • pulse is slow, blood pressure is low;
  • the pupils are dilated, their reaction to the light is not visible, the eyes become sunken.

Development of paralysis

The victim is in deep coma. In fact, this is the terminal stage of poisoning. There is a lack of reflexes and involuntary defecation and urination. Then death can come.

In mild forms of poisoning, the symptoms are limited to the initial stage and recovery occurs relatively quickly - in about 3 days.

In moderate form, clinical manifestations of the second stage are observed. Recovery in this case occurs in 4–6 days.

When the poisoning is severe, the condition of the person depends on the time when the therapeutic measures start.

Wine poisoning treatment

антидот In case of poisoning with wine, the treatment is carried out according to the following principles:

  • neutralization of poison with an antidote;
  • correction of water and electrolyte balance of blood;
  • relief of seizures;
  • control of homeostasis and heart parameters;
  • prevention of infectious complications.

First aid for wine poisoning

If wine poisoning happened, what to do? Recommendations apply to people who do not have any medical education.

  1. Call an ambulance, and then everything else.
  2. If there is no consciousness, place the victim on a flat surface, put a roller of rolled-up clothing under his head and turn it on one side so that the tongue does not catch fire.
  3. Ensure the presence of breathing and cardiac activity. In their absence, cardiopulmonary resuscitation is necessary.
  4. Introduce antidote.

More often it is not so bad. The patient is conscious and experiences the “charms” of the first or second stage. First aid in case of poisoning with wine will be provided by those who are nearby. Lay in this case is also worth it, but only on the pillows, because a person suffers a lack of air. Lying down will protect him from falling when he loses consciousness and develop seizures.

непрямой массаж сердца If the need arises for an indirect massage of the heart, it is carried out with two palms, overlaying them and placing them on the border of the middle and lower third of the sternum. Pressures hold rhythmic. It is important: you have to press hard, otherwise instead of an indirect heart massage, you will receive a direct massage of the chest. The ratio of clicks and breaths (with artificial respiration) is 30: 2. That is, 30 clicks and 2 breaths in a circle.

As for the antidote, with cyanide poisoning, it is ordinary sugar. It is better to make a concentrated solution and give a drink so that the action will come as soon as possible. If surrogate wine is suspected, ethanol is the antidote.


  1. Infuse wine on pitted berries.
  2. Under no circumstances do not drink, and ruthlessly get rid of the expired drink.
  3. Buy wine only in proven places.
  4. Do not store wine at home in metal and plastic containers.

Nobody is insured against poisoning. It is important for each person to know the rules for the provision of first aid, which will save many lives.