Poisoning with eggs

отравление яйцами Without eggs, virtually no holiday, such an ingredient is part of many dishes. This is so common and often used product that no one even thinks about the possibility of getting poisoned by eggs.

Nevertheless, such situations are often encountered, and the consequences can be pursued by a person for life.

Can I poison myself with eggs

Everyone is accustomed to believe that the egg is a useful nutritious protein product that saturates the body with the right substances, vitamins and structural elements for full growth and development. This is often written in books and doctors tell us from childhood.

But none of the health workers warns people about the real danger that threatens anyone who uses eggs. You can get sick if you eat an infected product. Often this happens when improper cooking, cooking on contaminated tables and using contaminated dishes.

What is the source of infection? Any bacterial infection that was in the eggs or got into the dish at the time of preparation. More often when eating this product you can get salmonella.


отравление яйцами симптомы The bacterium can be inside the egg and on the shell. The source of the disease is a bird that is the carrier of an infectious disease. Recognize the infected product is impossible, they do not differ in appearance, color and smell from the "healthy" product.

Can I get poisoned by boiled eggs? No, if they are cooked properly (hard-boiled, salmonella perishes at high temperatures - over 40 ° C).

What dishes from eggs are most dangerous for poisoning:

  • home-made mayonnaise;
  • whipped with sugar or raw eggs;
  • poorly fried eggs.

On average, the incubation period lasts from 12 to 24 hours. In rare cases, it is shortened to 6 or extended by no more than 48 hours. Next, there is a detailed clinical picture, which depends on the degree of manifestation of the disease and on the affected organs.

отравление перепелиными яйцами что делать Is it possible to poison with quail eggs

Bacteria that cause salmonella, quail eggs do not contain, since at a temperature of more than 40 ° C these small organisms can not exist, and quail eggs carry it precisely at this temperature regime.

Another issue is if the infection occurred already during cooking.

The most common symptoms of egg poisoning

  1. Gastritis can develop (inflammation of the gastric mucosa). It is manifested by vomiting, nausea, pain in this area, weakness.
  2. An acute onset of the disease is characteristic of gastroenteritis (when the stomach problems are also associated with inflammation of the small intestine). It is characterized, in addition to the phenomena described above, severe weakness, multiple vomiting, diarrhea, fever. Stool liquid abundant dark green or yellow (sometimes reminiscent of rice decoction). At the person the abdomen is painful, swollen, sensitive at survey.
  3. In case of a lesion of the large intestine, there are signs of colitis - inflammation of this department. Children at risk of developing this form. The child from the first days complains of a decrease in appetite, the temperature is raised (sometimes up to 39-40 °), the weakness worries, the stool is frequent and liquid, it can be with a mixture of blood and mucus. There are pronounced spastic pains in the abdomen.
  4. There are lesions of the nervous system: headache, dizziness, fainting, sleep disturbance, lethargy.
  5. The elderly are often noted violations in the cardiovascular system: the pulse rate changes, blood pressure decreases, there is a rhythm disturbance.
  6. In especially severe cases, sepsis develops - a bacterial infection of the whole organism, in which the outcome is often unfavorable.

The manifestation of all the above symptoms varies widely: from mild indisposition to severe lesions. It depends on the amount of infection in the human body and on immunity.

What to do when poisoning with eggs

можно ли отравиться яйцами Carrying out of medical actions depends on a degree of a lesion. In any case, the following items are necessarily included in the treatment plan:

  1. In connection with frequent vomiting and diarrhea, dehydration of the body occurs, which is very dangerous for life, especially for the elderly and children. It is recommended to use special solutions that restore the water-electrolyte balance (Regidron, Oralit and others).
  2. Diet with the restriction of dairy products, raw vegetables, spicy and smoked dishes. Gentle eating.
  3. It is important to use immunostimulating drugs: multivitamin complexes, Methyluracil.
  4. Antibiotic therapy is conducted. The choice of antibacterial drug is individual, depends on the sensitivity of bacteria.
  5. In the case of severe poisoning with eggs, what should I do? If the symptoms do not stop within 24 hours, and the condition worsens, hospitalization in the hospital is indicated.

Eggs are useful and tasty product, but sometimes their use causes problems. How to avoid them - properly prepare meals with this ingredient. And if there are troubles, you can be treated correctly and only with the help of doctors.