Poisoning mushrooms - through how many symptoms appear?

мухомор фото The long-awaited mushroom season began for fans to walk around the forest with benefit. Only forest gifts can contain unpleasant surprises for health. Sometimes good mushrooms at first glance are no different from their poisonous counterparts. And just a small piece of a hat or a leg will lead to an immediate death.

Today, it will not only be about how to distinguish similar fungi, but how much each of them is dangerous to health. We will find out the first signs of poisoning by fungi, and also what forest products are most dangerous for humans in our latitudes.

The most poisonous mushrooms

Many of those who decided to collect mushrooms are not versed in their varieties and unknowingly put in the basket inedible, poisonous. Also in the people go the myths that even the most inedible mushrooms can help in the treatment of serious diseases, tinctures and broths with them will heal from incurable ailments. This erroneous opinion is another reason that a harmful representative of the forest is in the basket and will be used for food. Even a small number of poisonous fungi can cause serious poisoning or death.

ядовитые грибы

Which fungi are considered the most dangerous in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine?

  1. The most poisonous is the pallid grebe. It contains toxins that instantly damage the liver. These include: amanitin, phalloin and phalloidin. These fungi are more dangerous in the dry season, and they grow from the end of summer until the late autumn.
  2. The next dangerous representatives of this species are smelly, panther and prehuman fly agaric. From August to October - the time when it can be found in the forest. They contain hyoscyamine, muscarine - substances that negatively affect the nervous system.
  3. Red mushroom is slightly inferior to its predecessors in the concentration of toxins, but it is also on the list of poisonous. To die from its use is difficult - a lethal dose of about 15 hats, but a characteristic picture of the poisoning of the fly agaric can cause.
  4. говорушка беловатая фото
    goofy whitish

    Govorushka whitish and reddish. It grows from July to November in the forests of the temperate zone of the northern hemisphere. In the composition of these fungi muscarine is present - a toxic potent compound that affects the nervous system. Causes severe poisoning, although deaths are rare.

  5. Doubles of white fungus - bilious and satanic can cause a serious digestive system disorder. Satan's fungus is more dangerous than bile, its use often leads to poisoning. Yellow mushroom is found all over Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. The Satanic mushroom prefers warmer edges, grows in the South.
  6. Although the lines in some literature are described as conditionally pathogenic, this is another representative of an extensive group of dangerous fungi. In its raw form, the lines are deadly poisonous. They are often confused with morels. The use of a stitch in food leads to severe poisoning and even death.

Through how much comes the poisoning of mushrooms? Each representative of this list has its signs of poisoning and the timing of exposure to the human body, which we now learn in more detail.

The first signs of poisoning pale toadstool

отравление бледной поганкой Tops the rating of the most poisonous - pale toadstool. It is a lamellar pale fungus of white, olive and greenish-olive color. The mushroom is cylindrical upward slightly narrowed, at the base - clavate. In appearance it often resembles a champignon or a russet.

The lethal dose of the poisonous substance - phalloidin, is only 0.02-0.03 grams. This amount is contained in 100 grams of pale toadstool. But using only 30 grams of the fruit body of a pale toadstool leads to severe poisoning, and in children - to death.

Sign of poisoning pale toadstool is that the first symptoms may not manifest a fairly long time. The first signs of poisoning pale toadstool can appear in ¼ and even 2 days.

  1. симптомы отравления бледной поганкой Usually, 6-24 hours after the use of the prepared product, severe pains in the abdomen and muscles begin, thirst, vomiting, diarrhea, and a cold sweat appears.
  2. The extremities gradually become colder, the pulse slows down, blood pressure decreases.
  3. In severe cases, if you do not provide medical assistance on time, death occurs.

Through how much comes the poisoning with fly agaric

How quickly poisoning with mushrooms - fly agarics? Signs of poisoning appear only 1.5-2 hours after ingestion. Various kinds of fly agarics - all very dangerous, in a small amount instantly affect the nervous system. A white or slightly yellowish top and a shaggy leg are signs of a greedy fox-like representative of fly agarics. Stinky fly agaric is characterized by an unpleasant smell of rotten potatoes.

отравление мухомором

The beautiful fairy red red hat of red fly agaric attracts the attention not only of forest dwellers, but also of children, so it is dangerous for kids.

Symptoms of poisoning in people who have eaten fly agaric appear after 1.5-2 hours. They are manifested by the following signs:

  • nausea, vomiting, severe salivation;
  • abdominal cramps;
  • after a while, choking occurs, cramps appear;
  • on later terms - delirium and hallucinations, death is possible.

How quickly poisoning govorushkami

отравление говорушками

Poisoning mushrooms - govorushkami, through how many symptoms appear? Everything depends on the amount of the poisonous product. The content of muscarin govorushki surpass the red fly agaric, so the defeat of the nervous system can happen within a few minutes and leads to severe poisoning.

Symptoms of poisoning golovushkami appear after 15-20 minutes.

Signs of poisoning govorushkami are:

  • increased excretion not only of saliva, but also tears, marked sweating;
  • the rhythm of the heart decreases and blood pressure may drop sharply, breathing is broken;
  • severe vomiting and diarrhea.

Antidote - atropine, with the timely administration of symptoms weaken. Lethal outcome occurs in very rare cases.

After what time comes the poisoning of bilious and satanic mushrooms.

Double frogs

It's bilious and satanic mushrooms. They are bitter in taste. In the gall mushroom part of the leg is covered with a dark mesh. The second representative differs from the fungus with a reddish tubular layer and a red mesh pattern on the stem.

сатанинский гриб фото
satanic mushroom

Even with prolonged cooking, poisonous substances do not evaporate, but affect the nervous system. Especially dangerous is the satanic mushroom. Poisoning occurs after several hours and resembles a serious digestive system disorder. Poisoning is accompanied by:

  • nausea;
  • vomiting;
  • disorder of stool.

After how many hours does the poisoning begin

Signs of poisoning with mushrooms, how many times are they coming?

отравление строчками

The lines contain the substance gyrodrimin, which can disappear during prolonged drying, not less than 6 months later. After that, you still need to weld the lines. Otherwise, the poison causes a disturbance in the functioning of the circulatory system.

Poisoning by lines does not come immediately, but after a day or more, depending on the number of eaten mushrooms.

This is manifested:

  • deterioration of blood coagulability, hemolysis of red blood cells;
  • liver cells are affected;
  • the work of the nervous system is disrupted, in severe cases, death is possible.

Do not rely on your luck. No other species of poisonous mushrooms has become less pathogenic. Long processing and boiling in salted water is not a panacea, these "old" methods often do not help to remove toxic substances. Do not touch unfamiliar mushrooms in the forest, they may be the last in your life!