What to do with food poisoning with a high temperature

расстройство пищеварения Disorder of digestion as a result of the use of low-quality products at least once in a life experienced by each person. Along with the usual symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, and general weakness, other symptoms often appear.

Does the temperature in food poisoning and how dangerous is it? What measures to take in such a case? Before you know what to do with food poisoning with temperature, let's see what processes occur during intoxication in the body.

Why does the temperature rise in case of poisoning

Food poisoning with a temperature is a fairly common disease. Very often, one of the signs of the use of hazardous foods is a rise in temperature. After all, fever is an excellent defense mechanism developed by nature against pathogenic microbes and harmful substances. With an increase in body temperature, the metabolism is accelerated, blood circulation and microcirculation of the fluid in tissues and organs are improved, and the breakdown and elimination of toxins from the body is accelerated. Sweating increases, the blood vessels of the skin dilate, which also facilitates the removal of toxins. When the temperature rises, the internal environment becomes unfavorable for most pathogenic bacteria.

By their kind of poisoning are divided into:

  • болезнетворные бактерии microbial - toxicoinfections, toxicosis;
  • non-microbial - poisons of plant and animal origin;
  • as well as chemical intoxication.

There are about 30 potentially dangerous bacteria, among which are all known causative agents of dysentery, colibacillosis, salmonellosis, botulism and cholera, which can cause microbial poisoning.

Another reason why the temperature rises during food poisoning is an imbalance of the intestinal microflora. In the intestine, beneficial bacteria are weakened and conditionally harmful, in particular, coccal forms are activated. In any case, the body reacts to such factors with a fever. Therefore, to distinguish infectious poisoning from non-infectious by the nature of changes in body temperature in practice is impossible.

When is the temperature dangerous

Any food poisoning with temperature requires immediate medical attention in cases where:

  • strong repeated vomiting develops;
  • liquid stools appear more than 10 times a day or mixed with blood;
  • with severe dehydration;
  • at the first signs of damage to the nervous system: muscle tremors, convulsions, changes in breathing, disorders of consciousness, constriction or dilation of the pupils;
  • if after rendering first-aid measures, the temperature remains high, does not get off with medicines or decreases for a short while.

Even with the usual poisoning of spoiled food, body temperature can rise to 40 ° C. It is dangerous if it rises above 38.5 ° C or lasts more than a day.

Poisoning treatment with temperature

высокая температура Doctors do not recommend the use of any antipyretic agents, if the thermometer shows no more than 38.5 ° C. Indeed, in this case, the heat - an assistant, not a source of danger.

Food poisoning to 38 ° C is treated according to the general scheme. After alleviating the condition of the body, this indicator returns to normal during the first day.

Consider in detail how to treat food poisoning with temperature.

  1. обильное питье Washing the stomach with plenty of salted water or a weak pink solution of potassium permanganate.
  2. Acceptance of adsorbents - activated carbon at the rate of 1 tablet per 10 kg of weight, Enterosgel, Polysorb MP and other drugs.
  3. Laxative - 30 grams of magnesium sulfate or sodium in 400 ml of water.
  4. Cleansing enema with saline or decoction of chamomile, calendula.
  5. Plentiful drink - boiled water, decoction of herbs (chamomile, calendula, St. John's wort). At the same time, it is taken into account that for every degree of temperature increase it is necessary to drink an extra liter of liquid.

Also, it is not recommended to stop diarrhea with fixing drugs - this will prevent the removal of toxic substances from the body. The first day after food poisoning with temperature is used as a starvation diet. On the second day, they use sparing food - liquid cereals, mashed potatoes, and a hard boiled egg.

The temperature of food poisoning in a child

температура у ребенка The temperature in food poisoning in a child is a more serious problem than in adults. It is necessary to establish the exact cause of the disease, for which you should consult a doctor. Be sure to receive qualified help in the event that the age of the affected child is less than three years. Kids harder to suffer poisoning, they quickly develop dehydration, which is harder to fill at home.

How to treat food poisoning with a temperature in children? Are guided by the following recommendations of doctors.

  1. Do not shoot down if it is below 38.5 ° C. This rule does not apply to those children who have chronic diseases, a tendency to seizures or signs of deterioration: severe chills, pain in muscles and joints, pallor.
  2. In order to reduce body temperature, rubbing is used first of all. Children under three years old wipe with a towel or napkin dipped in water at room temperature. For older use a solution of table 9% vinegar diluted with water 1: 1. Wiping hands, feet, neck, chest, face. Wet napkin put the child on his forehead.
  3. отравление ребенка When using drugs, the dose will be coordinated with your doctor, as the body weakened by toxins will react to the antipyretic differently. Assign tablets or rectal suppositories based on paracetamol or ibuprofen. It is not recommended to give antipyretic syrups and powders, as they contain ballast substances: dyes, flavors, and the like, which is undesirable in case of increased sensitivity of the stomach and intestines.

Children can not use antipyretics from the group Aspirin, Analgin and Amidopyrine - these drugs have many side effects.

  1. Repeated taking antipyretic drugs can only be 5-6 hours. If the effect of their use is not, call an ambulance.
  2. To compensate for the loss of fluid give plenty of drink: boiled water (per 1 liter added 3 tablespoons of sugar and 1 teaspoon of salt). Or use pharmacy solutions: Regidron and others.
  3. Cleansing enema for children is done with a starchy jelly.

It is necessary to know that in a child under one year old the temperature up to 37.4 ° C is considered normal. And at any age, the readings of the thermometer in the mouth will be half a degree higher than in the armpit.

In any case, at the first sign of poisoning - nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, you need to take measures to provide first aid. To do this, wash the stomach, take activated carbon or other adsorbents, use a laxative. With an increase in body temperature to 38.5 ° C, you should not worry, as the body fights toxins. In this case, antipyretics do not use. But if the temperature is high or does not decrease during the day, then you should seek medical help.