Drug poisoning

Drug poisoning is quite common in modern life. Many put too much hope on them, thinking that by taking one pill or another, most health problems can be solved. Medicines are available and a frivolous attitude towards them often leads to poisoning, including in children. This section deals with the description of poisoning, overdosing with medications, symptoms, relief and treatment of this type of intoxication.

Phenibut - what is it, is it possible addiction and overdose, the combination with alcohol.

Analginom poisoning - is it possible death, symptoms, help and treatment.

Symptoms of aspirin poisoning, what to do while possible consequences.

The consequences of poisoning, what symptoms, how to give first aid, treatment.

Toxic dose, symptoms of poisoning, what to do, consequences.

Is it possible to poison with iodine, what are the symptoms and consequences, the provision of assistance.

Is it possible death, symptoms, first aid, treatment, consequences.

Symptoms of poisoning with different types of antibiotics, treatment, consequences.

Symptoms, including in children, how to provide first aid, treatment.

Paracetamol poisoning, symptoms, treatment, permitted dose.